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  1. A witch hunt you're happy to carry on to eliminate all Blairites from the party. The only people who made Labour electable. As for it "dragging on forever" - thank God Jezza has made sure the antisemitism issue has been dealt with in a timely fashion.....
  2. And then: Ken Livingstone joins group that believes Labour antisemitism allegations are a smear campaign Former London mayor is announced as Labour Against The Witchhunt's honorary president https://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/ken-livingstone-joins-group-that-believes-labour-antisemitism-allegations-are-a-smear-campaign-1.483031
  3. I thought you were one who didn't believe in polls.......
  4. alchresearch

    Julian Assange debacle

  5. alchresearch

    who would last longer.... North vs South

    No need to even go nuclear now. Just a couple of EMPs would be enough to destroy civilisation and leave the land untainted. "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen is well worth a read. Just three EMPs sent America back to the dark ages.
  6. alchresearch

    Berkeley precinct parking?

    Was the second visit more than five hours after the first?
  7. alchresearch

    Local election turnout

    We don't need more censorship, we just need more action from those who just sit back and let it happen. Look at Luciana Berger - who needed police protection when attending the Labour conference in Liverpool. Who was she at risk from? Right wing nutcases? Nope, Corbyn supporters.
  8. alchresearch

    UK Government to fine fake news websites

    Exactly. Especially as the main point of the article is to tackle child abuse, seeing as how ISPs and hosters don't seem to be doing so.
  9. Good news. It's not antisemitism related! Labour councillor suspended over 'Hitler had right idea' Facebook comment about travellers https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/news/103109/labour-councillor-suspended-over-hitler-had-right
  10. alchresearch

    UK Government to fine fake news websites

    This is the same Adam Smith institute that thinks its a good idea to develop "micro housing" and cram even more people into London in shoe boxes.
  11. alchresearch

    Inheriting a tax dodging company

    Run away. It all stinks, including the company accountant.
  12. alchresearch

    Local election turnout

    Jess Phillips and Yvette Cooper are coming under some pretty nasty flak for their tactics in delaying Brexit. The abuse on Twitter is pretty dire. I can't see it being long before some old Leftie leaver goes further and does something nasty.
  13. But, going back to Tory Islamophobia, this is worth a read: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/hope-not-hate-stuck-in-a-quagmire-of-leftie-groupthink/
  14. But of course its OK for you to sling muck: When will you take your head out of the sand and realise that anti-semitism is a massive problem in Labour. Labour: 673 anti-Semitism complaints in 10 months https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47203397 And that Corbyn is out of his depth, both in handling this and his duties as a leader. Both of which will cost them another election if things don't change.
  15. alchresearch

    PNE v Blades


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