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  1. Why's it jealousy ? If you don't score, you'll go down, pretty clear.
  2. But so far there doesn't look to be any run away winners, whereas last season the blades and Norwich pulled away
  3. Still a great show. Their actual commentary is great, still listen to every Wednesday game I can't get to.
  4. It looked to me like Fletcher was borderline offside when Reach shot. Whether he was active, and different phases of play etc, who knows
  5. Crazy league table at the moment. We've not blown anyone away (apart from Boro) but look quite solid. Just need a bit more of a goal threat. Maybe that's where Forestieri comes in
  6. Why's it seem easy ? We're hardly Barcelona... They're 5 points behind us
  7. Harris was poor but he's due a bad game, been a great signing for Wednesday
  8. Needs someone to get the best out of him like Carlos in his first season. Crazy not to use him
  9. Always looks like he's got an error in him, and has made some. But Good shot stopper (not that I see him play much). Bit like Westwood in that regard, who's made a few clangers himself Not sure age has anything to do with it. I just don't think our squad/team is good enough. We don't have a left back and no real out and out scorer (certainly not one who's scored regularly for us).
  10. Its a tight division so far, win against Wigan and we're right up there. But we just don't look able to perform consistently. Early days though
  11. The mood was positive under Bruce but be left us with players he'd signed a few weeks before the season started.
  12. Hangs on the Wednesday result Digs out an old post that's a prediction Gives his unbiased opinion And repeat
  13. Having said that, had very good chances and denied nailed on penalty
  14. The None refers to points against Liverpool... Sure we were bouncing at the lane when you failed to score past us... Twice. In fact we were accused of celebrating those draws. Funny how a defeat is now being celebrated
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