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  1. Brooker11

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    He's got a tough but much required job to do on the player front, with the evidence so far he seems like the man to do it.
  2. Brooker11

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    The seasons been over for a few weeks now its performances that matter, that was a very good one. FF's best game in ages.
  3. Brooker11

    Best curry house in Sheffield?

    Akbars is awful, average food and a terrible dining experience, grotty premises as well. I like my curries sharply spiced.
  4. Brooker11

    Best curry house in Sheffield?

    They obviously didn't see the hygiene rating before they went. Well done with the shameless self publicising though.
  5. If loopholes are open then no one is breaking any rules, the rules need to be changed to close the loopholes. The whole P&S/FFP scenario whilst well intended is making an absolute mockery of the game while ever failures are receiving parachute payments, the rules only benefit the unambitious, why shouldn't a chairman be able to spend money on the club they own, a bond arrangement could be put in place to protect a clubs future. Jack Walker created a fairytale with his lifelong club Blackburn Rovers, he wouldn't be allowed to do that now. Can the poster who mentioned the sponsorship of the Owls post some figures to show what the two companies he mentions have put in please.
  6. Brooker11

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Keeping him and securing Hector to a deal should be main priorities (ridiculous EFL rules permitting).
  7. Brooker11

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Can't see Westwood going to Huddersfield at all. His kids are Owls fans and he's settled at the club, if he wanted to go he's have gone when he wasn't being played.
  8. Brooker11

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Westwood is a must to keep and I think we will, Hooper and Lee are tough choices both excellent when fit but too often not. Agree with most of the decisions on players to go but i'd add Boyd and perhaps Winnall.
  9. Brooker11

    The final four.

    I think the last few performances show the players don't share your view that there's no real pressure on, of course there is.
  10. Your surnames not Sheen is it?
  11. Brooker11

    Blades vs Millwall

    We’ve needed players with pace for a long time, Bruce brought in Arrons and Iorfa who were both injured yesterday, the lack of a runner when we did get forward was plain to see. Westwood proved yet again that he’s the best keeper in the division with one first half save being the pick of a good bunch. Our season was over at Stoke IMO but well done to SB for resuscitating a season that was heading for disaster with the hapless JL.
  12. Brooker11

    Speed Limits

    i would say driving with a phone at your ear or texting etc is far more dangerous than doing 34mph in a 30 zone, one is heavily penalised whilst the other goes virtually unpunished, if safety is the main reasoning for speed cameras etc then this imbalance needs to be addressed.
  13. Not in the same volume, no your 100% percent correct, we're getting somewhere at last.

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