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  1. I have said this several times on here the Blades need to keep the ball on the floor. Tonight that was the difference for me
  2. Yes I think the Owls have turned the corner and are more of a team now so anything is possible but nothing beats a roaring crowd especially at home
  3. Sounds good news You are very lucky to have a committee like that
  4. Totally agree I have some spare 24 x 24 glass cheap for collection
  5. Newcastle were fired up for a win. We were a kickabout team on the beach team yesterday
  6. Boris is still ill. He is a public example of what this virus does to a person. Lockdown meant do not circulate but has not been very successful due to sunseekers etc Stay safe by looking after yourself and family
  7. I think the house belongs to one of the Water Boards
  8. Contact your local MP as they are helpful and its their job as well
  9. That sound good suggest it to the council
  10. The press are making a case that we are dependant on Man City being banned to qualify. We have 9 games to play and was on a good run before the lockdown and when we re-start we will hit the ground running and get into Europe on merit
  11. I agree with you this is a football forum only, stick to the game only
  12. Too early for them yet. If the wind turns to the South it will bring swallows and the cuckoo
  13. The united squad have had a get together today apparantly
  14. Posted on FB today that Ashley is interested in buying the Owls when the Newcastle deal is done
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