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  1. I think you'd struggle to find a Wednesdayite who isn't concerned about the clubs future under Chansiri....but how does that answer the question asked about United's situation ?
  2. Well said....and speaking as a Wednesdayite of too many years ..i genuinely fear for the future of the club while ever Chansiri remains....
  3. Me too ...I mixed you up with another poster ..apologies..
  4. It's clearly not worked out for him at Wednesday,although he's shown glimpses of what he's capable of....calling him overrated is very harsh considering his career goal scoring record.
  5. Difficult to argue with any of the above ...although i'm unsure as to whether Pelupessy could shape up better in League 1...
  6. There has been a problem with the undersoil heating and drainage at Hillsborough ....apparently all the required remedy work is being carried out in readiness for the start of the Pub League season...
  7. Fair enough,i wasn't aware of that...but & judging by his previous track record...you can only imagine DC will look at the rules and blatantly ignore them ..!
  8. That ruling was subsequently overturned ...so there is no limit...
  9. I'd keep Hutchinson,Urhoghide and maybe Westwood and dare i say.. maybe even Pelupessy....the rest can go for me....
  10. The following players are out of contract at Hillsborough....be interesting to see who,if any,re-sign.... Westwood,Lees,Reach,Hunt,Harris,Kachunga,Hutchinson,Penney,Van Aken,Rhodes,Urhoghide,Pelupessy,Odubajo I think one or two could do a job in the Pub League ...but the majority i'd let go...
  11. Surprised you've not mentioned in your other posts that you're "not a fan of either Sheffield club"......oh hold on a minute...!
  12. You didn't have to explain...i was only taking the mick...although your "little bro" seemed to get uptight about it....
  13. Those pesky middle aged to older men coming on here spoiling it for everyone..!! Joking aside ...It works both ways ...Alextopman & Canada Blade or whatever he’s called & one or two more have come back & done exactly what you’re accusing others of ... As long as it’s nothing personal..it’s all harmless stuff ..we support our clubs & will stand up for them ...some just like to have the last word eh Alex ..!
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