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  1. Hiya does anyone know where you can get your own timber cut into sizes - got some old beams that need cutting down to size and looking for somewhere that will do a quick cut on a table saw or similar - super simple job just a case of finding a place that will do outside timber not just their own. Cheers!
  2. VW will most probably allign strategically with the electric car and hydrids with small 3 cylinder petrol engines much quicker than they might have. This whole scenario could well be a blessing in disguise. I've recently invested in VW too so taking keen interest in the whole thing. The diesel engine most likely will be phased out. The tests themselves are completely floored as they do not represent real world conditions. The governing bodies will have to look at redesigning the tests too.
  3. thanks dorberman - all debris / plaster etc has been removed with wire brush and scraper etc so ready for the acid application. The lime mortar will fizz with the acid I guess due to the reaction of HCl with it. Have heard that using cement mortar may not be the best way to do it and potentially cause damp issues ... and also with it being in the chimney there will be quite a bit of thermal variation so bricks will expand which the lime mortar will allow but cement not. Is this not the case? Would you grind out all the joints all at once or work in patches? On some joints it looks like the mortar doesn't even exist beyond the front 10-20mm :-)
  4. Hi All, Currently exposing the fireplace and adjacent brick walls. The old gas fire place and surrounding bricks have been removed to reveal the old fireplace and brick lintel. I'm now a little worried about the next phase. Firstly what is the best way to apply acid to wash the brick and bring out the colour and second what is the safest way to repoint. It looks to me like there is not much mortar in places so am scared to rake out the joints too much as that may affect stability? Prob being paranoid. There is also quite a bit of blush cracking on the surface of some of the brick - some ppl would say this is a nice feature - just wondering whether this may be a sign of spooling. The mortar is lime mix I think and dark grey in nature what kind of mortar would be best to repoint with to get a nice authentic looking finish? The plan is to manually repoint rather than using power tools as the brick looks to fragile. A longer task but one that I'm happy to have a go at. May well need to get the pros in to properly repoint. Cheers for your advice in advance
  5. Have just taken off plaster and opened up gas fire to reveal old fireplace - perfect for log burner - guess we got lucky - existing pipe inside chimney prob not right grade for woodburner so will need to be swapped. Got a load of vintage bricks out of old fire place - guessing someone might want these as they are quite cool?? Old fire place and clay back need to go too... Lots of choice regarding wood burners and recommendations of a great book called Norwegian Wood (the mind boggles) ... So look like 50% DIY 50% certified guys ... rewarding a good fun (although dirty getting black ash plaster off and cleaning up walls
  6. Depends on your appetite for risk too - some people would argue that a mortgage is the best way to leverage an investment so the bigger the mortgage the greater the investment and opportunity for capital appreciation. Getting a mortage where your repayments are a third of your income roughly means you can still go on holiday lots etc. Boils down to personal preference too. Interest rates now are crazy low compared to what they were in the 80s, so mortages have never been cheaper really.
  7. The 6th running of the TTT is on this Sunday in Endcliffe Park. Come down and soak up some of the atmosphere and support the runners. The kiddies race and main event are both sold out, but a great event to spectate all the same!. http://www.sheffield10k.com
  8. My wife was involved in one of the prangs there not too long ago she was coming from town round this corner and a woman somehow managed to come round the corner - over the man hole cover (which could contribute to spinning) and spin her car into the inside of the corner and crash into my wifes car just by the entrance to the Budhist centre. When I took photos I couldn't comprehend how that was even possible. Do people not get taught to shift down for a sharp corner and break before the corner rather than steaming in at 40 and braking on the way round. Personally think the introduction of 20s on roads like springvale are a very good thing. Most ppl still drive close to 30, but at least its now 30 rather than 40. Speeding in built up areas shouldn't be tolerated as the consequences to pedestrians etc are potentially fatal. Doing 90 on the motorway is also not a particularly wise thing to do but at least its alot safer on the motorways (only 1 direction of traffic) .... only 5% of serious accidents happen on the motorway.
  9. After a great event yesterday at the all new half marathon we've noticed a lot of ppl are still on a distinct runners high looking for the next goal / challenge. http://www.roundsheffieldrun.com is worth a look it's in it's second year has over 1000 entered already. It starts and finishes from Endcliffe park and is a trail running enduro split over 11 exciting stages round Sheffield to be run solo or as a pair. Great to see the Shef half marathon back! And better than ever....
  10. Does anyone have any contacts for a freelance Sports Commentator who has commentated / compered at events. This is for a running event. CHeers
  11. Great that so many people have had kind words to say about the event. It took the team many many hours putting it all together! :-) if you go on the website http://www.roundsheffieldrun.com you can register your interest for 2015. Cheers All!
  12. They have built a little Parkour Area in Endcliffe Park now which looks popular - the SPM guys were behind it (Sheffield Parkour Movement)
  13. Wonder if they will make a statement any time soon? Hope so! .... its been a while
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