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  1. tinfoilhat

    Google restrict Huawei's use of Android

    Apple iPhones are made in China. Apple won't check them all will they?
  2. tinfoilhat

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    I didn't not like it, I'd give it a 7 rather than a solid 9 more which I'd rate the rest. The final episode wasn't as bad as I'd been led to believe but given the high standards it had always achieved it was a bit of let down. Now I'll tell what hasn't been rushed - Chernobyl. Brutal.
  3. tinfoilhat

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    Right, finished it. ***SPOILERS**** probably. First off, the whole thing felt rushed. In 7 series, they’ve never rushed anything, this one they’ve rushed everything. Arya turning up in the nick of time at the battle of winterfell - how? How did the mount end up how he did - we had a series of him lurking in the background, very ominously and looking rather grey, that had 30 seconds really. Cersei spent the series looking out of sodding window and doing precious little else. They made characters do odd things to wrap things up quickly - danys descent into madness - if that’s what it was - needed to be spread out, she deserved better. Not sure what to do with Arya? Stick her on a boat. Having said all that, it’s not deserved the flack it’s got. The ending was neat enough - not great but it kept everyone guessing, the production values were sky high and everyone, particularly emilia Clark and Peter Dinklage put in top performances. A mixed bag overall, could have been better but could have been worse (dexter, true blood).
  4. tinfoilhat

    British steel facing administration

    Well sort of. Traditional heavy industries have been stood on a cliff edge in this country (and alot of western europe) since the 80s. Yes, brexit kicked it over the edge but, as other posters have said, lack of investment and other countries doing it cheaper hasn't helped either.
  5. tinfoilhat

    Bartering at Car boot sales ect

    If you told me to **** off I'd complain loudly as well and I'm from killamarsh.
  6. Super timing just before the EU elections. I wonder how much more they can do to help Nigel Farage. May might leave Friday but she won't go before then. I reckon she'll see the month out at least. All this "she's resigning" is just Mps trying to sound important and journalists letting them. They can't make her.
  7. tinfoilhat

    British steel facing administration

    Sounds alot but that will the total benefits bill for 5000 workers for about a year, 2 max - on my brief calculations. God knows how much it will cost to clear up the site and make it.safe and useable for something else.
  8. tinfoilhat

    British steel facing administration

    China maybe? I was reliably informed that we're already building warships out of Chinese steel.
  9. tinfoilhat

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Upgrade. Another dystopian future job involving putting technology into humans. Pretty much an unknown cast apart from Logan Marshall green who I'm sure I've seen somewhere. Well paced, not over long, but quirky enough. I read somewhere as it being like a feature length Black Mirror and I would agree with that 8/10
  10. But nobody wants to place an order because they don't know what tariffs they'll be paying 2 years down the line. Brexit has had a huge hand in it.
  11. tinfoilhat

    British steel facing administration

    70% voted leave in north east Lincolnshire.
  12. tinfoilhat

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    It can be several. Walk the dog attire, slobbing around the house attire, nipping up the shops attire, work attire.
  13. If they're lied, call them a liar -i've not got a huge problem with that. Is it better or worse than having a milkshake chucked at them?
  14. tinfoilhat

    British steel facing administration

    Oh the irony. From the reports I've read, orders are down because of brexit. And you mention Chinese steel. The EU wanted to put tariffs on Chinese steel - we aren't the only ones suffering - and one country vetoed the whole thing. Want to guess who?
  15. If the brexit party do well and sails in on a tough brexit stance, he'll have to go for a no deal.

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