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  1. Hi. is the birth register for 2015 available to see? Or not yet. how about the marriage register for 2010? thanks
  2. Is there a way of finding out? Is Edmund Road barracks still there? Thank you
  3. My grandad lived in Rotherham. He signed up to the army around 1930 and it says on his army records he enlisted in Sheffield. Where would the office have been Where he enrolled?
  4. Does anyone remember a landlady called Joyce and her son kenneth who ran a pub in chapeltown/burncross?
  5. Keep warm everyone and keep your eyes out for the vunerable who may need your help. We have a very cold spell in front.
  6. I think yesterday must have been the coldest afternoon so far this winter.
  7. Forecast says snow this weekend 15th December 2018. First forecast I've seen for it this year. Not sure I'm ready for it yet! Wonder if the white stuff will actually come and how much.
  8. BREED: WESTIE. DESCRIPTION: Quite long haired. Probably scruffy looking and dirty now due to all the rain we've had. Friendly and normally comes when called but after all this time he may be scared and not come when called. DAYS MISSING: 5 (As of Sunday 14th October) MISSING FROM: WHISTON IN ROTHERHAM HOW: Its thought he got out of the gate. COLLAR: Yes but I.D. tag had fell off day before. MICROCHIPPED: No ACTION TAKEN: Dogs lost, all over Facebook, posters up, door knocking, groups of people walking every single day. Phoned all the vets up in and around the area and left details, phoned pdsa, Phoned council etc.... left details. REWARD for finding him £300 NOTES: There have been no sightings whatsoever. Which is VERY worrying.
  9. Bloody Sheffield star quote me above WORD FOR WORD lol
  10. Frightened me and neighbours to death! We thought it was a plane crashing! So low and loud. Woke the kids up.
  11. Horrendous noise! Definitely not a helicopter. A definite plane noise! Woke the entire house! Very frightening actually. We aren't on the Doncaster airport flight path. I even panicked it was a plane about to crash!!!! Any idea where I could find out what was going on?
  12. Confirmed on the news and very very sadly the victim has passed away
  13. Thank you guys. It makes me feel physical sick and I sweat uncontrollably and my migraines are so much worse. Which I don't in dry heat. I HATE IT!
  14. Hi. I can read the weather reports but I cant find or understand humidity levels. So recently obviously it's been sunny everyday. However it's not been HUMID. Today though it's been humid. Humidity for some reason makes me feel very very poorly. It makes me sick and migraines. How can I look a day in advance at humidity levels to plan my day? For tomorrow for instance? Thank you
  15. Tiny baby bird. Injured/too young to fly (fell out of nest and cat got it). Its alive. Dont know if my cats injured it badly or not. Can anyone help? Ibe put box over it in shade. Rotherham and i dont drive. ---------- Post added 28-05-2018 at 15:56 ---------- Someone please?
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