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    Google Home Mini. Brand New. Box is still sealed £15 Collection from S35


  2. I use paint.net Its free and does everything I need it to do.
  3. Just change the "wired in faceplate" to a single socket and jobs done. The oven is protected by the fuse in the plug.
  4. The town Hall has one flying on its roof, no union jack, just the European flag.
  5. I think that shop was closed a couple of years ago.
  6. VLC Player plays just about everything I have thrown at it https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.en-GB.html
  7. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/video-major-police-incident-in-sheffield-suburb-1-9716324/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  8. If you can get the radio out I have a program that generates the unlock code if the serial number starts with the letter M or you could do it yourself from here http://www.pumapeople.com/decode.php
  9. I have found two NS&I £25 cheques on the number 1 bus this afternoon in the name of Mr M A Robinson. If anyone knows the gentleman could you please tell him that I have handed them to the bus driver.
  10. I think there is one on Jenkin Road that is Grade 2 listed.
  11. Buying a second hand model would probably be your best bet.
  12. I think the masses of black smoke belching out from the back of the bus was a giveaway.
  13. He did right, I've seen some buses belching out clouds of black smoke.
  14. I grew up at Page Hall and seem to remember Popes being on the corner of Firth park Road and Bolsover Road East (Little Bolsover) before moving round the corner.
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