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  1. Don't think anyone said it was rubbish....it was more the fact they hadn't signed at the time you said they had... But have you got any more "scoops" you want to share with us all...or haven't you read the papers yet..?.🤣
  2. Hopefully Wednesday win the League at a cantor ....a statue of Darren Moore is placed outside Hillsborough and DC is carried shoulder high along Penistone Road... In reality..I think it will be a transitional season ...if we make the top six it will be a miracle...mid table mediocrity beckons and we could end up as another Sunderland or Ipswich and be stuck at this level for a while..and you have to hope the owner has learnt some lessons from last season and doesn't constantly flout the EFL rules....although i desperately hope i'm proven wrong and we bounce back at the 1st attempt. Surely United have more than enough quality to make a real go at being in and around the top 6...especially with a manager who has a good track record at Championship level...surprised no new signings have arrived during the close season just to freshen things up....
  3. Neither Hirst or Chansiri came out of contract discussions with any credit.....but it seems pretty petty to stop a young lad playing football for a year no matter how aggrieved you were at the situation ...
  4. Slightly off topic....but i noticed George Hirst has signed on loan at Portsmouth for the season...shame it hasn't worked out for him ..had lots of goals in him as a youngster at Hillsborough..... DC treated him dreadfully by stopping him playing for the club for a year..
  5. I think it's the Wednesday way to write off players before they've even pulled a blue and white shirt on...!
  6. Bit harsh calling the players recently signed as "crap"....lets reserve judgement until they've had a chance in a Wednesday shirt...but i'd agree that it could be a tough season...
  7. If we avoid relegation we'll have done well....a lot depends on Bannan,Iorfa,Windass and Luongo staying and keeping fit...and who knows...if the numerous unknowns we have brought in,hit the ground running we may consolidate in mid table... I hope i'm totally wrong and we are promotion contenders,....but i can't see it...
  8. Seemingly Adam Reach is close to joining West Brom and Tom Lees is joining Huddersfield...great moves for both players ...
  9. Neither Byers or Sims have signed.....it's just rumours at this stage.... Latest player strongly linked is Marvin Johnson from Middlesborough ...who had a spell at United a couple of years ago..
  10. He did well at Rovrum last season....i'm sure he could have got a Championship club...lets hope he does exactly what you've said..!!
  11. Finally,we have signed a goal keeper....Bailey Peacock Farrell from Burnley...comes with a good reputation and it looks like Lewis Wing is joining as well from Boro....spent last season at Rovrum.. On paper,it's shaping up to be a half decent squad....desperately need a decent striker though..especially with Windass out indefinitely...
  12. Some folk are easily pleased…its almost as bad as folk getting giddy about a nutmeg 🙄
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