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  1. For Saturday`s league opener, Club are offering a family ticket for £14. That admits 2 adults and two kids. There`s an Australian TV company there too and it should see a good few goals, I reckon!
  2. pretty sure that she has mentioned her nasal issues that affect her voice.
  3. no. it was a winner (no chicken dinner).
  4. Oh yes. Good location too, not too far from Rutty. I`m not sure about their beers, had some great and some terrible, but their prices make me not mind a punt. Grafters.
  5. Just tried a load of stuff at Common Room for the start of the chain`s plant-based food promotion. Lots of good, if junky, food options. Also eaten at Broady, Waggon and Forum recently and not disappointed.
  6. Should be a decent non-league season. Sheffield Club have assembled a very strong, attack-minded squad whilst Hallam & Dronfield will be looking to build upon last season`s successes.
  7. Proclaiming to be open again, I noticed as I plodded past this morning.
  8. FYI, next week True North are doing lots of vegan stuff at their pubs. From what I`ve tried at the Forum, it should be worth a look.
  9. Yeah. That makes sense Dan. Shame but Ed is now back as an excellent host / bar keep @Pour. Good place too!
  10. HaHa. I very much concur with the vast majority of that with similar opinions and experiences. However, I may largely drop into a caricature of your second paragraph..... Are Hopjacker still brewing? I know Ed left but is the brewing kit still there and in use? Very good beers, unfined and vegan, and maybe not what the boss or Dronfield wanted. Whoever named that chinook beer `Ryed Like The Wind`? Genius....
  11. It is a good watch and the Commonwealth finals finale was a great moment in sport. Sad though that the funding is free-flowing whilst the cash for basketball is minimal AND it`s a world-wide sport not a commonwealth legacy. GB came 4th in the women`s Euros despite virtually no publicity and finance.
  12. Yeah, with Chris and Kate (from Rutland) and Adam ex-manager of Shakies, it was always gonna be a real asset imho. Done nicely and great beer.
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