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  1. And here's me thinking you'd slunked off the forum with your tail between your legs when Corbyn suffered his enormous humiliation at the last election. Stamer might be another Blairite bogeyman to you. But he isn't to millions of us. You know, those of us who put Labour in power in 1997 and kept them there for years. And if you want to talk of media support - Labour always had The Mirror in their corner. They also had The Guardian. But even they started to distance themselves towards the end. Probably because people couldn't stand that odious Corbyn poster boy Owen Jones.
  2. Nope. Got more than usual here. Maybe they've all fled to the seaside?
  3. We need more posts and pics like this circulated. One pic of empty shelves and people can't help themselves but go out and panic buy. Daily Mail today: Shoppers in desperate hunt for paracetamol as supermarkets and chemists run out https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8142081/Shoppers-desperate-hunt-paracetamol-supermarkets-chemists-run-out.html The government should force that rag to be closed for the duration.
  4. There's been an increase to try and catch people home working or just self isolating and using these services more.
  5. Many micros have take the decision today to close fully. A run for beer is not a valid reason to be out.
  6. So what part of Gordon Brown's gold selling was not mismanagement?
  7. I hate to bring cultural stereotyping into it, but could there be a link? Germany is often referred to as rigid and regimental. Are their people just following guidelines to the letter? Italy always strikes me as a pretty laid back country, certainly when it comes to following rules and paying, and now their death toll is higher than China's. Is China's strict ruling partly the reason? As for the UK, although we're panic buying, we are quietly queuing like decent Englishfolk! (until the doors open)
  8. The sad thing is that much of this horded stuff will probably spoil.
  9. If you've got power, go for Powerline adapters. If not then some exterior grade cat5 cable.
  10. Googles "5000 ventilators" One of many links that haven't been "covered up or disappeared" https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/mar/15/coronavirus-uk-manufacturers-urged-to-consider-switching-to-making-ventilators
  11. But still nothing to stop someone going in, doing a shop, sticking it in their car and then going back in and using another till.
  12. I've always found them to be OK, but I am the worst type of customer. I upgrade only if I need to, usually with a £120 phone that will last me 3 or 4 years and buy the cheapest rolling monthly PAYG style contract. I use their own branded phone service and whenever I've wanted a new phone I've found them to be pretty good at not hassling you.
  13. I don't think supply can beat demand though. An entire aisle can be stripped in 20 minutes.
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