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  1. Are you Referring to Mark The PittsMoor OWL ? aka: Get Nigel Pearson in. Mark is actually a Friend of mine. Yes, when he's had too many Cans, he may ramble on a bit. But he is Dedicated. I like 2-1 Ken, hadn't realized he changed his nickname to VAR. I really do feel sorry for B the B, he really must be simple minded, have very low self-esteem, and lead a lonely existence, living in his Mom's Basement, hanging out under a sheet of plastic which he claims to be a conservatory, drinking the 99p wine. i guess his nonsense on FH is his only outlet and feels some sort of satisfaction hearing people complain about him.
  2. Basically, Tony The Puller is probably the better of the current herd unemployed gaffers. Hopefully he realizes Westy is one of the Best Goaltenders around, and he also gets Golden Rhodes back in, scoring Goals. Kinda nice he has a week to get organized before his first match. Refreshed Engine, New tires and Ready to Go. Will be interesting to see what funds will be available in January for Signings and A nice batch of Inspired Loans. thank you.
  3. At least we don't have a supporter on FH like Brian The Blade. That's the best i can do for now.
  4. its just nice to hear things (on the S2 side) are back to normal on FH, after hearing 2 years of endless praise for "the genius" etc, etc, etc. Now the dull edges have been sharpened and are plunging in non-stop.
  5. Relegation ? No Way Jose !! Promotion ? Not this Season. Mid-Table Meanderings ? Most probably. UTO !!
  6. the usual uptick prompted by a sacking. Wednesday 3 - Preston 1.
  7. Had taken serious issue with Mr Monk excluding some of our best players from the Starting 11. As a Racer, obsessed with Winning Races, i know you have to use the best you have in order to Win. I Will, as always, hope for an inspired appointment. Welcome back Carlos, all is Forgiven.
  8. I just checked, no you are not in Seria A.
  9. Perhaps if Bully wanted that job, he'd already be the man. He has previously stated, I believe, he doesn't want it.
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