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  1. Please name Your choice for Replacement and why. Nigel Pearson. Yes I know he doesn't what to manage a SY club. And he has the skills.
  2. Once upon a time, I made the great escape from SF to Fb, due to the alarming drop in IQs of many posters. Now I have returned, after taking flight from Fb, for the same reason.
  3. Welcome. Moses , Julian & Kadeem. Also great news on Westwood & Palmer re-signing. Also 6 Academy Players signing professional contracts. UTO !
  4. Kinda cheesed if he goes. So much hardwork was done repairing the damage done by joss the loss. It seemed like the right coaching staff was brought in, players were happy and motivated, Crucial contracts renewed, some promising signings, youth players moving up. I had the impression that the Club was better prepared for the big push. My question is who can we sign that is better or just as good as Bruce ? A couple of folks say Chris Hughton. Checked his stats, seems like a decent choice. UTO !
  5. Much better performance today. Well done Wildsmith.
  6. S2 types really are unfortunate in the grey cell area and deserve our symapathy and the fullest care an overburndend health care system can provide. Will fully expect a big win against nelly warlocks side. will be interesting to see who starts. I would expect the new joe to start and rock n roll. !!!
  7. when we had no money to spend, we brought some players in on loan who turned out to be Super ! Perhaps that avenue may be explored with sending some out on loan and bringing a few in with an eye towards permanent moves.
  8. All we are saying, is give Jos a chance !
  9. We're all worldwide wednesday aren't we !!?!!
  10. The only time i thought norwich were particularly good was the fleck era.
  11. All 3 are irrepaceable. Many others are as well. I dont need to name them as you will know how
  12. Its interesting to note folks still not forgiving something that happened in 1983. before the 2016 play-off semi v briighton folks were saying the same thing, so i assumned the revenge was obtained ? Since many predictions/fears here turn out wrong, looks like we're a gonna win it. You have to believe.
  13. Your Team ? ---------- Post added 11-01-2017 at 22:33 ---------- "nando" ????? Surely you must know we call him FESSI !
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