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  1. Let’s hope it goes as well as Huddersfield Town’s takeover by an American investor.. Now crawl back under the stone that you’ve been hiding behind for the vast majority of the season….thought you’d disappear as United broke record after record this season…..🤡
  2. Your description of how Chansiri does business is probably closer to the truth than some would imagine…
  3. I think we’ve all got into discussions on here with “fools” at one time or another & later regretted it …😂 I can understand your unease at the situation at United …the owner appears to be doing nothing to convince supporters that the manager will be backed financially next season… As for Wednesday….it all hinges on Chansiri giving Danny Rohl what he wants to take the club forward…
  4. I think you’re taking it all to heart too much ..posters on here stand up for their respective clubs & will always think their club is better than the other…& .you’ll always get the odd one or two who overstep the mark ,but thankfully they don’t last too long .. Most supporters of Wednesday & United are aware of the current problems facing both clubs & next season will be interesting on & off the pitch….especially on here ..
  5. Aye, there’s never been any cross city rivalry on here …everyone’s just got on fine ….its all a figment of my imagination clearly 🙄…..& if you believe anything I’ve stated, then as I said before…it’s not really the forum for you …
  6. For years on this section,Unitedites have lorded it over Wednesdayites …..if you or anyone else of red & persuasion ,find it hard to understand why Wednesdayites are giving a little bit back after the season you’ve just endured then maybe it’s not the section for you or them eh ?
  7. Overturning a 12 point deficit after not winning any of the first 13 games is well worth dancing in the streets to celebrate… But at least United broke records never seen before in the Premier League …good old Chrissy Wilder …
  8. They’re record breakers ….it’ll be a long time before another team achieves what Sheffield United have this season….& to make it feel familiar for them next season in the Championship…they’ll be starting bottom of that league too …. Mind The Gap 😎🦉
  9. Credit where credits due …the 3 best teams got promoted & Plymouth & Ipswich went up automatically on merit…
  10. Shouldn’t be forgotten….Today marks the 1st Anniversary of the Greatest Comeback in Play Off History….what a fantastic achievement & what a lifelong memory for those that were there & those that watched it ….to overturn a four goal deficit defied believe….🦉😎
  11. Bannan,Palmer,Iorfa,Vaulks,Windass, Dawson & Bernard offered contracts ….Johnson & Patterson triggered extensions… Delgardo, Byers,Gregory,James,Bakinson & Brennan all released … No arguments really….I’d maybe have kept Byers ….but let’s see if DR stays & what backing he gets .
  12. 1830 is not far off the year United last won a major trophy 🏆😂
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