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  1. According to writer Guy Adams. He claims that that "Whipps Cross hospital was on its knees under Labour... and the Tories poured in millions to rescue it"
  2. Yeah, right. Rubbish strewn across Runnymede Meadows after travellers leave site https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/rubbish-strewn-across-runnymede-meadows-16938748 Travellers leave human faeces on Halesowen playing field https://www.halesowennews.co.uk/news/17852038.travellers-leave-human-faeces-halesowen-playing-field/
  3. Another small but decent win: Lib Dems: 648 Conservative: 307 Independent: 155 Labour: 32 Green: 30 https://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/17915617.lib-dems-win-vivary-by-election---taking-seat-conservatives/
  4. Yep, and Brexit Party is at the expense of the Conservatives.
  5. You need a service like Merseyrail - not quite a train but bigger than a tram, and great prices - I can get a day return from Southport to Chester for a fiver. Add an extra 20p (yes, 20 pence) and I can go on any bus in the Merseytravel area with my train ticket too.
  6. Spot on. Otherwise come election time the Lib Dems will get the Labour Remain votes and the Tories or the Brexit Party (who I reckon will drop out to prop up the Tories. I don't care what Boris says about Farage, he'll change his tune to get their votes and win) will get the Leave votes. Its going to hurt Labour by abandoning the Brexit supporting voters, but its got to be done. I wouldn't worry so much about the Corbyn lovers, they're slowly decreasing all the time and will end up being a tiny minority like they were with "Old Labour" when Tony Blair took over and made it electable.
  7. Labour said they would have cut harder if they'd won in 2010. Alistair Darling: we will cut deeper than Margaret Thatcher https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2010/mar/25/alistair-darling-cut-deeper-margaret-thatcher They dodged a bullet by not winning.
  8. Its been quiet on here from his usual fan club since you posted that! Jeremy Corbyn: I’ll stay neutral and let the people decide on Brexit https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/17/corbyn-vows-to-put-sensible-brexit-deal-to-voters-in-referendum And what happens if its nearly 50-50 again Jeremy? All he's doing is avoiding upsetting what Labour supporters he has left because its split his party. Fence sitting is not the qualities we want in a PM. While some people have said that they'd now vote Remain instead of Leave, many original Remaners (myself included) are so sick of this dragging on they just want it over and done with. How much money and time has been wasted so far dragging it on?
  9. Every other day I see a post on local FB groups about a kid having his bike stolen when they'd got into a shop. I usually ask what make the lock was so I know to avoid it for my bike. The response is always "the bike wasn't locked".
  10. Because men don't act like 21st century citizens, more like cavemen. Pee on the seat for starters (and only pee if you're lucky). Travelmasters say man had a poo on bus before getting off at Strood train station https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/news/man-caught-defecating-on-bus-212360/ When Great Northern in Manchester first opened there were unisex toilets with a communal hand wash sink like this: It wasn't long before men were peeing into it.
  11. The jokes and light hearted bits were really thin on the ground, its becoming more of a kitchen sink drama.
  12. Episode 2 and it isn't getting any better.
  13. https://go.epublish4me.com/ebook/html/10101151#page/24
  14. Yep, at Woodside Ferry terminal: https://www.u-boatstory.co.uk/Pages/default.aspx I really wish they hadn't cut it up though, the U505 at Chicago looks far more impressive: https://www.msichicago.org/explore/whats-here/exhibits/u-505-submarine/
  15. So much for him being killed in prison like he said he would. Mind you, ifhe had been it would have been the first time he'd told the truth.
  16. This too: Cammell Laird set to build £150m disaster relief ship in Birkenhead https://lbndaily.co.uk/cammell-laird-set-build-150-disaster-relief-ship-birkenhead/ Plus BoatyMcBoatface is coming along nicely. If ever you're over Liverpool way, head over the river to Birkenhead Priory for great views onto the shipyards:
  17. https://qz.com/1701863/hiding-likes-on-facebook-and-instagram-might-actually-make-them-a-bit-better/
  18. Cheap booze and that's about it. https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/11/no-deal-brexit-duty-free-alcohol-misleading-10723651/
  19. Very true. I had to spend a day on helicopter support procedures and protocols when working for search & rescue.
  20. Mine had the update on Tuesday but warned me that battery was below 50% so wouldn't continue. I just plugged it in and next morning it was all charged and updated.
  21. But if they do go in as a Remain party they then lose all the Leave votes. In the referrendum 148 Labour consituencies voted Leave, 84 Remain. Suddenly dropping Corbyn and promoting Remain isn't going to sway people. Look at how badly Miliband did after Brown. Labour's "punishment" period from voters for Blair & Brown is far from over
  22. Lockdoctor wasn't calling the conviction a ‘faux controversy’. What I'm sure he's referring to is the current outrage for an incident which happened decades ago, and which he's paid the price for. Remember the outrage years ago with Johnathan Ross and Andrew Sachs? Demanding he never be allowed to broadcast again? They've both served their time for their mistakes.
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