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  1. that must have been Mr Stones a very Bitter man, always used to having his Glasses full.
  2. Bring it back, your a disgrace to honest scrapmen. :rant:
  3. get in touch with Sheffield city council private renting sector, they deal with issues and standards regarding private landlords. 01142734680, hope this helps.
  4. Possibly the Raf Fighter jets, that are escorting a Pakistan International Airlines Aircraft from Manchester to Stanstead Airport for Security Reasons.
  5. The Ex Man Utd, Leeds, and England player, sadly passed away today, aged 60. RIP.
  6. Rob Staton just tweeted, Karl Robinson meeting his agent tomorrow regarding Blades job, but compo a major obstacle.
  7. Just heard an interview with Julian winter, saying they have a shortlist of 7 managers, obviously morgan being one of them.
  8. She's been taken off air, but working behind the scenes at the moment, something to do with her contract/ salary, theres a bit of unrest with her, and her bosses, and colleagues according to the media.
  9. Yes Dave Jones might be one after saturday, :hihi:
  10. Coaching, He's driving the team bus. :hihi:
  11. Yes Premier and their associates are buying a fair few derelict public houses .
  12. AH The Barnsley Derby, North v South.
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