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  1. Knock the one off, 0-0 and Fletcher scored TWO for Middlesbora
  2. The BBC is not fit for purpose anymore, The presenters are on MEGGA money and some think they are Gods Stop funding them and stop the licence fee ASAP
  3. CW is considering several players for many positions but how many players on the teamsheet as subs ever get game time, doesn't make sense. We need to score a lot more goals to finish ninth or above next season and to me fresh legs in that department is the answer to this towards the end of the games Lets see what difference the friendlies produce
  4. In my opinion appealing against the points deduction is stupid as everyone knows what they did, the points could be doubled
  5. Walk in service daily in the Moorfoot Market I was in and out in 15mins Saturday morning and now I look very smart
  6. I think CW is teambuilding, still looking at below Premiership players, consolidation very carefully which I think is good, learn to walk well before you start to run Investment in a bigger academy is good. Most northern top clubs use big acadamy squads, Liverpool and Man Utd examples
  7. I have said this several times on here the Blades need to keep the ball on the floor. Tonight that was the difference for me
  8. Yes I think the Owls have turned the corner and are more of a team now so anything is possible but nothing beats a roaring crowd especially at home
  9. Sounds good news You are very lucky to have a committee like that
  10. Totally agree I have some spare 24 x 24 glass cheap for collection
  11. Newcastle were fired up for a win. We were a kickabout team on the beach team yesterday
  12. I think the house belongs to one of the Water Boards
  13. Contact your local MP as they are helpful and its their job as well
  14. That sound good suggest it to the council
  15. The press are making a case that we are dependant on Man City being banned to qualify. We have 9 games to play and was on a good run before the lockdown and when we re-start we will hit the ground running and get into Europe on merit
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