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  1. There's nothing to stop a private or charitable enterprise taking it over. Hull are restoring theirs: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/mar/14/hull-splashes-out-with-46m-as-uk-embraces-lido-revival And the abandoned Grange Lido is well on the way to getting theirs operational again: https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/plans-morecambe-bay-lido-eden-20522399
  2. Round my way there's a few dual carriageways which were originally NSL but over the years have had their speeds reduced by 10mph every few years. Now they're all 40 or 50.
  3. Just set up a rule in your mail program to bin them.
  4. You are kidding. Every time a team goes to Liverpool their bus gets attacked.
  5. Yep, used to see it being filmed on Carlisle Street when I was on nights at the steel works.
  6. Cummings is now desperately trying to save his own skin by throwing as much mud as he can and hoping some sticks. There's something not right about a man who posts a chain of 65+ posts on Twitter. He acted like he was untouchable and the new Alistair Campbell when he worked for the government and alienated the British public with his tales. Now he wants us to believe him? He'll most likely run himself over with the bus he's trying to throw Boris and co under.
  7. Considering how many local people didn't think the actress MP was up to much (a nice jump to Mayor before she lost the next election), I definitely think the Jo Cox connection is being played on.
  8. Its quite worrying to think they offer an "annual service" which is nothing more than a look over the car. It doesn't include any oil or filter changes.
  9. Exactly. Time to stop the old "we're being punished" excuse. Israel and Russia don't seem to be struggling and they're Europe's bogeymen of the moment.
  10. Forgot about 1997? We also did fairly well in 2002 (3rd) and 2009 (5th) As for why we don't get votes, its the same old story. Now its Brexit? Wasn't it the attacking Iraq before that?
  11. Excel 2003 has been end of life for some years, I'd strongly recommend replacing. If you can't afford the latest MS Office at least go with Open Office or any of the popular open source equivalents.
  12. Its quite funny seeing the outrage about this on social media: The Left: "Nationalise things again" <Tories make announcement> The Left: "This is terrible", "they'll mess it up", "you know who else made trains run on time - The Nazis" Those are actual posts from Twitter
  13. Thank God Iceland and Portugal got through. The rest were pretty much all women in revealing sparkly dresses with average songs supplemented by augmented reality graphics. Maybe the UK should have sent Gina G again
  14. It always makes me laugh when the UK contestant thinks that its this year and their song that's gonna change things!
  15. I thought the North Macedonia one was the best (classical type singer with the glitter ball shirt) Instead they just selected Ariana Grande lookalikes / soundalikes / and other bland entries.
  16. And in Sheffield Labour join up with the Greens: https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/people/breaking-this-is-how-sheffield-council-will-work-in-future-as-labour-and-green-parties-join-forces-in-co-operative-announced-today-3242304
  17. Is it? This article just states an "approved form of identification" and goes on to list them: passport UK, Irish or European Economic Area (EEA) driving licence electoral identity card - a free card issued by the electoral authorities (using a much wider range of ID) various types of passes issued by Translink, the public transport provider The Electoral Commission recommended a small number of other forms of ID could be added to this list, such as: military and police ID cards firearms licences It estimated that would mean about 92.5% of the electorate already had suitable ID. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-50044539
  18. The T95 Android box is pretty decent. I planned to get one when my old M8S+ gives up the ghost. But 5 years on it still works perfectly!
  19. The Lucy Letby case is a recent one. Well, I say recent, but its been going on several years and her case has been delayed yet again: https://www.chesterstandard.co.uk/news/19307876.proposed-trial-date-chester-nurse-lucy-letby-delayed/
  20. Rising costs and voters were completely against it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10164331
  21. When you say "back in the day", when exactly do you mean? Looking at the history of Palestine there have been skirmishes, battles and so on since well before Christ.
  22. Lib Dems are still nursing a bloody nose 11 years on, there's no way they'll make the coalition mistake again.
  23. The thing which really saddens me is how his actions have made the world a little more transphobic today. Its hard to have sympathy when trans people say they're "scared", "upset" or "affected" by phrases like this. One on Twitter even said they were "traumatised". Just remember that for every Laurence who's offended and acts like a jerk, there's a thousand trans people who aren't bothered or triggered. The daft thing is that Laurence himself used the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" on a tweet he made:
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