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  1. jemson

    Best charity shop in Sheffield

    Always interesting to go to more affluent areas. A visit to Lytham was a different world charity shop-wise! Hard to find owt decent in Woodseats imho.
  2. jemson

    The Crow, Scotland Street

    It sounds like you care about beer cyclone; you deliberately look for a certain style of beer and don`t mind trying different breweries. People that don`t care stick to (many) pints of the same beer , usually very bland and / or go for the cheap option. Quality not quantity, eh? Any food at Crow?
  3. Classes often big but my two learnt at Dronfield. Mostly really good staff.
  4. Yeah. Apparently there`s a new cafe opened now somewhere opposite Stoops - ?
  5. jemson

    The Crow, Scotland Street

    Think they have one or twom imperial stouts on. Dave?
  6. jemson

    The Crow, Scotland Street

    Not getting out much at the mo so not been yet. The beer list on keg looked very solid to me. How many cask are there out of interest? Nice to see rum too rather than gin standards.
  7. Very true. And I love the Coach & Horses. However, shops and restaurants compared to number of houses is not great. I do like Dronfield and I spend a lot of time there with kids` sport and stuff but don`t think I could live there.
  8. jemson

    Satay Yo Beer

    Beer choice was v limited but I lioked the tapas style. We tried a good number of dishes rather than be over-faced and over-full. Prfer quality not quantity and it wor pretty good imho.
  9. Another pub lost there then. So much housing in Dronfield but little else imho.
  10. jemson

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    Annoying that the pedestrian gap to walk between Graves Leisure and the retail park is now blocked . We used to go there whilst kids were doing activities. I understand parking is poor at Graves but not sure this was necessary.
  11. jemson

    The price of football tickets

    I rarely watch professional football now as the cost is usually obscene. For the past 10 years or so, I`ve been watching Sheffield FC - £8 in and so can get the bus and have a few pints for £20.
  12. jemson

    Girls boxing sessions

    No, not heard anything.
  13. jemson

    Rape in Woodseats 14/05/2019

    They got the lad, local too.
  14. jemson

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Anyone hear the Christian Carlisle show last night? Great work , all about local rock bands from Def Leppard to Hands Off Gretel. 3 epic hours.
  15. jemson

    old asda/Factory shop at woodseats

    Bathroom place, I believe.

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