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  1. You want the army to liberate car parks. It's like reading a Viz letters page.
  2. Had to drive to and from Hampshire yesterday and in rush hour both times. Wasn't held up at all. Pleasant, but a bit weird. Im not normally up and down motorways in school holudays - is that what it's normally like?
  3. But we'll all drop like flies so there won't be main attraction events?
  4. Do you think I'll die in 2 years? 80% of north east derbyshire adult residents have had both jabs. I know you think you're going to get discriminated against because you won't get jabbed, but if we alĺ die we there won't be any pubs or big events because of the mass death. I did read that quite a few non vaccinated pregnant women are in hospital with covid (and nowt else). You won't believe that though will you.
  5. There's still "the rap game" on BBC 3 - which sounds so awful I can hardly acknowledge it. If ever there was a genre ill-suited to the x factor treatment, it's rap music.
  6. I watched it elsewhere in its entirity. Even patel was trying , unsuccessfully, to discreetly get him to act like a grown up at - here come the capitals - AT THE UNVEILING OF A MEMORIAL FOR DEAD POLICE OFFICERS. It was like a Mr bean episode that was never aired because it crossed over from funny to tragic. People who voted for the conservatives at the last election- if you aren't embarrassed by this, can you explain why?
  7. If we had a load of refugees/economic migrants/whatever in this country wanting to get to France by any illegal means necessary, would you try and stop them and how?
  8. And I've got plenty of links from across the spectrum.
  9. This suggests it isn't. https://www.getthedata.com/flood-map/
  10. Freezer lorries were used in decent numbers last year in new York.
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