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  1. Bad boys for life. A claustrophobic 2 hander as will Smith and Martin Lawrence hold off the police as they resist being arrested for damage to property, riding roughshod over the civil rights of suspects and the wider community and extra judicial killings from the first two films. Not really, it's just like the first two films only Martin Lawrence is fatter! 7/10
  2. That might be a different thing altogether - I know some dementia sufferers end up in secure hospitals because they can violent - I'm not saying its the case here, I just know it happens. If it's a secure hospital - for whatever reason - maybe get somebody else to assess his needs? Covid - again - makes things harder. I wish you all best getting it sorted, it must be terrible for all concerned.
  3. This is money making time. If I don't go out for 3 days I'll lose alot more than £250ish a tyre.
  4. I'm not sure woke is the problem, poor Peter and the normally wonderful jodie have been handed truly awful scripts. The latest series hasn't been really bad, just too clever for its own good. I'm losing interest.
  5. Me and my mum shifted my dad without permission or blessing or anything. Social services were not involved - they didn't really care. He'd been assessed by the new home during yet another hospital stay and we shifted him with a mobility taxi. The home he's in has zero say in this. Covid throws a spanner in the works, and there's an argument there must be a place ready for him, but I reiterate, it's not a prison (unless he's sectioned). Ring round other homes and ask to speak to a manager there, they'll have a more up to date idea on how things are working now and if they'd take him.
  6. And you can spot them a mile off (their vehicles aren't abandoned).
  7. Find another home. There's no law he has to stay there. Get him assessed from the new home and if he's sufficiently mobile, stick him in a cab and take him there - and pick one closer, why two hours away? It's not a prison, she can take him out. And ring the CQC.
  8. A state line is a state line - I'm not overblowing it, it's their laws not mine.
  9. Why was that charge withdrawn? Didn't the judge order it to be withdrawn? I don't know why that was.
  10. Didn't he kill 2 people with an illegally obtained weapon across state lines? What beliefs are those? Defend Footlocker until my dying breath? It's an odd result. I know if I was to go to a peaceful protest I would go tooled up. Which is better for everyone.
  11. She would do great. No great conviction in anything, propensity for bull****, not obviously competent in any area (bar the above mentioned) Chuck in a bit of casual racism and she's the full Tory package. Happily married so that's going to count against her.
  12. But that's based on an intelligence led search. I don't think people have a problem with that, it's just random stop and search. I'll try and find the survey. Here we are - with graphs and everything. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2021/nov/18/stop-and-search-rose-by-24-in-england-and-wales-during-lockdowns
  13. Sweden to adopt covid pass. That's a big turn around from "we'll be right" attitude of 2020.
  14. I bet most of your immediate family can tell tales of under investment and massive staff shortages. I'm not completely averse to the idea of ID cards - other countries have them - but equally I'm happy for somebody to turn up and be treated, we don't want to be like America. On another note, just heard on the wireless that black people are still 7 times more likely to stopped and searched.
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