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  1. Blimey thats a name from the past, welcome back.
  2. How are you getting re-instated a friend of mine who I had many good debates with on here says he's still banned.
  3. I'm surprised Building Control didn't ask for proof of what tiles were used if its a low pitched roof.
  4. The fact that nearly half the club in the Championship have been embargoed shows that its a totally flawed system that isn't fit for purpose.
  5. It did mention this game and showed a clip of them both in the dugouts, it didn't mention the final score though.
  6. The £38m is the loan taken against the ground, the MaQuarrie loan is a totally seperate issues. I think the moderators have more sense than to listen to your desperate pleas, I'm now going to block your posts and I suggest you do the same with mine.
  7. There's far more fabrication in your post's than mine.
  8. It was a fantastic documentary of a great, down to earth and humble man. A true legend.
  9. Lets just wait and see see what happens with Berge, clue - it won't be your version of events. The less said about your attempts to get people banned the better.
  10. Rumoured to be interested. They won't pay over the odds for a player they know the selling club has to get rid of.
  11. Its a buyers market that unfortunately favours the rich, rival clubs will know that United have to sell such as Berge and will offer bottom dollar.
  12. He failed to shine in a team that picked up 2 points in half a season of football, he's hardly Zidane.
  13. What has Berge done to get fees of this size, one of the most lightweight, ineffective midfielders I've ever seen, United's chances created stats will bare that out, Wilder vastly over paid for him.
  14. Conceding goals hasn't been your problem, scoring them has, he's wasted what money he was given on making the side worse. The money wasted on Berge, Mousset, Brewster and McBurnie could have strengthened the backline if thats where you were short on players.
  15. You've a £23m striker who couldn't get a game, you can't be that short on players.
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