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  1. Yeah, I'm still waiting to find out how I'm blocking brexit, disrespecting democracy, and how I can "get behind" brexit. Leavers, the gift that won't shut up, whining snowflakes that they are. They want brexit, get it done.
  2. You've literally no clue what you are on about. Meh, honestly I was really hoping for a submarine.
  3. Given the sea of absolute ****e that are the two main parties, they are just what we need. I see them as Tory-lite, and to an extent, labour-lite. They have said they’ll revoke article 50. That will do for me.
  4. I've read some of her tweets. She's bat **** crazy. Never mind deano, you've got an entire conference to shoot yourselves in both feet.
  5. We are going to run out of helium at some point. If memory serves, we can’t get hold of any more in the planet, it’s finite. Nearest source? The moon.
  6. Far from it - the pits are long gone for starters. But in many cases industrial estates have gone up in their place. Maybe you get a tax break or something if you work within say a mile of your place of employment - that’s, what, a 20 min walk? There are all sorts of businesses near me, I’ve no idea how many locals work there. Half? Less?
  7. Do you think the government had a clear plan of what they wanted to achieve in March 2017 ?
  8. Are we thinking too small? Should we try and negate the need for umpteen bus journies and try and work closer to home? Go back 100 years and I suspect most of the inhabitants of my village worked in the village because it was a pit village. Now it’s a commuter outpost where everyone jumps in car (maybe a tram) and goes god knows where every morning.
  9. I'd rather walk than use public transport. Trains are packed now, making them free would make it worse.
  10. The Handmaid's Tale. Series 3. Again, not a laugh riot but the story moves along nicely. Elizabeth Moss brings another incredible performance (no Emmy nomination though????) which, combined with really nice cinematography, makes a miserable subject matter really watchable. The rest of the cast have been great as well. 9/10
  11. Funnily enough the RNLI site is also in melt down after the daily mail hatchet job, but in a better way. The Sun then asks the mail to hold its beer while it then invades Ben Stokes' privacy. Why is our press so utterly ****? I'd shut them all down tomorrow.
  12. Got to give your boy a cap tip for the post-meeting photo op. That €10 looks a safe bet!
  13. That was 3 years ago. Old news. And Cameron isn’t PM any more. You do know that?
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