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  1. Depends on the level - adding a few extra tins and dried goods into your shopping is hardly backbreaking effort.
  2. Can't argue that there may be some like that. Much of what i've seen/heard is people simply attempting to prepare for different situations. Like in most walks of life, there are extremes.
  3. How do you feel when you pay for insurance but never need to claim? Isn't that a waste of money?
  4. Eh??? This thread has nothing to do with GBNews. If anything, it's the more mainstream media outlets that peddle fear when it vomes to climate/Covid/armageddon etc.
  5. I did a bit of archery and really enjoyed it... but with how cheap the crossbows are, and the little amount of space needed to practice, i'll defo be getting me some kit for summer days in the back garden. I think i saw a pack of 12 aluminium, 6.5in shafts for around £7. Very reasonably priced hobby.
  6. Been looking into pistol crossbows as a defensive piece of kit - an 80lb one can cost you as little as 35 quid.
  7. But is that opinion based solely on the idea of armageddon? I used to think it was, but having watched/listened to some bits, they prep for a whole host of reasons, right down to things like when there's a fuel/food shortage or a financial crash. We've seen what it's like when people panic buy and the shelves are empty. Would it really hurt just to have an extra stockpile of tinned/dried goods as well as grow your own?
  8. Like most people, i used to think the doomsday preppers were conspiracy theory nutjobs and paranoid nerds. But, looking at what's happening in the world, i'm no longer 100% convinced that they are totally wrong. I've been looking into a bit recently and it does make you think - everything from it might be useful finally learning some first aid and having a stock of medical supplies to considering becoming a bit more self-sufficient. As SF is (fairly) anonymous, i wondered if there were any forummers who are preppers, whether it be casual or taking it more seriously. Would be interesting to get some insight and discuss a few things. I want this to be a semi-serious thread i.e. no ridicule - i'm not trying to quell free speech, i just don't want it to descend into insults from those who think it's daft. I have a genuine curiosity and the only way to gain knowledge of it is to discuss it properly.
  9. What's the point? It'll offend someone on the extreme left and anyone flying it will be classed as a flag-s***ging gammon right-winger...
  10. That's it... WE need things to stay as they are. Nature will be fine long after humans have gone...
  11. Still not convinced that it's not going to be one sided... but we'll see.
  12. That feature doesn't really say how it has been misrepresented... it just says it has. It all serms a tad vague and it's a bit worrying that it only mentions those on the right using vile and abusive language... so it's OK for the left to call for battery acid to be thrown over right-wing politicians and to 'punch a Nazi', but saying there are two sexes and you can't swap between them will land you in trouble if someone 'finds it offensive'?
  13. Meant to be Scotland - didn't realise the mistake (case of fat-finger syndrome as using my mobile...) I know my terminology is probably offensive to someone... so i await the post being deleted and/or me being banned from the forum.
  14. You won't be laughing when your lot follow Sotlqbd with the 'hate crime' laws and you're the first one under the bus for saying something 'offensive' because you weren't able to see how 🦇💩 insane it all is. Keep ignoring and laughing it off at your peril...
  15. This is part of the problem - where is the boarder between genuine mental health and some people just needing to build some resilience? I have a mate who has been on medication for depression and anxiety for years, now, and it seems like it's more of a crutch than to actually help him. He's reluctant to go outside of his comfort zone and build mental toughness. I was on the same medication a while back and hated the numbness - it made me see that i'd rather try and tackle the lows whilst experiencing the highs and it's made me a much more outgoing person. I've also found exercise to be the key to improving my state of mind - if i'm feeling down i go and get an adrenaline rush which instantly perks me up. From what i see and experience, we as a society need to almost better define what 'mental health/illness' means as feeling a bit down one day is different to someone with severe issues but those people struggle to access services and help because someone who feels a bit under the weather is taking up a valuable place.
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