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  1. Yeah surely he can just resit it in May/June, especially as he sat it a year early anyway!
  2. Car v Tram. Car will lose. People still don't realise.
  3. Used to be. Plus if it was an older person they would have just tried to get away with showing their pass, also newspaper article would have mentioned it, you would think, or at least given an approximation of age.
  4. The portion sizes in Weatherspoons [sic] have gone miniscule of late. A bowl of chips used to be huge. Now its a little bit dearer and the number of chips have gone down by about half.
  5. I'm sure it is in a country where 80% (or so) of the population is white
  6. At home in my burka, making onion bhajis and listening to the BBC Asian Network :D
  7. Where did I say that? Every council area has a Council Tax "debt", debts cost money to chase, some people will never pay it and as I said, if people do pay it then they cant afford to pay the next lot and so merely get into debt again, and the problem isnt fixed.
  8. Better run around and try and find some CCTV from four days ago then, huh?
  9. I wasnt an Asian lady the last time I looked :hihi:
  10. The way people are going on you would think the person purposely hit the person head-on, and then reversed over her a few times for good measure. Shall we bring back the birch for the lady in the car as well, whilst we are at it? Accidents happen, ffs
  11. Really? A bit draconian, I am sure just a talking-to would suffice.
  12. Well its quite simple really - if you enter a barriered car park and dont like the fees being charge, simply drive to the exit barrier and ask to get out.
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