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  1. Free anaraks for season ticket holders to keep warm as crowds will be sparse for many matches
  2. That is a surprise, wonder how many played tonight that played for the Blades in div one? Not enough investment from CW starting
  3. Hi all gardeners out there, what's the plans for the new growing season? I am a bit behind due to illness but have sown a few seeds inside I am looking for some tomato plants for about 15 May if anyone will have some for sale Hope you all have a great season and hope we can have a show in Norfolk Park on August Bank Holiday
  4. Berge signed a contract to play for us and should not be sold, we havn't seen the best of him yet DO NOT SELL
  5. Barnsley look like taking our place in the Premiership so we will have give them some support "Its not the cloth its how its cut"
  6. CW spent £100million. can anyone see the value?
  7. CW has gone but the Blades have to battle on I would give sole control of training and picking the team for each match to Allan Knill. I am sure the results will be better, we are not down until the whistle blows in the final match (which may have spectators) I will hopefully be at Bramall Lane for this match UTB
  8. Butterworth's are the first to call on, they are THE bike company in the region
  9. CW doesn't pick many young players, he also doesn't use subs much either The present team will find the Championship a lot more physical and much much tougher to succeed and could be there for a few years Home advantage with no crowds has hit us hard but that is no excuse, we might win the cup yet!
  10. Our time in the Premiership is nearly over. The aim must be to reduce vastly the average age of all players We have used too many older players. Start next season with young enthusiastic, physically good and loyal to the Blades. We need a very vocal CAPTAIN for a start
  11. A very good post, being more direct doesnt seem to be an option. Forward passes into space are a danger for even the best defenders but its not our style unfortunatly
  12. An unexpected SHEFFIELD DOUBLE tonight, cant remember the last one
  13. Billy needs to be on the teamsheet EVERY game, he has an eye for scoring. Top man and not at the end of his career yet
  14. Can we defeat 'The Pilgrims' I think we will and get some confidence in scoring with confidence 3-0 I think
  15. confidence in themselves is comoing back. Onwards and UPWARDS
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