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  1. speedy69

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    Into Mcabes or the Princes pockets and businesses no doubt, cant see much going into players of infrastructure. Just remember that even from above, inevitably you will always be in our shadow!
  2. speedy69

    Tommy Spurr to retire.

    2 goal difference, must try harder!
  3. speedy69

    Tommy Spurr to retire.

    And never been bettered since 😂
  4. speedy69

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    What, the game we where 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go? 😉
  5. speedy69

    Wilder to leave?

    If you keep telling yourself there is no issue you may start to believe it soon!
  6. speedy69

    Wilder to leave?

    This was always going to be the issue, united cant compete with Wilder's ambition and the current court case isn't helping. It will only be a matter of time before a club turns his head and this may be a team at a lower level but show more ambition to succeed long term!
  7. speedy69

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    You obviously forgot John Ebrell!
  8. speedy69

    Championship GOTS.

    I'm getting mixed messages here, are you going for McGinn's goal? 😂
  9. speedy69

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    McCabe saw the sign off things to come and feathered his other nests with United money (Tevez anyone?) the deal our chairman is doing is slightly different, any lease will go back to the club and not the Scarborough group or McCabe's other interests-You need to keep an eye on any other skeletons that come out of the closet in the next 5 weeks as they may define what you do next season!
  10. The bin Laden family disowned him for there own means, probably by the instruction of Bin laden himself (to protect investments/capital etc.) Bin Laden's brother is still currently wanted by the American government!
  11. He has a point though, the longer this this case is going on the more ghosts keep coming out of the closet. The Prince will stop at nothing to get his hands on the club and I'm sure he will have more bomb shells (excuse the pun) to drop before the 5 weeks are up. It's currently making Wednesday look like a well run club!
  12. Nothing to write home about but you felt the need to register to make this post? Welcome to SF!
  13. speedy69

    sufc to sign wednesday forward

    I'll start the car now, where does he want dropping Cherry or Shoreham Street? 😂
  14. speedy69

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Until results don't go the right way and he has to make rash, panic buys to appease the fans and owners!
  15. speedy69

    The Blades are going up!

    Stoke spent big for years, just to tread water-on the flip side Fulham spent big for one season, only to come straight back down, it's about getting a balance.

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