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  1. IIRC there was a really quick bit of text in the end credits saying something about the accuracy.
  2. You make a good point. There have been lots of MPs, rather more in Labour, who have done sterling work in their communities for years, who are now suddenly hated and given all kinds of abuse for being a Remainer.
  3. It really is a scummy town full stop. Thefts, robberies, shootings, stabbings, house firebombings, even a kidnapping from a cafe: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/terror-breakfast-cafe-man-screaming-16031258
  4. Even worse, in Newcastle: "that's in the MIDLANDS". Arrgh!
  5. Yep. Plus a bit of background digging and scratching from the tabloids has revealed plenty about the neighbours, both Corbynista remainers. I find it quite amusing that they've now had to delete all their social media presences because of it. The media is a savage beast and while feeding it that nice little morsel of a recording, they've been severely bitten themselves.
  6. It depends what you want in a holiday. I like the NY Moors but I would rather stay in a nearby town and drive to it and spend the day there. The first time I stayed in the moors itself I felt like I was stuck in a tiny village in the evening with just two pubs to eat in and little else.
  7. This is precisely why Chuka Umunna didn't want the Labour leader job. Digging and scratching at personal life. Look at how the tabloids went after Miliband's dad.
  8. Best wishes to John, who has suffered a stroke. Former deputy PM John Prescott suffers stroke https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48745868
  9. Considering Sheffield isn't the UK's first or second city I don't see how you can compare it with the ones you mention. I don't even know the name of Germany's or France's or Italy or Spain's fifth city, nor what they're famous for. I probably wouldn't have known the second cities (except for Barcelona) until you posted them. However, Sheffield does OK on the world stage with plenty of other things making it famous.
  10. I really enjoyed last nights. I'm sure its still all as scripted as before, but there were some really funny moments that are a little fresher with having three new presenters. But they're still putting off the inevitable - they will run out of original fresh ideas. IIRC electric car challenges have been done twice before under Clarkson's reign. And all that work converting a petrol car to electric and they didn't once pop the bonnet to show the conversion?
  11. Something that surprised me was that the compensation claim awarded was something like £4000. It was the pedestrian's lawyers claiming £96000 in legal fees that have made this so shocking.
  12. Difficult one to call. On one hand it was heavy handedness. On the other, with all the milkshake and acid attacks, it could have very easily been something more sinister. Just this morning a guy had acid thrown in his face by two men dressed as women, and a commuter had some poison thrown in his face a couple of days ago. And lest we forget Jo Cox and the other threats that politicians have had. A few people on Twitter have joked that the only offensive thing she had was perfume in her bag. Perhaps they never saw that episode of Killing Eve with the poisoned perfume?
  13. Another one gone by recall petition. I really like this new process. MP Chris Davies unseated after petition triggers by-election https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-48720176
  14. Good old Jezza, on the fence and buck passing as usual. Jeremy Corbyn calls for referendum on any Brexit deal and says there must be 'real choice' for both Leave and Remain voters https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/jeremy-corbyn-calls-for-referendum-on-any-brexit-deal-and-says-there-must-be-real-choice-for-both-a4171351.html
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