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  1. Urban myth padders. Coppers take a dim view of it.
  2. If it's dumped on private land the council charge the landowner. But charging to get of rubbish is outrageous.
  3. This is the thing, you and me find them awful but if some of the comments I've read elsewhere are anything like a reflection of actual Americans and not Russian bots, there is a huge amount of support for him and his comments."He's saying what we're thinking". They still not might voice those thoughts to real people in real life but in the privacy of a ballot box they very well might. Four more years I'm afraid!
  4. Anyway, moving on from welsh fifa playing loudmouths being run out of town by angry Asian mobs, trump has doubled down. Its not him that’s the racist it’s them. Theresa May condemns Trump's 'go back' remark to congresswomen https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48990760 The amountof support I’ve found for him on social media is alarming.
  5. Both boards would have known, both management teams and captains should have known. There’s a few salty comments coming from ex-players and that’s a shame. If the result was reversed Kane Williamson, total gent that he is, wouldn’t have shared the trophy because the rules didn’t say that’s what he had to do, NZ would have won and we’d have been gutted. Oddly, if there had been rain for two days it would have been shared. England won fair and square, stokes didn’t angle his bat to get the overthrows, jofra archer didn’t underarm the last ball of the super over, it was won by some crisp fielding and glovework - under immense pressure - on that last ball. But having said all that, it needs to be a handled better in the future. Maybe another super over would be better than a technicality. Oh, and a better pitch, that was a bit of pudding!
  6. You must drive when I don't, or you're following law breaking white van drivers! There are days when I can only dream of hitting 70 on motorways!
  7. I've not misread your posts, they're very clear. You havent said trumps post are racist. You've said they're inappropriate, you've said it won't make any difference you saying they're racist, but you have not said they're racist. If you don't want to say that, don't. I'm gave you an opportunity to clarify is all, but I'll leave it there. Your posts are there for all to see.
  8. And this is a fantastic example of it. "Its inappropriate, let's move on". The president has told 4 democratic congresswoman to go back to their own countries despite 3 of them being born in the US. Yeah, let's move on.
  9. Now here I disagree. He hasn't stopped campaigning. A significant number still like him. He's either created, or at the least continued a narrative where the truth doesn't matter and it can be hand waved by his supporters. He'll lie about this one and, make no mistake, he's getting 4 more years. He'd win if he stuck a burning cross on the front lawn of the white house.
  10. Ooooo that's worthy of a thread on it's own that one - could you pass your test now. We all see terrible driving, but we are never the terrible drivers! Ooooo that's worthy of a thread on it's own that one - could you pass your test now. We all see terrible driving, but we are never the terrible drivers!
  11. You arent saying theyre racist. Half of tweets are inappropriate- this is racist. Do you think they aren't racist?
  12. Really until he resigns or at the very apologies for it. Surely everyone - apart from racists, they get a free pass I suppose - needs to condemn it. Especially his supporters unless of course they agree with it. Do you agree with these tweets?
  13. It's a racist tweet. Unambiguously racist.
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