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  1. bet you are a right laugh at the pub with your mate :hihi:
  2. yes he did bet man city are wishing they had got him for 3 mill now :hihi:
  3. not even a contest after he was sent off clear through and he takes his legs what a daft tackle told you it was going to be an easy home win
  4. just home for a quick wash n shave and then out to celebrate , well done both Sheffield teams and I can see the playoffs for both
  5. must say that support is unreal for the tinpot league , some teams wont even get that for a home match today :hihi:
  6. well sadly Wednesday didn't give you any financial help they pocketed the dosh while the blades donated all the money from the beam back to the merry millers , hence the bitterness between the owls and millers while the blades seem to get along alright with rovrum fans , just what I see in the day to day chat at work about the local clubs. Warnock will keep you up Chazndave and I for one hope he does , its good for all the local clubs to do well
  7. not sure how we got to discussing Leicester but I for one hope they win the premiership no matter how they play football , be a breath of fresh air and showing you don't need all the money in the world to win
  8. Someone already did lower themselves and it was in really bad taste web1. Colin is the master at getting teams motivated and punching above their weight , can see him keeping the merry millers up
  9. lets hope that something doesn't happen to him if they rush him back and it was a concussion be a right fine or a lawsuit you wouold think --- oh and an easy owls 3-0 win at a canter
  10. they would just do something to stop that happening like not show the match on telly and pre empt it with another match , they also know that nobody would do this but its a good idea
  11. the Blades are MIGHTY the owls are MASSIVE Blackburn 0-1 Hull Reading 1-2 Burnley Millers 1-1 Brum Owls 3-0 Brentford Donny 1-1 Blades Gills 1-1 Barnsley
  12. I dunno atticus you have a very strong fan base and no matter how bad things get and you get mugged off you still seem to go home and away every week. if adkins is allowed to stay and get rid of the 30 odd excess players and starts fresh and you get off to a cracking start next season then it will be around 22k. I keep hearing the football is bad though whereas at hlllborough its good for a change
  13. everyone got it so badly wrong how could anyone have possibly guessed it ?
  14. atticus are you trying to start a forum riot haha think its a credit to unitedites they pull 19 - 20,000 every other week in a tin pot league regardless of what price it is. I have said that CD made a big mistake rasing ticket prices like that an its shown in the drop from last year
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