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  1. Are you using the source/input button to get to the right HDMI slot? It the source button working? Use the camera on your mobile phone to check if all the remote buttons are working. Point the remote at your camera and you will see the IR LED light up every time you press a button.
  2. Use a Y lead which plugs in to two USB ports (something like THIS). Just make sure it has the right plug to fit your external HDD
  3. I hope they sort the Pop Up Banner out quicker than its taking to sort the Classified out.
  4. The bottom ad is not too bad when viewing on a mobile phone but when viewed on a tablet or the computer it is so intrusive.
  5. The short answer is none ( except for the occasional accidental click)
  6. The Ad at the bottom of the screen is very intrusive and puts me off from coming on to this forum, every time I change pages up it pops again. I had got used to the others but this one is a pain in the arse and puts me off coming on this site now.
  7. Paypal are going to charge a fee for some inactive accounts so if you don't use Paypal anymore it would be best to close the account down. https://www.paypal.com/uk/smarthelp/article/FAQ4427
  8. Since they have done these improvements and put traffic light on the roundabout I think the traffic is worse than before, especially on the A616 that leads from junction 35A of the M1 up to the roundabout. I have seen the whole stretch of that road completely backed up with traffic several times.
  9. Not Sheffield but a great view https://www.birdfood.co.uk/webcams/peregrine-falcon-webcam
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