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  1. It's your rant pal, if you think it the case find it out and send to Steve Gibson, but as you say, your not 100%!
  2. I've highlighted the truth and meaningful part of your rant.
  3. speedy69

    The final four.

    As already mentioned, Ipswich are all ready down, in there defence, teams who are relegated often play with more freedom (I went to Burnley the year we got relegated and we won 7-2) I suppose it's the same for Leeds though.
  4. That's how the 2nd World war started!
  5. speedy69

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Thought I would update this as United's form has took a turn for the worse. It seems that United have hit the 3 fatal floors needed for poor results: 1) Lack of form 2) Injuries and suspensions 3) Bad luck Form seems to have gone out of the window, Norwood (by all accounts) cant find a pass for love nor money, Fleck has become an ineffective passenger in games and a tight, effective defence has become anything but this. Injuries and suspensions have hit United hard (like Wednesday the last 2 seasons) Egan's suspension and Bashams injury have left them short of defensive cover, the biggest loss is Sharp as you will now have to rely on a aging Mc Goldrick (by all accounts Madine and Hogan aren't cutting it) Bad luck is a funny one, you take the good with the bad, by all accounts there was a foul before Millwall's goal yesterday and Wilder remonstrated with the referee (which could lead to a fine or touch line ban) I think you just have to get on with it and believe that the luck will even itself out. Will United re-find the will to win to enable them to push for automatics or take momentum into the play-offs? who knows, but they will have to do this quickly as the season is at risk of becoming a damp squib (like Wednesday's)
  6. speedy69

    Blades Awards

    What do you think?
  7. speedy69

    Sheffield teams wont be both in play off final

    Thanks for posting this, did you by chance notice the date of the article (even though the star published it at 12:01)?
  8. speedy69

    sheffield wednesday v aston villa

    They played really well but have to score penalty's, not to disheartened and hope we can get some momentum for next season now!
  9. speedy69

    Wilder's success record.

    This makes no sense.
  10. speedy69

    Wilder's success record.

    Not quite, one thing is missing, he may well get it this year!
  11. speedy69

    Wilder's success record.

    I'm sure Warnock fits into the sort of same category, but struggled when he went into the prem (and every team he's managed in the prem) I'm not saying Wilder will struggle (if he get's his chance) in the Premier league, but you can only judge him when he gets their.
  12. speedy69


    Cheers pal I did find this, I'll gather you missed it: 'While the clubs declined to comment on Friday, privately insiders insist they will not be found to have breached financial fair play rules'
  13. speedy69


    You got me at 'if the nationals are to be believed' 😂 Which clubs have got beef with us pal?
  14. speedy69


    We have already had a soft embargo that got lifted, the difference between Wednesday and Brum is that we didn't sign some one for 2million and pay them 20,000 a week whilst still under the embargo. We have a serious summer of balancing the books and will probably be under embargo at some point, only time will tell if releasing the 8-9 players and shipping out others will help!
  15. speedy69

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Just an opinion mate, chill.....your 2nd in the league!

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