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  1. If it's Android, open Google play store, loads of free games on there. If it's not free it says so. Some try to get you to pay in-game to go further but if you don't have any bank details registered to the play store there's no risk of a child running up a bill
  2. Going to have to cross the halfway line to get more than a point
  3. On chances Wednesday could have had 3 or 4. Never seen a team complain or waste as much time as Charlton. Why would they not come to Hillsborough and attack us given our recent form ?
  4. Where we going to get a decent team from ?
  5. Yes it sounds bitter when someone suggests its the other teams being poor. In the matches I've seen United they play good attacking stuff, full backs get forward and create loads of chances. Wish Wednesday played like that instead of this slow stuff that sets us on the back foot from the off I always said United's problems may start when trying to deal with all the big name/money players who come with the top half of the Premier. But then again Wilder wouldn't sign them if he didn't think they'd fit into the United way
  6. Difficult but not impossible. See Sheffield United, Huddersfield, Leeds, Forest, all who are up or challenging to be up without parachutes. For all the money spent by Wednesday, we never got close to the top 2 in terms of points. As for ticket prices, The cost of Wednesday's tickets are ridiculous and it's nothing to do with parachute payments. Few if any charge as much as we do
  7. Although this is not all down to Monk, his strange tactics haven't helped, Forestieri at left wing back, ended up at Luton with a 2-0-8 formation. Since he's been here he's been managing with his hands tied behind his back, not been able to bring his own staff in, working with the remnants of the Carlos/Jos/Bruce squads ,and only now being able to bring a few players in The club is in a mess, from FFP to ridiculous ticket prices, to possible points deductions.
  8. I think West Ham's season tickets are really cheap, without checking
  9. No Rhodes or Hutchinson in squad
  10. Depends what fees the club are holding it for.
  11. Agreed, surely this is a Chansiri signing. Don't agree with your point on Dawson, good young goalkeeper, one of our own, and the potential to be our number one for years. And it's not like we're giving Rhodes a 4 year contract on 35k a week, he'll not be on huge wages
  12. Capacity at Hillsborough is about 32k now. And it's still only 2/3 full Move away from the lane and you end up in one of these soulless new builds. 2 old stadiums in Sheffield, albeit ones had a bit of money spent on it since the mid 90's, one hasn't
  13. Season tickets only today, new kid might create a bit of excitement but we could easily lose this.
  14. Windass not sure. Don't think you could class Wickam as anything other than a decent signing. If he'd been injury free he wouldn't be signing for Wednesday
  15. First thing to look for in a player
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