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  1. The case against Prezemyslaw Szuba is interesting reading for anyone that still thinks smart motorways are a good idea.
  2. So do you think if the situation had been reversed it would have taken them so long to name the perpetrator?
  3. An absolutely shocking crime that should be all over the media, it will disappear from the news in a few days as did the Birmingham stabbings and the love in for US criminals will be back at the forefront, disgraceful.
  4. The last three games have followed the same pattern, good first half with missed chances followed by a laboured second half showing, we need to get a goal whilst we're ahead, a striker is an absolute must before the window shuts. Having said that we were handed a tough start by the fixture computer (or more likely the EFL) so 4 points is an acceptable return.
  5. Fulham have had a wretched start and will want to get a win under their belt, the Owls will field a 2nd string side that may be found wanting in this one, it could go to pens but I think Fulham may edge it especially if Mitrovic starts.
  6. Wilder may turn out like Warnock before him to be great at getting the most out of fairly average players that come in for little outlay and cementing them as as a team, as soon as they get money to spend they go to pieces.
  7. To be fair Steved32 does nothing but complain about RS but is one of the most avid listeners out there, there's a rule of thumb that if you don't like something you tend to avoid it, not him.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good series with 6 (or less) episodes please?
  9. I didn't think it was too bad for a cup game, 11 changes from Saturday and a good run out for some of the younger lads, Hunt had a great game. A comfortable victory in one of those games that can be a banana skin.
  10. I've broken down on an A road and the M1, being stood on the hard shoulder whilst huge lorries are flying past is terrifying, being in a broken down car with no refuge is unthinkable.
  11. United have been poor since the restart of football post lockdown, is the lack of a crowd behind them a factor or have they been "found out" only time will tell.
  12. I suggest you take this up with the families who have lost loved ones who have merely needed refuge after breaking down on a section of road that was a ludicrous idea and even worse in execution, I'm sure they'll be interested in your theories, the government also suspended the construction of any more until design changes were made, you obviously missed that meeting.
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