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  1. Because they will have to recruit English born people instead of relying on cheaper foreign labour. Most care homes are privately owned.
  2. At the moment it is too easy to recruit foreign workers to do jobs English born people should be doing. Less immigration will force care homes to train English born people to do the work and pay higher wages.
  3. This is a sad news story which is relevant to the discussion. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-67622479
  4. Are you expecting many of them to commit serious criminal offences?
  5. No need to guess because I explained why I mentioned his nationality. If I was living overseas and was mistreated by the police as he has claimed then I would return to my own country.
  6. She is British. The driver of the car which failed to stop is Portuguese. His nationality is relevant because if the British police are as racist as he wants everyone to believe it is strange he has not moved back to Portugal.
  7. None. Brexit did not create the small boat crisis. The criminal gangs upscaled when they discovered it was easy to do.
  8. I do not know the exact date but it has been happening for several months. It is under the medium parcel category on the Royal Mail website.
  9. I have more of clue what is right and wrong than you have in your deluded imagination. Yes, it was wrong for the two police officers to be sacked for carrying out their duty. The incident would never have occurred if the Portuguese failed athlete had cooperated with police and pulled over when instructed to do so.
  10. Stick to the Rwanda discussion and post your anti Tory rhetoric else where. Until the Rwanda plan is implemented we will not know whether it is a worthwhile deterrent. Pictures of economic migrants boarding aeroplanes will send out a clear message to those seeking to make illegal boat trips to the UK. The figure of 500 can be upscaled once the plan is implemented if judged to be necessary. The important thing is to start the first flights. Not doubt you are hoping the plan is a failure because you have no interest in what is best for our country and only want to criticise the Tory government. It is shame you will not be on the first flight to Rwanda.
  11. You are nitpicking. It was the Met Police who sacked them after the panel hearing. They could have chosen not to sack them and discipline them in another way.
  12. More anti Tory bias The new treaty makes the Rwanda plan lawful assuming the supreme court do not move the goalposts. Silly to compare the costs with the Ritz. Housing illegal economic migrants in any hotels is an encouragement rather than a deterrent which is the aim of the Rwanda plan. More ill-informed nonsense. The first safe country principle did not change after the UK left the EU. You have been informed several times the Dublin Agreement did not work when the UK was still in the EU. More were sent to the UK than left the UK under that agreement.
  13. Let's wait to see the result of the appeal. The Met were wrong not to give the two police officers the benefit of doubt regarding the cannabis claim.
  14. Okay no worries. Royal Mail has recently introduced a 48hr service for packages over 2kg. The next weight is 5kg. They have had to introduce more options both domestically and internationally to compete with other parcel firms.
  15. Absolutely correct they are all economic migrants otherwise they would have stayed in the first safe country they reached. Several EU countries are now seeking third countries to send economic migrants to. Sooner or later the EU will be forced to abandon the Schengen area which is the reason why so many economic migrants head towards the French coast. The UK has never been part of the Schengen area but are a victims of the ludicrous agreement. Time for all EU countries to restore border controls in order to prevent the flow of economic migrants.
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