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  1. He may disapprove of gay marriage and be all Christian and stuff, believing the crap in the Bible... But, what if he was actually able to put that aside for his job and help people whose lifestyle he disagreed with? I get paid to help people from all backgrounds, whether i believe in their life choices/religion/political leanings etc. or not. I personally disagree with the geezer's beliefs, as i'm atheist and everything, but it doesn't mean that, whilst on the clock, i don't think he wouldn't help those he has chosen to help.
  2. Answer that question and then we'll progress the point.
  3. Who is more advantaged - someone from the middle class or someone from a single-parent family on a council estate?
  4. Like a scenario where everyone is given £10... But 'positive action' isn't equality, it's discrimination against a group of people on the grounds of race and sex.
  5. Doesn't mention 'representation', though...
  6. So... why not bring them both back for further testing and questioning?
  7. How do they choose one of them? If it's the toss of a coin then how do you know you're getting the best person for the job?
  8. If they scored equally, yes! OK... two black people score equally - how do they decide who gets the job?
  9. But it depends on the group. Using your analogy of everyone being given the same amount of money: Group A live in an affluent area - they've gotten there because of the amount of money they have. A 'do-gooder' feels that this isn't fair and gives Group B a wedge of cash to make them equally as well-off as you. Suddenly, there's an influx of people to your area because more people can now afford to live there. This means that the shops can now raise prices because of more competition. House prices rise because of the popularity of the area and it means that your child is now no longer able to afford to live/rent in the area.
  10. OK, new discussion: A woman is given £1m A man is given £1m Is this fair?
  11. So what is the point of your analogy, other than to say it's fair if everyone is given £10?
  12. Exactly - so if black people automatically have an advantage just for being black, then he's going to struggle. Unless you're now claiming that black people aren't as disadvantaged to try and prove your point...
  13. But he won't if his skin colour is a barrier... do you not see the irony in your comment?
  14. I don't get what you're trying to explain with this analogy - all you're saying is that, if everyone is given £10 then that's equality. But it depends on the person's situatuation who is receiving it as to whether it's fair or not. And, why is someone randomly dishing out £10s??
  15. There's encouragement to get people to apply, but it's discrimination to say, pretty much, that you don't need to be the best - just be equally as good and the job is yours because of your skin colour or sex. All i want is the best person for the job...
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