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  1. The manager is considering it but will not get the chance now
  2. Pleased to see the younger players being on the pitch they are next seasons STARS
  3. Great news, he should not have been selected for failing to sign a contract. He missed a lot of sitters on purpose in my opinion Good strong TRUE words
  4. If we want promotion we must improve the team not sell good,reliable players We will lose gate money if the management sell ANYONE classed as a first teamer. Promotion from the Championship is the most difficult task and the difference is CHEESE instead of CHALK. Vote with your feet if selling our best is a management decision
  5. In my opinion the rule should be for everyone to be safe- MASKS ON ALL the game or stop the game and everyone to leave the stadium
  6. I rarely put Radio Sheffield on at the moment as I have been out in the lovely sunshine in my garden Do listen to the football when in season
  7. Could be good for us, our build-ups are too slow and predictable
  8. Free anaraks for season ticket holders to keep warm as crowds will be sparse for many matches
  9. That is a surprise, wonder how many played tonight that played for the Blades in div one? Not enough investment from CW starting
  10. Hi all gardeners out there, what's the plans for the new growing season? I am a bit behind due to illness but have sown a few seeds inside I am looking for some tomato plants for about 15 May if anyone will have some for sale Hope you all have a great season and hope we can have a show in Norfolk Park on August Bank Holiday
  11. Berge signed a contract to play for us and should not be sold, we havn't seen the best of him yet DO NOT SELL
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