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  1. There is NO substitute for glass and seedlings and young plants will be stretched and in my view useless for planting out I have been gardening for 70+ years
  2. Play ALL your U/23 team and see the difference
  3. Well the nights are drawing out now and the busy season just around the corner. Is everyone making big plans. I make plenty of plans and usually manage half of them, already sown some lettuce in the greenhouse Let us all know your efforts
  4. Do you think the players today tried to win?, that is why they are on the books Sacking GM would not solve anything. He maybe needs to be more ruthless. No one in Sheffield wants to see whats happening at Hillboro at the moment
  5. I am not an Owls supporter but totally agree any manager should be able to choose(and sack) the coaching staff That is the trouble at S6. You have some great players but the manager MUST BE THE BOSS and GM isn't. WHY?
  6. This style of play will never produce more than 2 goals in any match Norwich showed us today how to move the ball forward. We seam to be obsessed with all passes to a wing and zero on the floor thro the middle. Our on loan keeper has saved us on nearly every match in the Prem and Man Utd will not ever sell such an asset We are a long way ready from playing successfully in Europe
  7. What about the Big Superman BB didn't he play today?
  8. I was told by a Kop season ticket holder who was next to me in the South stand for a cup match that the leg room in the South stand is bigger than the Kop seats
  9. I wouln't say dreadful, you can only play as good as the opposition will allow you to and Reading played really well. There Rt full back had a blinder and I would say MOM Lucky we had 2 old codgers to show where to head the ball in the penalty area
  10. Yesterdays results gives us a better chance of Europe next season. We have to play 5 of the teams above us and all are winnable. Onwards and upwards for the BLADES
  11. CW saying he will be playing his new recruits on Tuesday night. We seem to be a stronger side away than at home and hope that Tuesdays team give a good account of themselves UTB
  12. I agree about Lys Mousett, the minutes he has had on the pitch and his goals he must be high on the Premiership list for this and is a favourite with the crowd but no he cannot get a start now
  13. This was a winnable game with young strikers on the bench but no our boss put a midfielder and a striker who generally plays deeper but not young and raring to go A missed chance of 3points
  14. Don't you think the Blades are doing great? I do and the reason is the just play to win every game and it is working Would you turn a pay rise down if your employer was supplying a good product and wanted to reward his employees. NO
  15. Sheffield United are on a high because we now have an owner who is passionate about football and watches more football games on video than most people in the game. He has regular meetings with all the staff running the club ie the meetings in Dubai last week and has decided on many updates for the ground, the squad of players, the training ground etc Success on the pitch is just reward for all this effort from many people and the supporters are appreciating every second of it. The atmosphere at matches is electric and if we get to play in Europe we will give it 110% as always UTB
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