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  1. Has anyone used Bought by Many pet insurance ,Looking for a new insurance but its a minefield.And this one seems very good.
  2. Not really because we have the new year to contend with yet..
  3. No lets not ban any of those ,just explosives in the wrong hands.
  4. I totally agree with you ,and i dont think it will be too long before they are banned to the public hopefully....Its getting out of hand..Its funny to hear the so called grown ups going on about the biggest bangs nearly peeing themselves with exitement.and bragging about the money they waste on them. Bring on the ban for the sake of the poor animals and the neighbours that have to put up with the noise .Grow up for god sake.
  5. My sister bought one for the same reason cats kept getting the birds,they do work so i suppose worth it in the long run.
  6. You can buy those sonic cat scarers that are harmless.I have been told they work.I dont suppose a water pistol would hurt them.
  7. My husband has just picked up prescriptions from lloyds chemist 2 large bags with 4 items in one bag and 5 items in the other.Whats happened to the paper bags they usually use.If i had been there i would have opened them and given them back.They are going backwards.
  8. He blames it all on his knee problems,Lots of us suffer pain and manage it in a sensible way and that does not mean taking our pain relief with alcohol and going out for a drive. Cant believe his mother was in the car and did not stop him.He was lucky he did not kill someone.
  9. I had a feeling you liked dogs really,and its true what you say bad dog owners give others a bad reputation.
  10. Yes too true and also doggy bags,isnt that what waste bins are for.I take it you are not a doggy lover .
  11. She sounds too posh to pop her head in my bin or i would.Anything to keep the pavements clean is ok with me,
  12. I cant imagine its an everyday happening,its hardly going to fill your bin or cause a stink.Put a notice on your said receptical if it bothers you so much.
  13. I would not mind in the least if someone put there bagged up dog poo into my bin..Better there than left on the pavement.
  14. Good idea.and if possible look for phone numbers of family and friends to come pick them up...Imagine having to pick up your drunken son or daughter a few nights running.
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