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  1. Have a word with them on Twitter. Big companies don’t like their dirty washing in public and it might speed things up a bit.
  2. Sending parcels. My post office nearly filled a van with bags of parcels and it was only 12.30.
  3. First off, and most important: Central government will not fund, support or in any way help in this venture at all. The council might. Any efforts will need to be done from your own back or in conjunction with other charities, all of which are struggling. Start local, get neighbours involved if they can.
  4. Are you happy to let these citizens from a former British colony in?
  5. I had to watch that bit twice for it to fully sink in.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure there are loads of those around with money to spare Besides, wasn't the arena used to store medical stuff or something at the beginning of lockdown?
  7. I think it’s a straight forward as the club not renewing the lease, what the new lease holders do is really up to them unfortunately.
  8. Stanley Johnson remains at large, doing what he wants with no consequences.
  9. It is NOT infinate, but its frankly alarming what they are finding money for (without any kind of over sight) and what they're happy to vote against.
  10. I don’t think you know what it’s like for people on benefits, I don’t think you know what it’s like for low earners and I’m pretty sure you don’t care either. And that’s fine. I bet you could lose a third of your income and be totally fine. Thousands can’t. And that will be millions in a month or so.
  11. Not a battler? What’s he supposed to do, launch across the House and grab Johnson by the throat? Not tough enough? Good heavens Anna. He is systematically taking Johnson apart every PMQs and taking him to task where possible. I suspect he’ll make changes when he gets the job in four years. However, the working class put Johnson exactly were he is. They voted for him to get brexit done and send the foreigners home. Don’t forget that.
  12. Kier Starmer but has in opposition and the government has an 80 seat majority full of brexit acolytes. He can wipe the floor with Johnson every PMQs but his options are limited.
  13. We're getting way off topic here, but neither could corbyn. He thought he could negotiate anything and if you're going to do that you'll give a bit. But 30s and then some I reckon. Royal mail, will see a spike in profits as p45s are sent out en masse next month.
  14. No, all the money for long term projects has been given out by Robert jenrick to constituencies like robert jenricks. Which is nice.
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