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  1. Brooker11


    Expect some changes with Thornily and Boyd injured and FF suspended, may be an oppotunity for Iorfa and Aaronns to stake a claim.
  2. Brooker11

    22:1 - Local bias vs National reason.

    The OP has typed a lengthy post and actually said nothing, of course rivals are going to play down the merits of local rivals, I'm sure if you have a look back when we were heading to the play off final disparaging comments would have abounded. For the record I've never felt the need to read a united based forum even though I don't mind any of our local clubs doing well.
  3. Brooker11

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    The games i've seen he's been very good, he's allowed an off day.
  4. Brooker11

    CEO Katrien Meire has left Hillsborough

    I'm pretty sure the previous 1867 attempt was before she was at the club.
  5. Brooker11

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    Never going to be a classic v Millwall and this wasn't, Hector was superb along with creditable performances from Westy, Palmer, Fox and Fletcher, defence is looking good just need to get amongst the goals - a work in progress.
  6. Brooker11

    CEO Katrien Meire has left Hillsborough

    Met her a couple of times, very approachable and speaks very well, the fact that she's left is a little concerning considering her legal background.
  7. One of thee great team performances, I was there on the night and it was incredible, only Palmers OG took a slight edge off the evening, we were on fire that night.
  8. Brooker11

    Owls v Reading

    If a Villa fan had done that they'd be over the moon, joking aside I've since read some other posts by the OP and he's a wind up merchant, I try not to get into petty arguments so will ignore.
  9. Brooker11

    Owls v Reading

    Ignore the rubbish on here by united fans, for a 0-0 it was a reasonably entertaining game, plenty of chances created 20 shots by the home side 12 by Reading who dominated according to some, just needs a bit of sharpness in front of goal and wins will come, nothing to play for so no panic.
  10. Brooker11

    Blades v Villa

    Giving up a 0-3 lead with 8mins left takes some doing.
  11. Brooker11

    Parking meters being removed?

    Parked on Arundel St again today, still no sign of the pay by phone sticker on the meter, I assume the council have to pay for this service so I would have assumed they'd have the stickers on fairly quickly. I'll expect a detailed explanation from Planner1 if they don't appear soon.
  12. Brooker11

    Sheffield Wednesday's Advertisement Revenue?

    Manchester City were guilty of a hell of a lot, now they are classed as Premier League elite I doubt anything will be done.
  13. Brooker11

    Bulls Eye

    Its quite addictive once you start watching it, the hair do's, the fashions, bad jokes, awful prizes and the inappropriate "star" prize.
  14. Brooker11

    Sheffield Wednesday's Advertisement Revenue?

    The chairman puts more money into the club than any other sponsors would, Hillsborough has a tarnished name and will not attract blue chip companies, the money we could get in would be minimal.
  15. Brooker11

    Parking meters being removed?

    Fair enough if that happens but they've disappeared off the app search facility as well.

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