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  1. The windows been taken out and a proper black shopfront put in, it looks nice inside (quite small), i'll try it in the next week or so.
  2. Its the building to the right of Cutting Mill with the white window, obviously its changed since this photo was taken, not been in yet but I will be doing.
  3. The date of the actual sale is irrelevant if it can be proved that an agreement to sell was in place before a specified date.
  4. If the sale agreement can be proved to have been finalised in the previous year the timing of the sale makes no difference.
  5. Neither club have been found guilty yet and both are claiming what they have done was in agreement with the EFL.
  6. Racism wasn't particularly accepted it was quite a new concept with the influx of immigrants, certain terms that are now considered offensive were in regular use, for the record this is a fairly lame comedy where the white man (Jack Smethurst) was always the one with egg on his face come the end, only the terminally offended could actually be affected by rubbish like this.
  7. Its for different reasons but they are also saying they had prior agreement with the EFL before submitting, the whole thing is an absolute shambles and another nail in the coffin of the (once) beautiful game.
  8. We can only keep plugging away until that decision is made, rumours abound that if we are deducted any at all it could come off next season not this.
  9. The fact is that a large percentage of men from a small ethnic minority are committing a large amount of abuse in different parts of the country with exactly the same MO. Explain that and then I might answer your question, the tactic your displaying is exactly the reason why these crimes haven't been prevented.
  10. Have you get any examples of white gangs in the dock at the moment, there are at least four ongoing cases totalling about 50 Pakistani men right now?
  11. The fact that children could be taken from care homes, drugged and then returned intoxicated after the perpetrators had abused them is absolutely staggering.
  12. Someone needs to have the guts to stand up and highlight that this is a real issue, Sajid Javid promised an enquiry two years ago but it was the usual lip service/hot air.
  13. A very harrowing story from the Manchester Evening News (not many of the Nationals are covering it unsurprisingly), confirms what many of us have thought for years. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/operation-augusta-gran-victoria-agoglia-17566256
  14. We've beaten them on their last three visits and should again, if no striker comes in got to really stick with the team that started v Leeds.
  15. I agree with this, in the current sterile football world its quite good to see a lad showing a bit of passion for his team.
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