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  1. Similar to the WBA game, decent first half, should have scored, concede against the run of play - game over.
  2. I think since there's been less cars on the road the idiots think they're on a racetrack, I saw one doing about 70mph in a 30mph zone driving with one hand and holding his phone in front of him with the other.
  3. Played well up to the penalty, not really sure what it was given for but Odubajo has a poor record for conceding them, WBA were good second half and got their tactics spot on, no major complaints against a side who'll be in the Prem next season.
  4. My experience of asking the town hall is that someone answers the phone who hasn't got a clue what your talking about but thinks they might know who you need to speak to, your then put through and get an answering service saying the person is on holiday/off sick and to leave a message, if your lucky they might call you back sometime in the next six months.
  5. It looks like Monk has wheedled out the trouble makers in the squad and is playing the lads that want to be there, the break has done us good.
  6. They are and have a look at the stats for who commits the majority of them.
  7. There's been two fatal (not confirmed) attacks in the space of a few days, it fully deserves to be mentioned and questions need to be answered.
  8. Unfortunately you have to be found guilty first, that hasn't happened yet.
  9. We had no bathroom until the mid 70's, used to have a block of four outside toilets with green ledged and braced doors, inside was white washed walls with a high level WC and a rusty toilet roll holder, bath time was a tin bath dragged in from outside (after you'd knocked the snow off it in winter) placed in front of the gas fire and filled from the wall mounted gas boiler with buckets, the side by the fire got so hot you couldn't go near it and the bath leaked so newspapers were placed on the flor. White privilege.
  10. I'd prefer the whole biased BBC to be scrapped but Beeb4 is one of the few channels with anything on worth watching, they're trying to appeal to a younger audience that don't really watch terrestrial TV.
  11. Comedy is meant to be contentious, controversial, subversive etc etc thats what makes it great. Fawlty Towers will have been watched more in the last few days than it has been for years and is anyone really offended by it, really???
  12. Yes I'd say price wise that sounds right, worth it in the long term.
  13. I'd say its very much worth it, timber always looks great at first but is a nightmare to maintain, if your going for composite I'd suggest using the aluminium framework to support it as if you use timber that will rot in time.
  14. I'm not a big watcher of these series but Mindhunter is very good.
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