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  1. lees and hutch are a brilliant partnership but like already said we are short on cover, yes we could have brought in some average player in the summer,but obviously he has his sights set higher ,carlos knows we need a couple more quality players and ive every confidence they will arrive shortly.
  2. I had a good chat with FF last Thursday , he said he definitely does not want to leave Wednesday , and the only way he would be leaving is if the chairman wanted to sell him , I asked him if the derby rumours were true and he said yes they had made an enquiry, so when all this kicked off on Saturday I was shocked and disappointed he had refused to travel , maybe the derby interest had unsettled him and he felt his head wasn't right to play Saturday ( afterall today's footballers are a bit wussy ) but I really hope this is sorted now and he continues to help us achieve promotion
  3. First of many Sheffield doubles of the season.
  4. Thought we totally dominated the first half,second half was more even , fletcher was a big loss,villa will have a decent season cos they will improve,then again so will we,so a win against one of the fancied teams has got to be a good start to the season.
  5. Nice additions to an already good team , looking forward to another great season but with a better outcome , bring it on
  6. What's happening with leppings lane
  7. Get what you're saying Pete , but there were very few games last season when his family didn't attend , unlike that chuff you've got
  8. Looks as though Lavery is on his way , showed promise but never really lived up to expectations , good luck to the lad.
  9. This time last year we had only just installed Carlos , 16 signings then followed ,plenty of time yet.
  10. Big fella who knows where the net is , reckon big Dave will be on his way now .
  11. Wednesday needed a manager with championship experience was said all last summer
  12. Yeah another 3 years ---------- Post added 20-06-2016 at 16:38 ---------- Behave theesen:)
  13. Not a chance in hell will he be leaving.
  14. Managed to get two tickets ,paid over the odds but will be worth it.
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