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  1. We're a 45 minute team, 1st half was excellent, 2nd half we backed off, took strikers off, one up front etc. Derby were very poor but we only came away with a point. That being said, we look like we're on the verge of being a very good side, play some nice stuff, got an in form striker, decent looking defence. If we can just add a couple of quality players in January (one being a Striker), we've got a chance
  2. I know, I was replying to the other post not yours. They should and probably will be
  3. Don't think it works like that. It's a 3 year rolling period and you can fall foul of it every year. As for the ground situation that's ridiculous, Wednesdayites and away fans been exiting at leppings lane for years with no more than a bit of handbags yet because of a badly handled Sheffield derby (badly handled by the police) Hillsborough is now an exclusion zone on match day
  4. But selling the ground wasn't against the rules. It's the way Wednesday reported it. So if the other clubs reported it correctly they'll be ok I assume Points deduction, no chance of promotion and FFP problems next year
  5. Absolutely... If the EFL saw fit to go down that road, would you really want Wednesday to go out of existence? Wouldn't wish that on the blades, languish in League two yes, but not go bust
  6. So just to confirm, he's a blade, and you are too. That explains the crusader for Justice attitude
  7. Take it you're a Blade ? Did you show the same passion towards justice when the WBA game was abandoned after all the sending offs and injuries ? As for Wednesday, Just another questionable decision by the club in the last few years. Ticket prices, transfer policy, shirt fiasco, Embargo, selling the ground. We're probably as far away from promotion now as we were when the current owners took over. Expect a points deduction but I read something last night that said expulsion from the league was an option under that rule ?
  8. It does look like that. Glad I go through the area an hour or 2 before it gets busy
  9. Unless they don't show the road markings on that layout. Exit on to park square coming from Furnival road is currently 2 lanes (or it was before the road works) but they don't show that either
  10. Still 4 years of constant success and progression. How long was basset there ? Likewise Warnock? (Who by the way has just been sacked!). Let's say if you stay up this year, or even finish top 10, it's a golden era !
  11. The high ticket prices at Hillsborough are all well and good when the team is doing well and bringing in new players etc. But now fans who don't have a season ticket are faced with paying £36 minimum for Swansea at home. I think the gate was 23k on Saturday, with a handful of away fans, I'd say 1000 paid on the gate, and who can blame them at those prices Away from home our support/numbers are excellent
  12. I'd say it already is, 2 promotions, style of football. To fans of a certain age it's definitely been 4-5 years of success and doesn't look like ending any time soon.
  13. It's got to be. How high did Bassett and Warnock's premier league teams finish ? Golden era at the lane definitely
  14. In that case Man City won away 4-0
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