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  1. So... the last game of an awful season...one that so much was expected and at one point looked like it could end in a battle against the drop. Could be the last we see of a number of players in a blue and white shirt.....No doubt lots of comings and goings during the summer but thank god the season is over.
  2. I would suggest you listen again to his interviews over the weekend... Don't think Warnock would want to come back while-ever Mr Bean & Mr McCabe are in the back ground... but as you say...Bless
  3. Results of late have helped make Wednesday's awful season seem a little better.... but glad you can take such a laid back attitude at the prospect of losing the best manager you've had for 20 years...
  4. Well done on having a good season but "rust bucket" and "demolition derby"..really..? is that the best you can come up with... Tell you what would be really funny though....Your manager walking away amid self destruction by your owners...
  5. Hutchinson and Lees have both suggested that under the previous regime that they were rushed back into the team practically as soon as they were fit and probably not 100% and prone to picking up further injuries...and add to the equation ...all the physio's were dismissed at the end of last season and replaced with Carlos's team...and here we are at the end of a season decimated by injuries...so i would say its not rocket science to say it was the previous regime's methods that have contributed...
  6. With the constraints of Financial Fair Play restricting the type of player we can bring in,its imperative we make use of the youngsters at the club and move on players who are deemed surplus to requirements....but wholesale sweeping changes won't and can't happen... Its a broad statement to say sell all the injury prone players,especially when the vast majority of those players are your first choice 11...this season has been awful but you can't imagine another spate of injuries like this term... I think the introduction of some of the younger players balances out the average age of the squad and if a player is good enough it doesnt matter if he's a teenager or over 30.... Bear in mind the majority of said players have been fit over the last two seasons and we did very well in that time...and then they aren't fit and we've had a disastrous time...
  7. Aye,Lets get rid of the injury prone one's........we'll have a great squad then..Westwood,Bannan,Hunt,Forestieri,Hooper,Fletcher,Lee,Van Aken,Loovens,Lees,Wallace,Hutchinson,Abdi..... Or as a better idea,lets change the way we train the players and get them fitter than under the previous regime... ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 16:01 ---------- I thought as much....in my defence his original one ran until next month..!
  8. The following players are out of contract at the end of June..... Venancio,Pudil,Wallace,Loovens,Nuhiu and Thorniley Out of interest...Fletcher is under contract for another 2 years and the likes of Westwood,Abdi,Boyd,Hooper,Matias and Palmer have another year... Unless the club receive a ridiculous offer for those under contract i would think it unlikely they will go....
  9. Make your mind up...you said this earlier.."My point is that there is business to be done without spending millions,good business that gets results"...
  10. I was responding to post 78... But leave it there... i've made my point.. ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 12:31 ---------- Yes but they finished above millionaires apparently..
  11. I didn't say he was a key figure...you said in terms of value for money.. a £6m outlay on Madine,despite his limited contribution, for the vast riches on offer in the Premier League would represent value for money....
  12. Yes they did...but the question was the comparison of McBurnie and Madine in terms of value for money ...its not that difficult to understand is it..
  13. In terms of the return for the initial outlay then it's Madine...considering Cardiff are one game from the riches of the Premier League.
  14. With respect Mel ... I wouldn't call you silly for having an opinion ... i stand by what I said previously & if you & others don't agree fair enough...
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