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  1. Lib Dems are still nursing a bloody nose 11 years on, there's no way they'll make the coalition mistake again.
  2. The thing which really saddens me is how his actions have made the world a little more transphobic today. Its hard to have sympathy when trans people say they're "scared", "upset" or "affected" by phrases like this. One on Twitter even said they were "traumatised". Just remember that for every Laurence who's offended and acts like a jerk, there's a thousand trans people who aren't bothered or triggered. The daft thing is that Laurence himself used the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" on a tweet he made:
  3. Have you ever considered that self service checkouts might help keep prices low for everyone?
  4. I read that if you don't have passport or driving licence then you'll be able to apply for a free photo ID anyway. I'd much rather they concentrate on getting voter turnout up. People died for votes and people can't be bothered to walk a few hundred yards to a polling station. You don't even have to vote LIB, LAB or CON, give your vote to the greens.
  5. Angela Rayner really laid into him yesterday on Twitter about this. Mind you, most of her rants are clutching at straws at the best of times. Corbyn and Starmer might be doing a good job at keeping the Tories in power but she needs to be commended for her role too.
  6. Labour MPs are really against this at the moment, lauding the old "poor huddled masses" line at people being excluded. Funny how they didn't really care when they wanted mandatory ID cards for all when they were in power.
  7. Worst job was a junior engineer at a company off Carlisle Street. £2.50 an hour (1995), same rate for days and nights. Nights were awful as it was a huge building with no heating. People would wear long johns and several layours, bring in their own heaters, or even burn wood in an oil drum to keep warm.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_shopping_centres_in_the_United_Kingdom_by_size 1 Westfield London Shepherd's Bush, London Greater London 235,900[1] 27.5[2] 2 Metrocentre Gateshead, Tyne and Wear North East 192,900[3] 21[2] 3 Trafford Centre Trafford, Greater Manchester North West 188,000[3] 31[4] 4 Westfield Stratford City Stratford, London Greater London 184,100[1] 49.5[2] 5 Bluewater Greenhithe, Kent South East 169,200[5] 28[2] Meadowhall is 11th
  9. Thanks to iPlayer I'm binging an old Scottish TV comedy - "Still Game". Its absolutely hilarious.
  10. I don't think there's any quick fix for Labour. A cabinet reshuffle certainly won't sort it. The comments on this article show there's just too many differing opinions where things are wrong: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/may/10/retail-politics-movements-polarising-projects-promise You've got everyone's gripes there - not left enough, still too left, too stuck in the past, Corbyn, not enough Corbyn and so on and so on. This comment has it right: "Labour is paralysed, triangulating between the elements of its broad church."
  11. Totally agree, we have two - a city mayor and a city region mayor. The latter does very little for the wider region and just spends his time in the same city as the other mayor.
  12. According to locals she was a terrible MP
  13. Sadly not at this time. I look at the shadow cabinet and nobody stands out. They're going to need another caretaker leader for a while before one comes along to take them to power. https://labour.org.uk/people/shadow-cabinet-2/
  14. I'd get an almost new one from Tesco or Argos outlets on Ebay - brand new open box returns with full 12 month guarantee but much cheaper.
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