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  1. confidence in themselves is comoing back. Onwards and UPWARDS
  2. I consider that because of the risks of players on the field of play not being able to keep a safe distance as advised by the government the complete season should be CANCELLED
  3. Grealish didn't get the punishment he deserved for a similar crime, Not good news at this difficult time for the club
  4. Chri Wilder picks the team, ie his old favourites hence not being up to speed, give the young ones a chance before its too late
  5. Chris is sticking with the div3 & 4 players that have brought success for us The Premiership is a place for very highly skilled footballers, our defence needs updating. We had a world class goalkeeper last season and sadly he didn't belong to us and left us We have nothing to lose now by altering our style and adding when possible. We need some pace up front and steady players to hold up the play and skillfully set the strikers up to run at the oposition to open their defence up
  6. Another disappointing defeat and no goals. The players today looked worn out, are they doing too much on the training pitch. Oh for a Trevor Hockey type midfielder and a Billy Dearden type centre forward
  7. 2021 - the Blades go unbeaten for XX matches Happy New Year everyone
  8. Another match without us scoring, once Burnley got the goal it was difficult as they just played the rest of the match how they wanted The only way is UP for us, when are we going to get started, we have been bottom for too long now
  9. Give the lad a chance, nothing is very smooth at DTBL at the minute
  10. Totally agree with this line of thinking. Maybe scared of losing again
  11. Where do we go from this position? Basham seems to have been in the mix most of the time but seem not to be able to break clear quickly Its certainly a fight from now but all is not lost yet or is it?
  12. I have seen the plans that the Owls have but I am a season ticket holder at the Lane and have heard nothing, I was expecting to see any plans I suppose it will happen if we both move a tier
  13. I agree with all you have said, thats more like a winning team to me UTB
  14. Disappointed with the line up before the match, Fleck not fit and Lundstrum wants to leave Didn't get the result til 3pm, absolutely gutted
  15. It is a different league from last year, our tactics are very well known by prem managers, so a different aproach, younger players an pray for a win
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