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  1. I have found two NS&I £25 cheques on the number 1 bus this afternoon in the name of Mr M A Robinson. If anyone knows the gentleman could you please tell him that I have handed them to the bus driver.
  2. kidneystone

    Methane gas lamps in sheffield

    I think there is one on Jenkin Road that is Grade 2 listed.
  3. kidneystone

    VHS Video repair required

    Buying a second hand model would probably be your best bet.
  4. kidneystone

    Bus protest

    I think the masses of black smoke belching out from the back of the bus was a giveaway.
  5. kidneystone

    Bus protest

    He did right, I've seen some buses belching out clouds of black smoke.
  6. kidneystone

    Page Hall Shops - History

    I grew up at Page Hall and seem to remember Popes being on the corner of Firth park Road and Bolsover Road East (Little Bolsover) before moving round the corner.
  7. kidneystone

    New forum feedback and questions

    You joined in 2009 and only have three posts!!! Is that correct?
  8. kidneystone

    New forum feedback and questions

    Please can we have the for sale items all in one list as it was before the change. It was much user friendly than it is now. You could see everything that had been listed in date order without having to click on each sub section individually.
  9. kidneystone

    Why cheaper from other side of world?

    I think It's due to the Universal Postal Union, something which Trump is pulling the USA out of. It has certainly saved me plenty of money in the past. https://www.vox.com/2018/10/19/17996378/trump-china-universal-postal-union-treaty
  10. I think there used to be a car on top of one of the pedestals.
  11. kidneystone

    Window cleaning with "smart" water?

    Lol...that made laugh
  12. Apparently Julie Andrews will no longer be endorsing Rimmel vibrant shades lipstick. She says it breaks too easily and makes her breath smell. In a statement she said, "The super colour fragile lipstick gives me halitosis".
  13. kidneystone

    Sun £9.50 holidays

    You only need 10 codes and have up until January 29th to collect them. They don't have to be consecutive.
  14. kidneystone

    Being called sweetheart and petal.

    I agree petal
  15. You could get a Three contract with unlimited data allowance, unlimited calls and texts for £27 P/M. That would give you unlimited tethering.

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