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  1. jemson

    Kommune - anyone been?

    Yep. Quite a shame. We`ll see how Kommune pans out.
  2. jemson

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I enjoyed it. Kat Harbourn is good.
  3. jemson

    Dead Donkey bar

    New place on Abbeydale road where Mr. Pickles used to be. Popped in at the weekend and it was decent imho!
  4. jemson

    Satay Yo Beer

    Cheers. It was pretty good tbh. Nice that there was a range of many cuisines to choose from so we had stuff originating from Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.
  5. jemson

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    We watched from the end of Limb Lane. Sure was chilly.
  6. jemson

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    great effort pete. we watched off limb lane and got hale!
  7. jemson

    Satay Yo Beer

    Anyone been? Menu looks interesting but never tried it.
  8. jemson


    Oh no! BAD! Does the Dove have a twitter account? I can spread the word on our blog thing if it helps to get more signatures.
  9. jemson

    Kommune - anyone been?

    Cheers. That makes sense. Presume then that you can grab a beer from HH and drink it. Does HH have its own seating? (When we popped in, we didn`t stay long - one of our girls really didn`t like the place).
  10. jemson

    Sheffield Club

    Yet another plug. Home this Saturday vs Cleethorpes and a win will almost certainly guarantee a play-off spot with 3 matches left. Exciting times!
  11. jemson

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    Have fun all. We`ll be watching, probably up near Limb Lane.
  12. jemson

    Harley Hotel gone?

    I liked it. Funny old mess of a place. Looked like a grotty rock pub but seemed to have lots of club / urban type stuff on quite often.
  13. jemson

    Kommune - anyone been?

    I don`t think Hop Hideout had any choice in having to move from Abbeydale Road but yes, a big loss for us in the SW. And agree that their Kommune location ain`t ideal. Thinking of visiting on Saturday night but it`s still such a grim part of the city, and not particularly convenient before a gig at Record Junkee.... Interesting tweets from the good folk at Food Hall questioning the huge amount of funding that has been given to Kommune whilst they receive next to nothing. And, if ordering food, do they bring it to your table or is it wait and then try and grab a seat?
  14. Anyone know of any? Ideally in SW part of the city.
  15. jemson

    Sheffield teams wont be both in play off final

    You never know - Sheffield FC are still looking a decent bet for the play-offs.....

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