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  1. Around the Manor area ,Danny had a car when most of us could only dream of one .
  2. I was a pal of Danny Mulcrone in the sixties , a smashing lad Danny .
  3. Do those players wan promotion , they would be out of a job .
  4. Halfords E bikes will cope with that no problem .
  5. Don't get it this tiredness job ,let em try climbing the Alps and other mountain ranges on a bike eight hours a day for three weeks in 40 degrees or freezing weather with only two rest days in-between or even carrying the hod to a couple of bricklayers on bonus for five days a week then they would really know what it is to truly knackered .
  6. Picasso had a meal in Butlers cafe at Brookhill , he drew a dove on a piece of card for some one ,no one knows what happened to that drawing ,would be worth millions today .
  7. I have seen many great bands at the City Hall , but the best show by far was Bill Whyman and the rhythm kings , with Albert Lee on guitar , Georgie Fame on key board and Beverley Skeet on vocals , they can sing owt, play owt and entertain any age group .
  8. They don't need the EFL to deduct points they are quite capable of doing it themselves . mid table at best .
  9. We get to see the odd rat every winter in our garden ,they live in the posh house garden through the fence under their hut , our terrier loves the situation waiting in her hiding spot till one pops out for a feed under our bird table , two shakes and they are gone .
  10. That one got under the radar , not seen much publicity about that .
  11. Chris as hit the lunch time news , good un .
  12. Good to see a local manager saying he would have no problem if his players walked off the field if racist chants reared there ugly head . We in Sheffield have been mostly clear of such behaviour with only one instance recorded when the Blades played Bradford City back in 2015 and the FA investigated , The Owls have had a couple of instances recorded against them at away matches but none at Hillsbro so we can be grate full for that , The latest incidents at Spurs is a big surprise as that club as had its share of racist comments directed at them by idiots who spoil the game for all . Keep up the good work seems to be the message at our Sheffield clubs , as Chris has pointed out.
  13. Have the abusers been brought to justice seems to be the question now .
  14. He got three points yesterday .
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