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  1. To 'proper Lefties' there is no centre anymore. If you're not Left, you're 'literally Hitler' according to them
  2. Love how people are focusing on him... Against Brentford he seemed to have had the only shot on target and it wasn't his fault for De Gea's flappy hands and disatrous attempt to play out from the back... or the dodgy defending from the cross... As has been said, he's a winner with drive and determination - i think he can take losing if the team have given their all and it's just one of those days, but to be surrounded by such mediocrity must be frustrating
  3. Well... considering part of the Alphabet community are claiming that being NOMAP is totally fine and to question it is phobic, the calls of potential grooming might not be too far off at some point in the future! Music is my big one! When you look at how the likes of Little Mix, Rihanna and Gaga dress, and who their image is aimed at...
  4. Indeed i do... Still doesn't explain WHAT a gender is, though...
  5. So... 2 genders and anything else is just a personality trait?
  6. So... do you know what a 'gender' is? Seeing as you've obviously read more than me.
  7. Ah... the old "It's not my job to educate you" stance. A quick Google search for what is gender mentions masculinity and femininity and that gender is a 'social construction' of traits that distinguish between them... So, 2 genders and people identify as either, both or none... that's, arguably, 4 genders (although can 'non-binary' be classed as a gender? A bit like when religious people try to claim that atheism is still a religion) - where do the other 64+ genders come from and what are they?
  8. You say we need to get rid of all the boxes, but the trans community are the ones adding the extra boxes: millions of extra pronouns and genders. I've just come across a new one today: NOMAP - Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person; apparently there's a movement within the LGBTQABC123 community calling for, essentially, paedophiles to be allowed to have feelings for children and for the rest of the world to be OK with it because they're 'Non-Offending' i.e. not doing anything with their desire. And the problem we now have is that, at the merest hint of tomboyish behaviour or a boy showing an interest in women's' clothes and make-up, the parents are quick to push them down the trans route. The last thing a 7yo needs is to be more confused about the world than they already are. A person's lifestyle can have an effect on the wider population as we're seeing with the trans-women in women's sports and biological men being allowed in to female spaces: toilets/prisons/changing rooms etc. The issue with this is that you can't even question it as you will be labelled -phobic. It's basically become a religion that cannot be scrutinised. To this day, beyond man/woman/male/female, no one can tell me what a 'gender' actually is. I get told it's how someone 'identifies', but that's not an explanation. If someone is gay, that's to do with who they're attracted to - easy. If someone transitions from one gender to the other and goes through the full change to live as the opposite gender because they were 'born in the wrong body' - I get that and understand it, to a point. But 70+ genders? Eh? I just cannot get it and no one has managed to give a satisfactory explanation. Apparently gender is not linked to sex or sexuality... so what is it? And then you get to the part where it's phobic, as a heterosexual person, not to want to sleep with someone who has the same genitals as you. Basically, if you aren't attracted to a trans person, you're phobic. It's called genital discrimination or some such nonsense. This whole scenario makes me think of 'How many lights' from 1984 - you can tell me there are 5, but I know deep down there are 4.
  9. I've seen a few trans people coming out almost in support of the comment to JKR without realising that, in the case of such extremists, they'd be first in the firing line for their lifestyle. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" comes to mind...
  10. He said rape, not sexual assault - there's a difference. Yes, trans women are capable of rape if they still have their 🍆 To quote The Dude: "Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man" YOU find it rude, it isn't rude as a rule!
  11. That's been my issue all along when discussing it with certain people - the paradox: There's no such thing as a 'real' woman... Trans women are real women It makes my head hurt, sometimes!
  12. It's nothing to do with someone's sex life or sexuality, it's about how someone 'identifies' - where and with whom they want to stick their bits has nothing to do with it. To be trans means a woman wants to be a man... a man wants to be a woman... someone wants to be either and someone wants to be neither. Some want to go the whole hog and actually transition from one to the other, some just see how they feel when they wake up in the morning.
  13. Eh? I wasn't comparing Sheffield to other cities... just the difference between an experience in Kelham vs. one in town. I'm not against the shipping containers, as such, more that it'd be nice if SCC resolved some of the issues in the area. It's difficult to have a nice evening out in Sheffield city centre when you have to suffer through some of the inhabitants. I just find it a tad depressing when i have to venture in to the centre and i don't feel shipping containers will make it better... but i'm happy to be proved wrong.
  14. The difference is that Kelham Island doesn't have zombiefied spice-heads stumbling around, chavs constantly shouting at each other and their sprogs and i feel less likely to be mugged and/or knifed down there as opposed to town. These shipping containers are just a bit if polish on an oversized turd.
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