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  1. The bottom ad is not too bad when viewing on a mobile phone but when viewed on a tablet or the computer it is so intrusive.
  2. The short answer is none ( except for the occasional accidental click)
  3. The Ad at the bottom of the screen is very intrusive and puts me off from coming on to this forum, every time I change pages up it pops again. I had got used to the others but this one is a pain in the arse and puts me off coming on this site now.
  4. Paypal are going to charge a fee for some inactive accounts so if you don't use Paypal anymore it would be best to close the account down. https://www.paypal.com/uk/smarthelp/article/FAQ4427
  5. Since they have done these improvements and put traffic light on the roundabout I think the traffic is worse than before, especially on the A616 that leads from junction 35A of the M1 up to the roundabout. I have seen the whole stretch of that road completely backed up with traffic several times.
  6. Not Sheffield but a great view https://www.birdfood.co.uk/webcams/peregrine-falcon-webcam
  7. DCI Ian Buckells https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56945425
  8. Do you know Gary Spooner? I went to school with him and since being old enough to join the club he has been a regular, as was his father.
  9. It was indeed The Cannon Hall, I spent many a night in there. We started off in Firth Park Club on Idsworth road, then down to the Cannon Hall and then up to the Toll Gate at Pitsmoor. If only I had a time machine I would do it all again.
  10. Yes... and a change of direction regarding the thought police.
  11. There is another thread about Page Hall HERE and also one on Sheffield History HERE.
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