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  1. Not much ambition if all he wants to do is be top dogs in Sheffield. Hows about looking up not down. ?
  2. Toughest test so far, albeit we've not played anyone you'd expect to be in contention at the top. No reason to panic though, move on to Luton game
  3. Anyone think Bullen's already got the job but Wednesday just haven't told anyone ? We never found out about the embargo from the club, left in the dark about issues with the North stand until the eve of the Barnsley game etc etc
  4. Bit of a walk up Fargate but Gym membership at Royal Victoria is £60 a month and includes parking, 7 days a week. Where I work a few are members just for the parking
  5. Toughest game so far. Easy to get carried away after 2 wins, this has got the potential to bring us crashing back down to earth (In typical Wednesday style) That being said, we look great going forward and hopefully capable of scoring anywhere
  6. Cracking performance, could have had 4 or 5. The 2 new kids Murphy and especially Harris just give us something different Millwall will be tough, probably the toughest of the 3 games, no disrespect to Barnsley. See where we are after that
  7. Winnall has never had a look in, both him and Rhodes both have very good goal scoring records before they came to Wednesday. He wasn't even on the bench at Reading, yet all managers have persisted with the goal machine Nuhiu
  8. Got to aim to mirror Wolves/Burnley/Bournemouth etc. What Bournemouth have done with a stadium that holds 10k is fantastic. But then I suppose the gate receipts are insignificant to the prize money I still think you have to aim for the highest level, or whats the point ? And I don't get the sky bashing
  9. It's gone crazy, Bates from Hamburg, Mckenna from Aberdeen. Have we sold the ground or something ?
  10. Problem is with Wednesdayites saying "we don't want to be in the premier league", it sounds like sour grapes because United are. We might as well pack up and not bother if we don't want to make it to the premier. And of course there's little chance we (or most sides) could ever break into the top 4-5 but that's modern football
  11. Sky's great, their football coverage is 2nd to none
  12. Danny Wilson had done wonders at Barnsley at the time he took over at Hillsborough. Not sure Waddle or Hirst have ever been linked. Being "one of their own" is great and in an ideal world you'd want all 11 players being born in Sheffield but it doesn't work like that I'd hope Wednesday are looking for the best candidate (in their opinion) within the budget they can afford
  13. To be fair, they're still signing unknown gems with potential, relative to the league they're in. The club are carrying on with the transfer strategy that's seen them do well so far, not sure why they'd change it. The next step would be to spend stupid money and fall through the leagues
  14. Basegreen itself is a nice area, not sure about Jaunty specifically though
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