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  1. You & I know I’m not a Snitch….but everyone knows what a Muppet you are
  2. Prove where i've reported you old man...and then you explain to everyone how you've set up duplicate accounts to stir up trouble ...even posing as a Wednesdayite at one time...sort of shows the calibre of the person you are eh?...
  3. Was it playground comments you were crying about..& yet here you are..
  4. Ignore me if you don’t like what I’m posting..
  5. Someone is a Snitch though...& he/you revel's in the fact ..... & If you don't like what other folk post put them on ignore,rather than cry about what they say...
  6. What about the embarrassing childish insults the certain poster makes to anyone who has a different opinion to his..?
  7. But it wasn’t held last week was it ….it’s normally held very close to the start of the season …it’s not rocket science is it …even for the likes of you ..
  8. 30,000 over 2 metres away from players and staff alike ...and not mingling with supporters,posing for photgraphs,signing autographs etc etc... i would say they probably have considered it...
  9. The club are being over cautious regards the Pandemic...and considering the problems DM has had with it and having players unavailable last season due to covid,then probably it's the right decision...
  10. Sheffield United....always the bridesmaid and never the bride..
  11. Calm down t'old lad .....We are fully aware we are in the Pub League....but lets hope we don't stop in it as long as United did eh..? or heaven forbid,drop into the lowest level of professional football..like United did...and talking of the Premiership...despite not being in it for well over 20 years...we've still played & won more games in it than United have...
  12. Some of us have other things to do than sit on an Internet forum all day & have emoji’s as their best friend….
  13. You are easily confused…but then again you can’t educate pork so I’ll not try to explain…
  14. Don’t think anyone commented on him being awful or evil …just bemoaning the fact he’s destroyed the club in the time he’s been here … I’d be very very surprised if the Son of God returned to Wednesday considering his previous relationship with Chansiri …..oh and his name is spelt Hirst …
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