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  1. The government are talking about making border force officers immune from prosecution if a boat they ram sinks and people drown. Who Boris had round for turkey sandwiches and mince pies is small beer. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/13/uk-border-force-could-be-given-immunity-over-refugee-deaths
  2. You literally asked for the thread to be locked. I'm not whinging about a vote, I'm showing the consquences. As for having "still suffering the consequences of brexit" on my headstone, I hope we'd have worked through them by then, but then again I am an optimist. Stop running the country down.
  3. But if you triage someone over the phone, you can bring them in for an appointment. I don't to see a dr for an asthma review - and I'd bet a fair few drs appointments are wasted. Lazy doctors - in a pandemic. I've seen it all.
  4. Fair enough. I mean we're trying to pull out of a deal we have actually signed so not having signed one thats already no longer agreed is a step forward.
  5. Gut feeling is government lie, I think I recall statements to the press and photos, but I'd have to check.
  6. Its shocking, I mean what do newly rich, young working class black men know about racism? You tell them where they're going wrong!
  7. So you know that trade deal we signed with Australia? Turns out its not signed at all. https://www.politico.eu/article/australian-trade-minister-leaves-uk-with-no-deal/
  8. I was visiting my dad in his nursing home and a reindeer was brought in. Im not sure who was more confused, me or him.
  9. Correct. If you were to ask any doctor how their job has been over the last 18 months, I doubt they'd call it easy. Anyway, the health secretary is now going to SHAME doctors who don't see enough people face to face. Great. You know that long wait some of you have for appointments ? Its now going to get much, much longer.
  10. My corner of twitter has been quite reflective. Other sections are the bin fire you'd expect.
  11. This is an awful event, an MP killed doing to his most important job of listening to and helping his constituents.
  12. The by product of high skills/high wages would surely be increased immigration as well. I agree that certain jobs - carers, hgv drivers, - are more skilled than are credited (look at damage people do who aren't good at those jobs) but there are jobs that people wont do and will require immigrants.
  13. Nonsense, there's loads more paperwork. Sending stuff to Dublin was no harder than sending stuff to Dudley. Loads more to do now, restricted services with couriers as well. Link for the 2022 growth would be nice and your blue passport is made in France.
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