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  1. redbig

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Yes but there's shoestring and there's not being allowed to sign anyone.
  2. redbig

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    You'd hope so but it depends on what state our finances are in. We might end up losing loads of out of contract players (including regulars Westwood and Palmer) but not being able to replace them.
  3. redbig

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Great 2nd half to the season. Pity we didn't get rid of Jos sooner otherwise we might have had a chance Hope we can carry on next season, all depends on embargoes and budgets though
  4. redbig

    Hull v Blades

    How much did it cost ? Only I've not heard it mentioned after every interview. Seems everything is relative to Wednesday, very impressive promotion, yet still looking down at us. Each to their own I suppose
  5. Not a review as such, but I had a small tattoo done on my arm at Dragon a couple of years ago and was pleased with it
  6. redbig

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Of the out of contract players, the only one I'd try to re-sign is Westwood. Those in contract, I'd be looking to offload Fox, Boyd, Van Aaaken, & Pelupessy. I think Forestieri's time is up, time to cash in, although he's worth a fraction of what he was worth 3 years ago. All of this is subject to what we can spend to replace these players, if anything Oh yes, and signing Hector if possible is up there with Westwood in terms of priorities
  7. Its a sure sign they don't care when they keep saying they don't care. Its only the same as Wednesday with Rotherham/Barnsley. Of course United are the big rivals but it's always nice to beat the other local teams
  8. Beaten by the better team. That's why they're 2nd. Relieved they don't care though.
  9. redbig

    Speed Limits

    Maybe yes, i was on that road the other day and was passed by plenty doing 60 anyway
  10. redbig

    Speed Limits

    Not if it's not safer Isn't an argument a debate ? Or is that only so when you've read these reports that all the car geeks are talking about ?
  11. redbig

    Speed Limits

    Ha ha exactly
  12. redbig

    Speed Limits

    Who's debating. My whole point is car geeks thinking they can drive better than everyone else, while actually being the worst drivers on the road. Don't complicate it I don't want to read a report. If I'm on a 40 it usually feels fast enough. What difference does another 10 make ? Like I said, the limit usually feels right, why question something for another 10 miles per hour? Where you going that's so important?
  13. redbig

    Speed Limits

    Someone who is interested in cars to the point they think they are better drivers than everyone else. The world is full of them ( and this thread it seems)
  14. redbig

    Speed Limits

    I don't know anything about a report as I just drive to the limits set. But it seems there are some who think the limits don't apply to them as their driving skills are so advanced. These are the car geeks.

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