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  1. We have two EBAY purchased T.V's one a Samsung bog standard 19 incher the other a Panasonic 42 inch smart tv , they are both brilliant TV's with pictures second to none , The Panasonic was £120 and the Samsung £25 .
  2. There is a lot of so called successful business men buying football clubs around these parts without much evidence as to where the source of the funds come from .
  3. I wonder if there are any Masons on the Council and planning department , very handy that could be for any Masons who are in big business and are also property developers or speculators .
  4. He would fly through a lie detecting test ,what with him being the only non sweating person on Earth.
  5. Wednesday keep drawing the short straw as usual .
  6. No Rhodes who must be the biggest con man since Lord Lucan , he should prosecuted under the trades description act . Or is the EFL to blame dreaming of Sky riches (that are only for the few} and this makes clubs sign these mercenaries.
  7. The Architects , planners and committee's who were responsible for the design seem to have got off scot free , the Leppings Lane stand was not fit for purpose and still to this day is not , I remember being in some horrendous crush situations in there long before that day .
  8. But the EU has been Unelected by the majority of voters in the UK .
  9. I meant the original United not the one from Salford.
  10. As a Owls fan I hope Utd win , Sheffield needs to be in the lime light where ever that comes from .
  11. Perhaps if they were paid on results , the whole structure would alter , If you are sitting at home and getting full money while others are slogging away in the rain whats the incentive .
  12. So did I , once asked Daves sister for a date ,she told me to go away and multiply .
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