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  1. Coming back here after a 4 years break! 😁
  2. Right time of year for honey fungus. So you have a pic?
  3. Another just flew over quite low. Heading chesterfield way over manor top.
  4. I have false legs. One night whilst walking by Exeter drive I was mugged. Luckily I had nothing on me of value but in the fracas I lost one of my legs. I put an appeal out and luckily someone claimed to have found it! On meeting them to retrieve said leg I was mugged again, and they took the other one. This totally happened!
  5. Talbot gardens near park hill is unadopted too.
  6. Over the moon for him. Gu on Billy lad.
  7. All the best contributors are banned. Except myself that is.
  8. We've been informed there are no.plans to Frack in Stannington.
  9. Not to mention the radioactive and other toxic waste they want to dump down the wells.
  10. Thanks for looking. And giving me the opportunity to bump this.
  11. Well it seems that Stannington is now in the firing line with ineos looking to do seismic testing. If you'd like to keep up with news on this there's a new Facebook group "Stannington Against Fracking". https://www.facebook.com/groups/586891208186138/
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