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  1. Harpy’s Gunsmiths got done over as well last night.
  2. I've been shouted down on here many times for highlighting the scale of crimes like this, these people are absolute vermin with zero shame.
  3. You comment on Uniteds tickets being cheaper but the court case proved it was totally unsustainable, had you not appointed Wilder you might not have had a club to support anymore. I don't condone the prices at S6 but the crowd numbers were well up in DC's first two seasons, people will pay if the product is good, at the moment (pre Covid-19) it was far from that.
  4. I'm reading City Of Bones by Michael Connelly, its not up to his usual standards so far.
  5. The shops are fine at the moment, some items are not available and they are generally quiet, just proves the idiots who went out in droves panic buying had no need whatsoever as the government told them.
  6. I've got about a thousand in the loft, I still use them in the car.
  7. The WHO states that masks are only effective if used in conjunction with frequent hand cleaning, the danger is it gives the wearer a false sense of security and leads to unnecessary risks.
  8. Its been proven that these masks do very little.
  9. Self-employed people currently have no choice.
  10. You are missing the point entirely, there has been absolutely no reason to buy anymore than you would on your normal weekly shop, dried pasta has been sold out now for about two weeks, thats not the result of a normal shop.
  11. I've used the really small sole traders as well, butchers, bakers, greengrocers, all have had plenty of stock up to a point.
  12. I've tended to use local shops for the last two weeks and been able to get 90% of my usual purchases.
  13. I haven't queued in one supermarket or turned up at silly o clock, nor bought anything over and above what I would normally buy in a weekly shop, we've eaten our usual freshly cooked meals each evening (all very god), had ample cleaning products and other essentials, I've had to substitute say a chicken dish for a pork one as chicken has not been readily available other than that its been business as usual, there really has been no need for this nonsense.
  14. I can work from home but our company is construction based so the lads on site obviously cannot, are their essential or not?
  15. They did say this in not so many words on Saturday lunch time. I'm guessing we may have panic buying again tomorrow after tonights announcement.
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