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  1. Yes Its going to be rather busy at first I should settle down though .
  2. Yes virtually next door to the diy shop Not massive but reasonable size.
  3. I’m looking forward to visiting this place when I popped my head inside a few days ago it looks tremendous inside, I believe it’s opening opening on Friday 17 January 2020 its located next door to their shop at the bottom of Woodhouse mill the pub is called the ox bow.
  4. Rita was a true blue RIP Dear Lady wawaw.
  5. New Curry Restaurant in Woodhouse located in the old Cross Daggers any one tried it yet
  6. Meadow fresh meat pies are definitely the best I’ve ever eaten, you can get them from their shop in chesterfield or dobbies garden centre at Barlborough or Arrow Farm Shop past Van dykes.
  7. If you purchase Rick Stein’s India cook book you’ll find several recipes involving saffron’ its the most expensive spice in the world! You generally only need to add a few strands per recipe it’s very over powering
  8. Formally the hop at west one, Can someone tell me whats this pub is now I’ve not been up that way for a few years.
  9. Its far to small for the buses and the volume of traffic! Someone as dropped a major clanger! Definitely needs traffic light dispite the said extra cost do it properly from the start instead of making matters worst.
  10. Driving past yesterday I noticed the golden goose mounted above Arthurs as gone does any body known what’s happened to it?
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