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  1. The rumour about Bruce and the three you mention was from a site called HITC its probably the worst online for propagating unsubstantiated nonsense, I don't believe a word of it.
  2. I hope their foreman doesn't find out 🙂
  3. I can't wait for it to be back but I'm enjoying not having SWFC spoil my weekend tbh 🤣🤣
  4. I can agree with most of that except saying Toby Foster is a socialist - he's as true blue a Tory as they make em.
  5. It looks like they have been in dialogue with the EFL and expect the embargo to be lifted soon they'll announce the deal once it is, the same happened with Lucas Joao penning a new contract last season.
  6. Strong rumours we are close to signing Kadeem Harris from Cardiff, speedy right wing back.
  7. The problem with the prem is that teams are that desperate to stay in it that no matter what a manager has achieved (Ranieri) they are expendable should that status be under threat, I'll repeat that I don't think United will be in a relegation battle.
  8. A United fan telling Wednesdsay how they should run their business after the recent high court case beggars belief 🤣
  9. Sky really need to employ you to dress up their analysis of the latest dull televised bore draw that they've been hyping for a fortnight. You sum up exactly whats wrong with the prem when you say "survival is everything" that survival is at the expense of manager longevity and the cup competitions are dying, your point that you stifle teams and stop them playing is another point against this abomination of a competition.
  10. I can't fully understand what your trying to say but there was no flag in Barkers Pool on the main flag pole.
  11. 100% agree again and its turned a lot of true fans off the game, thats why a lot of top flight matches are attended by fans who are "tourists" and killing the atmosphere, the cup competitions are also suffering as teams don't want to risk losing their sacred Premier League place by getting injuries in cups.
  12. I'm obvioulsy not "most fans" and the financial rewards you mention don't affect the fans either, if SWFC get promoted I'll enjoy the campaign, celebrate the promotion and then switch allegiance to my nearest non-league side whilst following the Owls results from a distance, its a matter of principle but I can't stand anything the Premier league stands for, a friend of mine who was a lifelong Chelsea fan has done exactly the same thing, he works with underpriveledged children and despises the greed of the league his former team are in.
  13. At least someone else can see it, overseas viewers are only interested in the top 6 or so teams the rest are irrelevant in the eyes of the mandarins of the league, they'll try and preserve the interests of these at any cost.
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