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  1. barry-333

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    It hurts so much for the Owls fans but the fact is you are in the Championship which is not that tough to get promoted from if you have the right manager
  2. barry-333

    Beginners greenhouse

    I have a lot of 'Gardeners World' magazines that have been passed on to me and you are willing to have them I am in Sheffield 8 Norton
  3. barry-333

    bee hives on alotments

    The office used to be in the building in Meersbrook Park
  4. barry-333

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    This post is about the Owls transfer rumours Leave us out of it please
  5. barry-333

    BLADES - season tickets etc

    I have read that the figure was 18000+
  6. barry-333

    The price of football tickets

  7. barry-333

    sufc to sign wednesday forward

    Ere Ere
  8. barry-333

    sufc to sign wednesday forward

    What do you really think he is worth? I like him and the Championship is cruel to some very skillfull players and he has suffered. He needs a fresh start and maybe will get one under SB. If he is for sale I would say £6m and CW may be tempted (subject to terms) He would fit into our style
  9. barry-333

    Tomato Growing

    They will do well, a friend of mine used to get all his from the sewage plant and had bumper crops
  10. barry-333

    The price of football tickets

    I have the same ticket. What a bargain S2 supporters do not get ripped off
  11. barry-333

    Tomato Growing

    An update on the tomatoes the 3 doz from the market are all potted in builders buckets (28) and the rest in 20ltr plastic pots They are all showing the first flower truss and are very healthy and short jointed The seed I have sown are all doing well and have been pricked out for a week now, just right for planting outdoors on 1st Jun Best of Luck
  12. barry-333

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    I am a Blade but as I see it all you need is the players on the pitch is to give everything to every match. You have a manager now who will not have favourites
  13. barry-333

    Blades Transfer Rumours - 19/20

    Would it be allowed to play some from our Ladies team
  14. barry-333

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    I thought this thread was about Wednesday
  15. barry-333

    BLADES memories

    I have been a supporter of the Blades since the late 40's and have seen many changes and ups and downs Anyone else remember the 2 Smiths playing together, goalkeeper and centre forward in the old Div 1 ? UTB

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