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  1. A very recognisable name on here RIP Mort.
  2. I expect we'll field a very young side (as will Everton) and lose.
  3. In all my time of watching Bannan I've never seen him gift the opposition two goals like Norwood did yesterday, also Norwood cost in excess of £2m whilst Bannan was a free.
  4. To be fair Keane highlighted the whole team not just Norwood, he said for a team that's fighting for their lives it was staggering, the clip is on Sky Sports Twitter page.
  5. I think what should be more concerning for fans and was pointed out by Roy Keane at half time, when Norwood lost the ball before Kane scored he made no attempt whatsoever to win it back, that lack of fight is not what we've come to expect from a CW team.
  6. Awful performance, Souness and Keane summed it up perfectly. Its taken longer then expected but CW's tactics have been totally and utterly sussed out and nullified, he doesn't seem to have anything else in the tank, still a way to go but the signs don't look good.
  7. We've built a little momentum after a shocking run, need to keep it going and keep out of the bottom three.
  8. To be fair you were saying that after the Man Utd and Brighton games.
  9. I think the chance of contracting it in a few short minutes outdoors is absolutely minimal.
  10. There are plenty of well known issues at SWFC and I've never pretended there isn't, we are where we expected to be after the off the field business derailed the season. I'd be far more worried at your dramatic fall from grace, I don't but the fact that you've been unlucky for over 20 league games. As for Sharps' Twitter feed a lot of these are ghost written and have very little to do with the player, his wife obviously thinks different. Very tough times ahead for both Sheffield clubs.
  11. You obviously didn't see Sharp's wife Tweeting, definitely problems in the camp, if you seriously think that the current form (the worst in league history) is purely down to tactics/selection/tiredness etc think again.
  12. You'd have been banned ages ago if that was the case. You don't have the worst start in league history by being competitive, theres trouble in the camp and the current exclusion of Billy Sharp is part of it. Spout all you want your owner has zero money, no way will he be able to sustain life in the Championship without big changes, I don't need to see figures, we'll see the evidence when it happens.
  13. I wouldn't be so confident, most of the money from the TV rights has been used to pay off McCabe, your wage bill is in excess of £1m a week it looks increasingly likely fans wont be back and your owner hasn't got a receptacle to urinate in. I wouldn't be so certain on this, in the Palace game the players looked bereft of ideas but more damning was the fact that they didn't look interested and thats not just down to tactics.
  14. Exeter had a fairly bright start but the Owls slowly took control with Bannan and Reach dictating the play youngsters Ryan Galvin and particularly Liam Shaw had great games.
  15. This is part of what's killing the game, young lads are rich beyond their dreams before they've achieved anything in the sport, the behaviour of the likes of Mousset will have a bearing on why the team ethic and togetherness seems bereft at United at the moment.
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