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  1. Those outside - the "Blairites" as you call them (you know, those that made the party electable and popular again) - watch in shock, but many inside can't see it & get taken with the tide. Mel, you've missed the point. Eric Blair is George Orwell. Nothing to do with Tony Blair.
  2. Someone will sweep up all those disillusioned young Corbynites. That will be the Lib-Dems. Why young people are abandoning Jeremy Corbyn https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/esmagazine/jeremy-corbyn-young-voters-a4100906.html
  3. Really? Try having a look at twitter or Google "boris johnson racist" and see all the newspaper articles about him. Perhaps you're just looking for negative articles about Corbyn and failing to see what else is out there?
  4. You sure do. They're usually the ones with their heads in the sand when surrounded by countless pieces of evidence their leader is a lame duck. They think he'll miraculously turn the party around and lead Labour to decades of power. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just antisemitism. But its not, he's weak completely across the board. Why? The authors real name is listed. He's a fan of George Orwell. Here's his Sheffield Uni profile: http://sheffield.academia.edu/LJLiburd
  5. Or maybe you're the one with the issue because you seem to think that 70 is too "fast". It might be for you, so stay on the 30 mph roads.
  6. A good read from a former local Corbyn supporter and Momentum member: https://medium.com/@ericblairite/paranoia-panorama-my-part-in-the-downfall-of-the-labour-party-7c717527fec0
  7. Brixworth (Daventry) result: LDEM: 49.5% (+38.6) CON: 37.3% (-28.2) LAB: 13.2% (-10.5) Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative.
  8. Not the first time he's been wrong about EU food rules. Boris Johnson Claims EU Stops Bananas Being Sold In Bunches Of More Than Three. That Is Not True https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/boris-johnson-claims-eu-stops-bananas-being-sold-in-bunches-of-more-than-three-that-is-not-true_uk_573b2445e4b0f0f53e36c968
  9. Just to clarify, Hunt was definitely talking about (the vast majority of) commercial traffic whizzing through non-stop at a Swiss style border in Northern Ireland. He said the checks would be done at "each end" (presumably the companies the goods were loaded and unloaded), people would register in advance on the internet. He compared it to the "red green blue channels at Heathrow". Its on iPlayer, around 07:55: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0006whd/breakfast-18072019
  10. I remember the Morrisons B30 debacle a few years ago. https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/2008/12/8/fleets-warned-over-using-morrisons-biofuel/29491/
  11. They're popular with Labour, as they use them at conferences and in many of their councils. Which nicely goes back to the Labour hypocrisy posts a few pages back.
  12. Hunt on BBC Breakfast this morning said he'd employ a Swiss style arrangement with no border posts, checks or delays. Although the BBC reports:
  13. Here, if the DM is right: Trump supporters roar 'Send her back, Send her back' after US president slams far-left 'squad' member Ilhan Omar at a campaign rally - after suggesting she may be 'married to her brother'
  14. Rocketman. 8/10 I went into this expecting a rushed biopic hanging off the coat-tails of the Queen one. But it was far better than I expected. A couple of the scenes were a bit "Mama Mia" in the way they shoehorned songs as a song and dance number, but it worked. The comparison pictures of the actors and real photos at the End were amazing, especially the side by side of little Elton at the piano.
  15. Hate to break it to you but this has been happening for decades.
  16. I never really took to the SNES or Megadrive, But I'll still play Super Mario 3 from the NES via emulation. Its a timeless classic.
  17. I guess some just can't see that Labour is broken. And its broken because of Corbyn. No doubt a nice man, but a career backbencher with no leadership qualities. All those years ago when Tories were recommended to join Labour for £3 to vote him in, It worked didn't it?
  18. Not all petrol cars even have a fuel filter - certainly not a replaceable one anyway. Some have it built into the pump in the tank as a bit of gauze mesh. Something to bear in mind if the car is over 10 years old or done 100,000 miles - often the expected "life" of a car by some manufacturers.
  19. Interesting. Corbyn has been calling for an election for ages. But which one will it bite in the bum? Boris Johnson allies 'plot early election' while Jeremy Corbyn is 'still around' https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-allies-plot-early-18327342
  20. Interesting how they don't force this price increase on businesses.
  21. I can't speak for all miners but I was involved in a programme to get them back into work in the early 90s where many went into engineering shops, covering all kinds of jobs from basic labouring, to machine operators and setters. And those I worked with said it was the best thing that had happened to them and that they wished they'd left the pits sooner.
  22. But there are plenty of toilets you can sneakily use - station, pubs, McDonalds. Wasn't there some sort of initiative years ago where the council linked up with places to offer public toilets to save running their own?
  23. The ones you award yourself in your head after a day's crawling along don't count.
  24. No it means Labour can't practice what they preach. If they're going to force every single MP of theirs to follow their 1970s and 1980s mantra, they're going to get no MPs wanting to stand for them.
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