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  1. I know. Your esteemed colleague Dr Topps thinks we should be listening to SA Dr because it supports his argument.
  2. She's a GP. Where's the data outside of her own limited pool of patients?
  3. No offence, but unless she's also a virologist- so what. She's also in country that has an average age 13 years younger than ours- quite important for a disease that ****s old people. And it's summer over there. Other than that, the situations are identical.
  4. It's odd, I'd grant you that. That or its been here longer than they realised. I did read today, less than half of covid cases are actually tested.
  5. It's been in the country about 2 weeks, if its like the other variants you won't see hospital cases related to it for about 3 weeks. Deaths - if there are any and isn't milder in about 4.
  6. Did they raise the fact its been in the country about 2 weeks?
  7. Agreed. Baker will be queueing up to strip rights off people. Wear a mask? The horror!
  8. So, it's still a social thing - albeit a crap one - with caterers and wine and 20 odd people , a former mayoral candidate and a Tory donor, despite - if memory serves - the rule of six in place. All at Tory high command. But yeah, hand wave it off. I'm sure you will when one at a labour shindig appears.
  9. Really? You looked at that picture, and thought - "yeah, that's fine, we did that". In December 2020 you got the caterers in and huddled together for a works group photo in December 2020? And they're hardly going to get dressed up for it either.
  10. I know the usual suspects are ahead of Sheffield, but I reckon places like Nottingham are as well. Nottingham!
  11. I don't think we're even average. Root would probably get into most test sides. Then who? Stokes maybe? As good as Anderson and Broad are at home, I'm not sure they'd be a shoe in over Indian, aus, or NZ seamers. And we haven't got a spinner. ODI is a totally different gravy but the test stuff abroad - covid affected or not - I wouldn't cross the street for. Whitewash incoming.
  12. Bad boys for life. A claustrophobic 2 hander as will Smith and Martin Lawrence hold off the police as they resist being arrested for damage to property, riding roughshod over the civil rights of suspects and the wider community and extra judicial killings from the first two films. Not really, it's just like the first two films only Martin Lawrence is fatter! 7/10
  13. That might be a different thing altogether - I know some dementia sufferers end up in secure hospitals because they can violent - I'm not saying its the case here, I just know it happens. If it's a secure hospital - for whatever reason - maybe get somebody else to assess his needs? Covid - again - makes things harder. I wish you all best getting it sorted, it must be terrible for all concerned.
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