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  1. , Oxford services didn't have a single space on the tesla chargers when i was there the other day. 40 mins (a lunch break) will give you about 80%. Is it ideal? No. Not by a distance. Is it improving? Yes, rapidly. The range and charging times now compared with a decade ago are huge. Can we change how we work where reps aren't doing 500 miles a day, every day? Yes, the last 12 months have proved that! Do you drive 400 miles a day?
  2. I didn't actually. It's just all these 10 of thousands of people who have died from a new virus over the past year and a bit. You might have read about it. Or not....
  3. Have you read that India now has a triple mutation and we are still welcoming flights from there? It put me off my lunch a bit.
  4. I dont buy that at all. Top 6 in 1992, firstpermier league season. Man utd Villa Norwich Blackburn Qpr Liverpool Wednesday 7th believe it or not, then spurs, man City arsenal and Chelsea. 2002/03 season Man utd Arsenal Newcastle Chelsea Liverpool Blackburn If I was a Blackburn supporter reading your hypothesis, I'd be feeling short changed. There haven't been many clubs winning the league, but if anyone had suggested in 1993 that man City would be a dominant force in English football, you'd be laughed at then. 49 clubs have played in the Premier league. Most have pinched a point or 3 against would-be champions and influenced the league.
  5. Dr Hilary was on the wireless, apparently 32 out of 74k who had received one jab.
  6. Front of the Telegraph (behind a paywall) is an article claiming only 32 people have been hospitalised with covid following the vaccination programme. I don't know whether they have had one jab or two. Hopeful?
  7. I've just seen this. BBC News - Downing Street scraps plans for White House-style press briefings https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56818750 So, a few months and £2.6m later, its all mothballed. And chris witty never got his own clicker for changing slides!
  8. With "affordable housing" I'm sure. I read that the old Thoresby pit is being developed for housing. 149 homes built, 11 "affordable". So, based on a quick look on Right Move £150k plus. That isn't affordable to an awful lot of young couples, and unaffordable to singles unless they have wealthy parents.
  9. Arsenal pulling out too by the looks of it, ed Woodward resigning from MUFC. Noticeable that the American-owned contingent have stayed quiet. It looks dead now - you were right, but it will come around again. I have to say I'm surprised how quick it's all falling apart. Sending Perez out to bat to the media wasn't a wise move though.
  10. 140k dead? Border in the Irish sea? Trouble in NI for the first time in decades? Corruption? Quick look! Football!!!!
  11. Well he won't now I've posted here! SF, the first for political influence.
  12. Could just be those who are turning up at hospital. I don't know.
  13. Fans will roll their eyes, shred their season tickets and still pony up money for super league tickets and subscriptions to exclusive sports tv packages. NFL doesn't have relegations (never has done?) And that works. This will work. It will make national leagues look tin pot, the euros look a joke. World cup will lose value. But it will go ahead and it will work.
  14. He was gone at the end of the season anyway. Now he can paint himself as a saint "i disagree with the super league so much I'm leaving".
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