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  1. redbig

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    If they've got it is rather spend it on a young hungry player with a resale value such as this Scottish kid. Can't see us having £3m to spend on anyone though
  2. One side will always fail while the other one does well. It's happened before, it's happening now, it'll happen again. I don't get the complete obsession with Wednesday though, and pointing out the league tables ? Bizarre. Why would you look down. You're in the premier League, surely concentrate on that ? Again, each to their own
  3. Absolutely. Don't remember this level of goading the other side in 2011 (the season when you started mind the gap, and played the derby you could afford to lose). And that shows throughout your club with even the players singing about Wednesday. It's odd, Man City and Liverpool to come but singing about Wednesday. Each to their own though
  4. redbig

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    Good goal scorer, not sure I'd be going after injury prone premier League strikers though. Certainly not without selling a few of ours
  5. I think Wednesday fans tend to be more bothered about their own team. United fans tend to obsess about the other side
  6. redbig

    Tommy Spurr to retire.

    Ian Hendon, Adam Bolder, Quinn, Madine, O'grady, Tudgay, Esias. Loads have scored at the lane, not sure I get that ?
  7. redbig

    Wilder to leave?

    Talking about it and being bothered are 2 different things He'll either stay, and get relegated or keep you up. Or go and the new bloke will get you relegated or keep you up And on and on it goes
  8. redbig

    Wilder to leave?

    Not sure many are too bothered.
  9. It's possible to do well with (relatively) little money. See Leicester/Bournemouth/Watford etc. One of the big problems with the top division is, the prize for finishing 5th/6th/7th is..... The Europa league, way too many games, and can really affect your season. It's almost worth finishing 8th just to miss out. They need to separate it to the UEFA cup for league finishes, and cup winners cup for cup wins, like it used to be. Both much smaller tournaments.
  10. Half of my back garden is pebbled, and it has grass/weeds growing in most places, so much so that it looks more like grass than it does pebbles in parts Any tips to getting rid of this ? Grass/Weed killers to use ?
  11. redbig

    Wilder to leave?

    What do you think the board would do if United found themselves say 8 points adrift in bottom 3 come January ? Throw money at it ? Change the manager in a panic move ? Huddersfield kind of just accepted it but should be better for it in terms of their finances. Whereas Fulham spent millions
  12. redbig

    Wilder to leave?

    Law of probability. Only 3 options, sacked, leaves for bigger job/more money, or spends the rest of his career at the lane.
  13. Most Wednesdayites won't even know. Whereas the blades are all Wednesday accounting experts
  14. redbig

    The price of football tickets

    Again, the state of United's or Wednesday's finances is nothing to do with this. DC has already said ticket income has no bearing. If we continue to stagnate in mid table he'll have no choice but to drop the prices
  15. Absolutely. Hopefully Bruce is in full control of transfers and won't make the same mistakes

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