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  1. At a guess a bus with "£350 million a week" daubed on it, and something about immigrants. I'm really interested to see how their precious Brexit will stop them: Fourteen migrants rescued from Dover shipping lane https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-46519306
  2. Stolen from HIGNFY: A short guide to percentages from Jacob Rees Mogg: 63% “a terrible result for the prime minister she must resign” 52% “a resounding victory hard brexit now”
  3. alchresearch

    Skype and what's app

    What device are you recording on? Skype and Whatsapp are methods of live communication, they just use the inbuilt recording of the device you're using. Considering most smart phones now have a very good camera inside, I'd just use that to record. Then plug the phone into a PC to copy the recording. You can then move it onto a USB stick.
  4. Its not unusual. I've read in a few places critical to Police Commissioners, Sefton Council and the Tory police cuts, that the nearest police cars to Southport are 14 miles away in Bootle since they closed down the Southport police station. We had a jewelers robbery last year just yards from the old police station, but it took the police 25 minutes to arrive to Bootle.
  5. Corbyn still pushing for a vote of no confidence but not actually doing it. What is he waiting for? It would be hilarious if she won that too, especially as he lost the no confidence vote in his party back in 2016. May might be a terrible PM, but he's an even more terrible leader of the opposition. A motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been passed by the party's MPs. The 172-40 vote, which is not binding, follows resignations from the shadow cabinet and calls on Mr Corbyn to quit. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36647458
  6. alchresearch

    Parking around sheff arena

    Correction, nobody around to see someone steal or damage your car.
  7. What, like when Gordon Brown took over an unelected PM from Blair?
  8. Beggar banned from Sheffield centre for five years is arrested again https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/beggar-banned-from-sheffield-centre-for-five-years-is-arrested-again-1-9488378
  9. alchresearch

    Web sites selling dangerous weapons

    Customs officer at the gate. I had to empty my pockets into a tray before going through the electronic gate and that's where they saw it. They wouldn't let me put it in my bag either. In the end I just ran back to the car park and left it in the car. I just found it more amusing that I could freely stroll back in with a knife. I don't think my passport was even checked, we were all just waved through with our trolleys of booze.
  10. I look forward to seeing whoever claims they can stroll into Europe and walk away with a far better deal fall flat on their face. I've no love for May, but I just can't see any of the armchair experts (from any party) doing any better.
  11. alchresearch

    Why no Tour de Yorkshire in Sheffield?

    Skips Sheffield again 😞
  12. Laws like forcing us not to pollute the air and water. Or laws preventing employers from making me do a 74 hour week like I used to have to. Sounds pretty sensible to me. Or are you thinking of laws preventing us from selling bunches of bananas or bent cucumbers?
  13. Considering her spelling and grammar I think she's just badly cut it and doesn't know the meaning of "sever".
  14. alchresearch

    Web sites selling dangerous weapons

    The last time I went to France (2003) I was told I couldn't take my pocket swiss army knife with me. But coming back with a new swiss army knife I wasn't stopped at all, just waved straight through with a trolley stacked high with booze. I think they just assumed I was one of the masses who went there and back to the duty free shop in the ferry terminal at Calais.
  15. alchresearch

    4.1 million working poor in britain

    Yep, and the Rowntree figures were heavily criticised. Their current definition is below, and according to that I'm pretty close to being in poverty. When in realty I'm nothing like. What is poverty? The definition used by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation is that a family is in poverty if they have an income of less than 60% of median income for their family type, after housing costs. In other words, they are significantly poorer than most other similar families. Here are the weekly incomes which count as being in poverty: Family type Weekly income Couple with no children £255 Single with no children £148 Couple with two children aged five and 14 £413 Single with two children aged five and 14 £306 Note that this includes all the family income, including wages, benefits and any other source of income. And it refers to the money left over after any tax is paid, including council tax, as well as contributions to pension schemes, student loan payments and all housing costs.