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  1. This months Sky At Night Magazine has a free pair included if you can find a copy. Rother valley optics in Kiveton have sold out but are hoping to get a delivery so might be worth a call.
  2. Rob at Dent Tech Dronfield, came out and removed 3 dents from my bonnet last week. Excellent work, cannot see the dents at all.
  3. Sheffield Astronomical Society are hoping to set up outside the Hallam University entrance with a few solar scopes to view the eclipse.
  4. Avoid this junction at the moment. Accident between a Vespa and Ford Focus ---------- Post added 17-02-2015 at 19:31 ---------- Traffic has cleared, from a fellow scooterist hope the rider is ok. Scooter is in a sorry state though.
  5. Anybody know what's happening on Darnall near A F Dobsons, Police all over
  6. Just seen an update from SYP a Man in his fiftys has died from his injuries, falling from the Bridge RIP http://www.southyorks.police.uk/news-syp/man-dies-following-fall-bridge-sheffield-parkway
  7. Parkway is closed inbound just before prince of wales road. looks like an incident just before parkway markets, police and ambulance under the footbridge.
  8. Toby tweeted earlier, he had been for a pint with BBC manager and basically sacked. Lots of tweets.
  9. Reading on twitter that Radio Sheffield have sacked Toby, can't seem to find any other info. Anyone heard anything
  10. Hope the little fella makes a speedy recovery
  11. Great shop in Kiveton Park not too far away, http://www.themodelbasement.co.uk/
  12. Yes but the original poster has not collected and tried the item. They called a few mins later and cancelled. The dealer could easily of cancelled the order.
  13. The parts guy is just being a D**K, They could easily cancel an order after such a short period of time. Pay them a visit and insist on a refund. If they don't play ball cause a stink in the showroom.
  14. I got my Velux from http://www.siddallsroofingsupplies.co.uk/ They are near the top of shepcote Lane
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