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  1. Anyone seen a gig there recently? Will I be able to get a half decent beer? (I know it`ll be expensive!)
  2. For kids. Anyone done one? Recommendations advice needed please?
  3. Anyways, thanks for advice. Eventually plucked up the courage to scatter / dump ashes in a nice bush near the Botanical Gardens fountain. Felt a bit naughty and, even at 8.30am there were people about, but a releif to get it done. Nice resting place hopefully. Peace
  4. I had an email from a public park representative saying that they `discourage` ashes being spread there. Anyone any experience of this ? And, ideally, I`d like a tree planted or similar, SW Sheffield. 😞
  5. Anyone know about takeaways and stuff? I know plenty are open but how safe is it? What are the chances of transmission via food. Genuine question.
  6. Ouch Waldo. I think that more people are actively using their time to get some exercise but I don`t agree with doing extra; I`m doing a bit for my health but staying in as much as possible. And I really am not sure about cycling.
  7. Agree. The most beautiful of pubs,
  8. I have an old watch and wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable specialist place that might be able to value it please?
  9. Shame. Nice venue and I`ve seen some great bands there.
  10. good work. I`ll be watching , I suspect. my form is pretty sketchy but OH is entered.
  11. Isn`t a lot of the weight of the rating heavily to doing the correct paperwork at the correct time and having it available for scrutiny more than cleanliness?
  12. Heard same. Might be focussed on boxing but also other stuff too, hopefully!
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