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  1. It's going to be harder to trade with them though, which will damage us more than them.
  2. tinfoilhat

    Drakehouse parking fine

    Nice bit of info that, thanks for sharing. I've done what you did but didn't get pinched but I won't bother next time.
  3. Thatcher did coin the phrase but was much more of a pragmatist.
  4. I’m not sure she is - I think the last time she went to Germany Merkel was stood in the cold because our Theresa couldn’t negotiate getting out of a car. Maybe next time she could take her own clown car. As I watched more weapons grade incompetence unfold this morning, I pondered the question what would Merkel do if faced with the same problem? Would her steely German efficiency got brexit sorted in two years? It’s been built up as one of life’s unsolvable problems, but is it really?
  5. But look at the state of the people running the country. Anything that needs consideration or thought either gets rushed through or shelved because it’s too hard.
  6. Would you hate me if I was? Do you want me to edit it for you?
  7. So you want everyone to be poor?
  8. Fantastic. That's worth quoting. I presume you'd only treating by British health care professionals if need it?
  9. It’s labour. Free movement of labour.
  10. tinfoilhat

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    Numbers. I got eh bus to my infants and I walked to my juniors (a bus was available though if memory serves). I recall kids being dropped off but not many - it was either bus or walking. When it was really heavy rain I remember getting a lift and the roads were always jammed. But the roads in question are now always jammed - every weekday morning. But there’s been a fair few houses built over the past 30 odd years but the arterial roads in chesterfield really haven’t. Working patterns have changed a lot since then. I don’t know why more kids are driven specifically to school (as opposed to dropped off on 5e way to work) But I’d guess it’s down to less bus use (less buses?) but I think it’s down to parents fear th child will be kidnapped and murdered.
  11. tinfoilhat

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    I lived in chesterfield and my infant and junior schools were over a mile away, the latter nearly two and I had friends who lived further away than me. I had a google and nothing has changed.
  12. Indeed it will. A trade deal will involve 500k with visas on a yearly basis heading this way. I’d guess most will educated, English speaking, hungry for work and sending money back home.
  13. Tell that to about half a billion Indians. They still don’t do very well at feeding it’s extreme poor but it’s way better than it was as little as 20 years ago. Now the fact that this government has seen fit in 2018 to appoint a minister for hunger , due to their own policies shows that the finger of blame needs to be pointed inwards and not out.
  14. tinfoilhat

    Door knocker buying cars-legit?

    Depends on the car. If it’s a rare or old car bordering on classic. I had a mate who had one and he got people knocking on his door every 6 months or so.
  15. An EU army makes just as much sense as our current position as an extension of US forces. We can’t afford to run what we’ve got so co-operation with nations on our doorstep makes a lot of sense - to them too. We won’t have national service, that’s in the hands of our inept politicians - that’s a phrase I’ll likely repeat as I go along. our government is no less removed from us than the eu. They care little for the north of England - just look at how our inept politicians have handled things like the electrification of midland mainline. I could go on and on on that one. the eu costs a lot - probably more than should (I’ll give you that one ;)) But globalisation his here to stay. It works for millions and has brought millions up from real poverty - certainly at a global level. But we aren’t small. We’ve not really been small since the Middle Ages, and we’ve punched above our weight for centuries, but those heady days where we sailed round the world taking what we want has gone. If we leave the EU we will be a lot smaller. And small gets stepped on.

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