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  1. Yeah, great effort and well done on getting 5 x 20 milers done.
  2. Agree . It is a great part of town for going out. Places are quality too. For me though it`s a shame Hop Hideout had to move.
  3. Yes! When it first became The Devonshire, some said that it`d be confused with the Dev Cat which I thought was daft and improbable. But then I was in the Dev Cat and someone came in looking for the True North venue. Brave to change the name back and admit a mistake - ?
  4. Agree. Just what i thought. After every weekend set of matches, players are abused, usually via social media and usually on a racial basis. The situation in our country politically has made this appear acceptable to some; if Boris can call them, why can`t I? etc
  5. Good stuff. I`d also recommend The Forum for a brunch or breakfast.
  6. It does. Popular too as are the tapas in the week.
  7. I like the Forum and the Old House; both a little different.
  8. Millhouses will be interesting. I agree that the paths are quite narrow and I can see a lot of grass being churned up but we`ll see. I dread to think how many the first event will attract but it will be great for the cafe. Maybe the pub will open early too?
  9. I took some more modern ones to Sheffield Auction house and they sold them for me . Recommended.
  10. I sometimes take our 2 swimming. Can be a good time to go if straight after to school on a Friday.
  11. Good work Fudbeer. When those long runs don`t go to plan you just have to work out what went wrong and it sounds like you have. One of the best pieces of advice I had was, if after 10 miles you feel like you are going to slow... you`re still going too fast! Keep us posted.
  12. Cool . And hopefully Mumford & sons on a loop, nice n loud too near the fruit machines.
  13. Sounds really good. Is it comfy inside? I trust they`ll have a pool table and sky sport 24/7.....
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