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  1. Quite often the "needs and circumstances" are just selfishness. Lockdown2 has been a farce. Illegal wedding party guests fined £200 each after trying to hide from furious police https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/illegal-wedding-party-guests-fined-23031329
  2. Do they still coat people in bugs in the name of entertainment? Police investigating I'm a Celebrity over bug concerns https://www.dailypost.co.uk/whats-on/police-investigating-im-celebrity-over-19340635
  3. Notification bar: https://community.windows.com/en-us/stories/notifications-action-center
  4. Both people died because they were either sat in their car, or exchanging details stood by their cars.
  5. I've just completed a YouGov survey on Stamer. It will be interesting to see the results in a few days. Compared to previous opposition party leaders across all parties, I don't think he's doing too bad.
  6. Yes Minister's "Eurosausage" episode anyone? Popular EU sausages set to disappear from British supermarkets, in new trade blow https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-trade-bratwurst-irish-sausages-uk-b1761563.html
  7. I don't understand. Batters says we're unable to eat the amount we produce, yet we import 70,000 tonnes from New Zealand every year? Am I missing something in that we could just not import all that NZ lamb and eat UK lamb instead?
  8. I know that feeling very well. I got a self assessment tax bill out of the blue for several thousand pounds a few years ago, with threats of court and prison if I didn't pay. Despite never being self employed and having a life of PAYE they refused to believe they'd made a mistake and their investigation found "secret" accounts and financial consultants and accountant I'd somehow arranged to hide my money. The consultants and accountants they cited confirmed they had never heard of me or that I was a client of theirs, but it fell on deaf ears. They were "in on it" and were determined to bring me and my associates down for defrauding the good old British government. Turned out they'd put my NI number on someone else's account and were looking at someone else's finances. Took a few months to get sorted though.
  9. My experience of public transport in Manchester and Merseyside has been very positive. Fast, frequent and cheap.
  10. What claim? Do you mean Hobinfoot's claim?
  11. I've seen a lot more of late, especially in rural areas just a few miles from a large town or city.
  12. Maybe not anti-semitic, but they are certainly part of the problem Ninety-two per cent of Momentum members think Labour antisemitism 'wildly exaggerated', poll shows https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/ninety-two-per-cent-of-momentum-members-think-labour-antisemitism-wildly-exaggerated-poll-shows-1.496704 Momentum founder under fire after claiming left-wing Jews are ‘not part’ of the Jewish community https://www.thecanary.co/uk/analysis/2019/06/19/momentum-founder-under-fire-after-claiming-left-wing-jews-are-not-part-of-the-jewish-community/
  13. This was a brilliant piece on Top Gear about hydrogen cars. It would certainly do as a stop-gap between petrol and electric. https://www.azocleantech.com/video-details.aspx?VidID=84
  14. They're at it today, the government supposedly wasting taxpayers money on "home comforts" for home workers. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8975839/Cash-wasted-home-comforts-Whitehall-staff-worked-remote.html I can't speak for them all but my OH works 60+ hours a week as a civil servant (she's paid for 37). She has back problems so needs a special desk and chair. I'm tall and need a special chair, my chair isn't anything special but cost a lot more than £120. Funny how the DM doesn't mention anything about the huge saving on electricity, heating and lighting - that has had to come out of our own pockets now home working is the norm.
  15. In "outer space"? I know Scotland is far away but as far as I'm aware, its North, not up. https://www.holyrood.com/news/view,boris-johnson-to-announce-space-command-in-scotland Its quite sad that we have to blow all this money on it though when we had a pretty good deal with being part of the ESA.
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