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  1. barry-333

    Tomato Growing

    Have the tomato growers on this forum got started this season yet? I have not sown many seeds this year due to not being well but have bought 3doz from the fella on the Moorfoot outdoor market and they are very good quality and in large square pots the seeds I have sown are Black Russian, a large pear shaped one and an outdoor mini plum Dont forget to buy the best compost you can afford and DONT overfeed Best of luck to all
  2. barry-333

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Sorry but its only goals scored more than the opposition that count for a win
  3. barry-333

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    You have only won one in last three and that statement is ?
  4. barry-333

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Hull City 0:2 Sheff Utd Rotherham 2:1 Birmingham City Sheff Wed 2:2 Bristol City Plymouth Argyle 0:1 Barnsley Chesterfield 2:0 Boreham Wood Doncaster 2:0 Accrington Stanley Predictions end:
  5. barry-333

    Blades v Forest

    The grinding out of todays win puts us in a good position now for the reputed £177 million windfall for being promoted UTB
  6. Just been looking back at the posts from pre-season and had a good laugh
  7. barry-333

    Blades vs Millwall

    I agree, we were only a shadow of how this squad can play. Refs have a difficult job but it all equals in a season. Onwards and upwards UTB
  8. barry-333

    Sheffield teams wont be both in play off final

    I got caught with this one I have also had a bad dream it was that I wanted Wednesday to win this Saturday
  9. barry-333

    Blades v Birmingham

    I agree that Fleck has not contributed much lately . The front two is a good combo and McGoldrick is better from being deep and can carry the ball forword very well
  10. barry-333

    Blades Awards

    What really do the Owls fans think of our Manager and our Captain who leads from the front
  11. barry-333

    Underfloor heating

    Well done but the proper copper piping used for under floors is in a coil for a solid floor and is connected to the central heating and is skimmed in concrete and so no underfloor leaks ever A control unit is used for each room Miles cheaper than radiators
  12. barry-333

    PNE v Blades

  13. barry-333

    Underfloor heating

    What type have you been offered? There is electric or hot water as in radiators The cheapest is hot water as the water temp is a lot lower than radiator temp and thus cheaper

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