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  1. Its the EFL not the FA, it shows what modern football has come down to when theres more talk of this than the team etc, boardroom matters rarely had to be discussed back in the day, sad really.
  2. This was due to the club losing loads of money and owing a huge amount to HMRC so not quite the same circumstances.
  3. If its a points deduction I doubt it would lead to relegation, if they want to drop us down a league I think they'd do just that.
  4. I think we have to tread carefully as these are only accusations at the moment, no guilt has been proved, having said that it is a mess. When this happened to Ciellino at Leeds he put someone else into the club as chairman until his ban ended, his was a fairly short ban though.
  5. What’s annoying here is Mr Chansiri has (naively) tried to pump money to make SWFC competitive whilst the likes of the chairmen of clubs like Bolton and Bury have bled their respective clubs dry leaving a trail of debt. The ones that will suffer most are the fans who are the very people who have done absolutely nothing wrong in this.
  6. Every parents worst nightmare, RIP
  7. I got slated on here for saying there's an epidemic of theft, stealing from vans is so common that it would actually be a shock if it didn't happen to you, you won't get the things back and the law don't care.
  8. He scored 11 goals (inc 4 against Chesterfield) and tended to come on as a very late sub, hardly earth shattering.
  9. Been very unlucky against three tough opponents, could have won all three games with a little bit of luck, WBA are probably the best side in the division at present, a draw would be a very good result.
  10. The Rock 'n' Roll Years - Would love to see this again, shown chronologically with news stories soundtracked by the music of the year in question, great stuff.
  11. Enjoyed a great "posh nosh" meal at Juke & Loe on Eccy Rd this evening, highly recommended,
  12. Its quite ironic that United fans are wanting a club to go out of business for breaking rules that are put in place to prevent that happening.
  13. The club are not guilty YET, they may well be but as of yet are not. They were also not bending the rules to stay afloat that's nonsense the chairman merely wanted to spend his own money on his own club. How can it be promoting a fair and level playing field when they are throwing money at teams that have been relegated? Say what you like but the rules are a nonsense, I hope a time comes when a few clubs who are affected (the numbers are growing) mount a legal challenge and get the whole thing overturned.
  14. The Auschwitz Memorial Foundation have slated this book for being total fiction.
  15. These works seem to have taken a ridiculously long time for whats actually been done, surely large teams of workers working at nights would have been quicker and less disruptive.
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