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  1. I’d agree with that. The leadership has been utterly appalling but Joe public aren’t helping themselves. Do you theyve done a good job?
  2. If anyone had tried to wade in and help, I have no doubt they would have been shot. I can understand why police can be fearful in America but this doesn’t help.
  3. And it's working, to a degree. People are going out, social distancing is getting less stringent but people are still talking about Cummings, who is in himself is also a dead cat for us, now the data is in, have the worst death rate in the world.
  4. Yeah, he alledgedy wrote a bad cheque. The police had training, he must know that if you persist on kneeling on somebody's beck they will die. He wasn't resisting. Maybe he was to start with but he'd stopped for while as that video shows. The protesters arrived and protested peacefully so, naturally, the police fired tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets at them. Maybe if the protesters had been white and armed to the teeth this wouldn't have happened.
  5. I understand Kinnock brought food and/or medicine didn't He? And he wasn't showing any symptoms of covid19.
  6. Totally he should face a murder charge, as should his mate who stood and watched.
  7. I read there are 8 million furloughed. 8 million. Now rather than give those 8m 80% of their wages, give them UC at, what £90 A week. I don't know how the economy would recover from that.
  8. They built a load round eckington and they - wait for it - flooded. (Although it was down to a burst water main). Not a brownfield site either.
  9. After life. Funny in some places, desperately sad in others with a few heartwarming moments sparingly added here and there. Short, but that’s not a bad thing.
  10. If there’s need for public transport, they’ll put buses in. If there isn’t, they won’t. Do we know if the site suffered a lot of floods in the past? If not housing, maybe industrial units then. Less need to travel into town.
  11. Why do think they were brought in then?
  12. It's incredible isn't it. They're changing the rules retrospectively to keep Cummings in a job.
  13. Have I got sunstroke or is this real? Im sure its real I watched the video. Is this where we are at now? Can somebody who backs Cummings and Boris how gove admitting to driving to test his eyesight is a good thing?
  14. My main problem is the lies. Forget for second he broke lockdown - twice - while he had symptoms. Forget he helped write the rules. We all make mistakes and be absolutely certain many people have been fined for much less, and many of them may struggle to afford it. That's his job gone yes? No. Boris backs him, which isn't entirely surprising but then the lies really kick. First from Boris, then from Cummings. He could have backed his boy, apologised - kept him on with a stern, public talking to. No, he lies to us all, takes us for morons and expects us to keep following the rules where Cummings didn't. Best yet, people are now backing him! Leave him alone, there's more important stuff! Yes, there is, stuff that needs the public trust and competence. None of that in number 10. We can't point and laugh at the chimp in white house anymore, we are as bad.
  15. I'd all ready replied to this but its gone. Anyway, Boris should have clarified everything that's HIS job. Cummings had to wade in because he Johnson did such an awful job of backing his mate. Most people would resign, and have Done in the past over far less serious transgressions. What Cummings did tonight was unprecedented. As far as the second spike, it's my thoughts, nothing more. States in the US who came out of lockdown early have seen numbers climb - Louisiana spring to mind- and we've been out of tight(ish) lockdown since VE day, couple massed trips to the beach on Wednesday haven't helped. We'll see.
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