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  1. Why, we'd have been top now had it not been for an inept ref on Friday night.
  2. Lets hope the Owls can atone for being cheated out of a very good away victory on Friday by inept (corrupt) officials and get a win tonight, Stoke are very hit and miss, have some good players, close the opposition down well but results (until lately) have not been forthcoming, a good side on their day. 1-1
  3. MCBurnie will probably get three more for this.
  4. Arsenal although sitting in 5th have not really caught the attention, Aubameyang has been by far their best player but they look a little weak defensively, United will create chances in this one but putting them away has been the issue of the season so far.
  5. Cardiff were without a doubt the better side for the latter part of the game but there’s no way on a football field at any level should the antics that led to the free kick goal be allowed to happen, I’d like to hear some form of explanation from the ref/FA.
  6. The only way he would get three points 🙂
  7. Jewsons are pretty good for bricks.
  8. We live in a truly vile society, must have been very distressing for all concerned, lets hope those responsible get their just desserts.
  9. Wasn't Mousset £10m as well?
  10. Performances can be as good as anything but if your not sticking the ball in the net you won't win games, can United's expensively assemble forward line turn that situation around, the signs at the moment would suggest not, early days though.
  11. I don't think so, and Cardiff is hardly the type of opposition that he would thrive against, could be the difference going forward if he can put his issues behind him.
  12. Agreed, when a youngster calls it usually ends up with the presenter asking questions with replies of "yeah" whilst a parent (or guardian) prompts them in the background.
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