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  1. What is your view on this type of parking My view is that part parking on any footpath as defined by the kerbs including cycles should be a fixed penalty charge also for vehicles stopping or parking in bus stop bays The income to be used for free public transport from all park and ride car parks
  2. A defeat for you tonight, can you laugh about that? ,
  3. All stats are not 100% win are they
  4. Liverpool top of the Premiership, playing well and have a very good down to earth manager but not unbeatable. The Blades will be well prepared for this encounter and Liverpool have been beaten in the last three visits so may the best team on the day win. CW will stick with his tried and trusted players who will give their all on Sat 1-0 I was at Anfield when the Blades won 1-0 a long time ago UTB
  5. The game on Saturday is not a rollover for Liverpool They may taste not having a win at DTBL and will take it in their stride as they are a proper football team
  6. Last time I saw the Blades play at home so disjointed they got relegated to the fourth division and not much encouragement from the touchline tonight. Robinson was the star man and he was saved for the Sat match
  7. Yes we softened them up for you and we had three players on the pitch that cost NOTHING
  8. True the small clubs have little access to sponsership money I always support my club and will be there tomorrow
  9. Anyone going to forecast this weeks cup matches Mine are Hillboro 0-0 Bramall Lane 1-0
  10. I agree Jim footballers are not noted for being BIG businessmen and the club is bigger than individuals whoever they are or what nationality is either
  11. The Prince has said that the fans deserve more and he will look into improving the facilities for the fans. He states that CW is has the final word as to the playing staff The full team has had a photo shoot today and all looked VERY happy
  12. Beaten by a better organised team and VAR. We are not getting the ball forward quickly enough.. We need a leader on the pitch that knows how to shout. Its going to be a long slog now to grind out some points in the run up to Xmas UTB
  13. The surest way is online. You will only get one and have to registered
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