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  1. But which markets can’t we trade with now?
  2. Are those markets big? Im mean I don't think we had a trade deal with canada until recently but we still traded with them.
  3. What markets couldn’t we trade with under EU rules?
  4. Well it's fairly true. May isn't making her red lines pink and the EU aren't nudging either. Mays deal is dead, killed by the speaker of parliament, digging up precedent from 1604. Sovereignty there leavers, breathe it in!
  5. To be fair, there’s a few on there that aren’t really brexit related as such. I was very surprised to see skrettings on that list though!!!
  6. No, they're leaving now. Every time our politicians vote and don't decide on anything, it drops again. It might pick up a bit, but it still drops. If you really want to see a sharp spike downwards, leave with out a deal on 29th March.
  7. tinfoilhat

    Afterlife (Netflix special)

    Yep, very good. Thought provoking without being preachy.
  8. Well if prices go up (as the pound keeps dropping, that's a given) and wages don't, or you lose your job because you company has moved abroad, you'll be poorer.
  9. I asked about a different sort of steel and got some good answers here. I'm sure one or two companies mentioned could be useful.
  10. tinfoilhat

    Solution to social discord. what is it?

    Ignoring the brief party political broadcast by the bnp above, I think the world has changed. Populism seems to be taking hold here and in the states (arguably other countries too) and that’s a concern. I worry about the effect of social media, particularly on our young people. Are suicides up or does it just feel like they’re going up to me? In many ways the vast majority have never had so good, we certainly havent had better health and security yet the mental health of many seems so precarious. And don’t get me started on climate change etc. But spirally? Drifting into the abyss would be a better description.
  11. It’s the 5th largest economy in world.
  12. Do you think the electorate are stupid?
  13. Only once brexit is well and truly gone through. He's there when things are going really really badly. Look closely at the works of art depicting disaster or historical events through the ages. In a quiet corner of them you'll see Grayling's stupid face.
  14. tinfoilhat

    Whats your favourite charity?

    Some of the big ones do great work - I found aged UK and the Alzheimer's society very good and very helpful. RSBP does good work, but my local hospice gets most of my efforts.
  15. tinfoilhat

    Bloody Sunday. This Might Be A Lively Topic.

    Nice swerve. Whats WW2 got to do with anything? Maybe you should start another thread?

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