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  1. jemson

    Sheffield Club

    Flying high in the league and playing some great attacking football. In good form and face Loughborough at Coach and Horses 3pm Saturday. Only £8 to get in and Blades could make it back to the pub after for their televised game!
  2. jemson

    Climate Change thread

    Did this happen today?
  3. jemson

    Pubs for away fans at SUFC

    Rutland is fantastic too if you`re on train. Beer is epic. And there`s a couple of relevant bits on blog link fwiw
  4. jemson

    Waggon & Horses, Millhouses

    No signs of the Millhouses reopening. Any news on the beer garden proposals for Waggon?
  5. jemson

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    eh? Aren`t most of the presenters middle class, middle-aged white guys?
  6. jemson

    The parkrun thread

    I`ve only done Endcliffe once and was put off by being boxed in for ages. Not fun imho. Two events? Maybe! Or another one at Millhouses or Ponderosa or somewhere!
  7. jemson

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    I do love Buxton. Think I prefer Cellar bar to Tap but I think both are being refurbed at the mo - ? I usually expect too much though and there weren`t many dark brews on but Sounds of Islay was great as was the soft serve stuff, or it would have been if it were above 10 degrees outside.
  8. jemson

    Child football training wanted

    There are sessions at Graves St Georges Park from 4.30 - 5.30. Great facilities and friendly.
  9. jemson

    The Crow

    Yeah, it`s a pub / hotel on Scotland Street that has been taken over by Kate and Chris off of the Rutland! 😍
  10. jemson

    The parkrun thread

    Big piece in the Sheff Star last night about parkrun. Very positive. Any plans for any new ones to take the strain off Eccy? At one time, Millhouses was touted. We did Preston a couple of weeks back and they were hitting record attendances too!
  11. jemson

    The Crow

    Looking forward to this place opening. Not quite sure of the time schedule but I`m certain it`ll be decent.
  12. jemson

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Still not tried a St Mars. Any good? re Critters - yeah, Will is now Head at Kirkstall and he`s moved over to dirty leeds,
  13. jemson

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    I`ve not been for a good while. I`m reluctant and suspicious at the moment. We`ll see
  14. jemson

    The Millhouses pub

    Is that not still on-going? I went to a meeting about it in the Summer. The proposals looked positive, taking an unused tiny portion of the park, for decent revenue. There was also an offer from True North to put in some accessible play equipment for wheelchair users. However, no one from Friends of Millhouses turned up. To me, it sounded like it would help maintain the high standard of the park as funds become ever tighter.
  15. jemson

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    Cheers. That`s correct, Cloudwater are from Manchester. I like their strong dark beers but generally they produce super fruity IPA types. And they`re now doing cask too, I believe!

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