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  1. Not really. Given the state of the economy at the time it wasn't hard to find a suitable scapegoat. They were re-arming before Hitler got into power, which was news to me.
  2. There's more chance of dogs dying of shock than a "stray" bullet getting out or a dog getting in. That happening 5 times? Equal chance of all getting hit by very small meteors!
  3. The Chinese authorities have stopped all public transport and have reportedly blocked some roads in Wuhan (which hilariously auto correct has tried to change to Wigan!) And that's a city of 11 million people. So we'll either have a near apocalypse or just 11m really fed up people looking suspiciously at their loved ones the minute somebody coughs.
  4. There are smart motorways and there are smart motorways. The M42 has lots of full-width gantries and is lit for large parts of it. Compare that to the unlit stretch between 31 and 28 with far less signage.
  5. Or Iraq, Myanmar, arguably China as well. Other more recent genocides include Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, Darfur, East Timor, Cambodia, all in your lifetime. That list isn't anywhere near complete. Genocide didn't stop in 1945.
  6. You don't see how an impoverished population can be manipulated into hating a part of its on society based on either lies or ancient history? Look around!
  7. Its a tricky one. They have new constituencies full of luddites who don't want it, but its still a Tory flagship policy and there are some Tory constituencies and supporters who this will benefit.
  8. If it's anything like the pubs in chesterfield it will be a co-op.
  9. I’ve not put the shows that go with each category some of them have been done a few times and it’s too much like hard work. It’s not an exclusive list either. Android Writer Pathologist Forensic anthropologist Zombie (thanks Mel) Drug addict/genius Doctor Psychiatrist Satan An immortal Ex - FBI Ex - Spy Mathematician District attorney Judge Crime Lord Thief Man with a super computer in his head Obsessive compulsive Man reborn as his younger self Foreign cop Magicians assistant Vicar Serial killer Computer genius (with genius computer) Person from the future Gardeners Person from the past Ex-forces
  10. That wasn't on my list (that I lost) and it was a pretty long list!
  11. Might be worth watching The Motorway on channel 5. Its showing all the behind the scenes stuff at the highways agency, on our stretch of the M1 as well.
  12. It's about capacity, not speed. But, frankly that's all a bit irrelevant as I reckon the who thing will go no further than birmingham. Its certainly not going to Leeds.
  13. Ok, it seems odd that you’re giving such a hard to time to a couple who want to break away from the royal family.
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