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  1. You should probably start. Start imagining life with only 2 professional football leagues. No big live music venues. But for the sake of argument, let's pretend the £1.5bn keeps all the theatres open. They aren't self sufficient. They need freelancers (left to rot, completely) for make up, lighting, set building companies. Are the touring companies getting any help? No, the money is keeping the theatres open. So they're working at Tesco, if they're lucky. That's one sliver of one industry. If you are going to cut people off at the knees, let them work and open everything up. There's not a week that goes by at the moment of some retailer or restaurant chain laying off hundreds or thousands AND THEY CAN OPEN. That said, if you have spare land you can convert for landfill I can probably fill it for you by Christmas. That's going to be a growth industry!
  2. So Mr bank of England says that furlough should end in October - despite great swathes of the economy not being even allowed to trade. Some jobs could become redundant. BBC News - Bank of England boss Bailey backs end of furlough scheme https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53675467 Not sure he should be in his job frankly.
  3. Years? Then entire industries will disappear in this country, and there will be millions (4m by Christmas? More?) unemployed. I'll be one. Theatres? 90% shut. Live music venues? About the same. Wedding industry (love it or loath it!) Gone. Exhibition centres ? Shut them all. Football Leagues one and two? All gone. And I reckon that's if it goes on for less than a year. If anyone thinks that just because they can get a haircut and go for a pint afterwards that we are nearly there hasn't got a clue. Option 2 - bin off all the restrictions and carry on as normal. I'll be fine, probably. Option 3 - and it's a bit conspiracy theory - say we have a vaccine even though we don't and don't release the number of deaths and infections, then carry on as normal. Honestly, I'd be fine with that at this stage. I can spot belligerent arseholes at 100 paces.
  4. The longer people ignore social distancing, don't wear masks when they can means it will take us longer to go back to normal. And you say I'm selfish?
  5. Then, presumably, they're quite happy for people to die, potentially through their actions. Were people always this selfish?
  6. I think the people who don't wear masks fall into two categories - those who for medical reasons can't wear them, and belligerent arseholes. I reserve the right to silently judge them though.
  7. The parking round the back of rother valley was nearly up to the abattoir by lunchtime on Saturday. Weekend (or two?) ago the queue to the main entrance was starting to go up rother valley hill. Bakewell was rammed on Sunday, Chatsworth too. Not social distancing at either of the latter apparently. Clumber park sounds better organised but at a fiver per head it shpuld be! Nice walk though. Yorkshire wildlife park would, should be better organised as well for similar reasons - they have total control of how many and how fast they let people in. I guess the worse the crowds, the less organisation?
  8. If he's been in Australia he'd have been fined £10k twice. I'd jail him, fine each moron who walks out a couple of grand. We're either serious about this or we're not.
  9. 1,2 and 5 are excellent choices if you want really really big crowds.
  10. I think we’ll be in national lockdown by September. I think we need one to sharpen minds, too many people think it’s all done and finished and it isn’t.
  11. Thoughts on another national lockdown?
  12. Fort Salem. Harry potter meets hunger games with a nod to Handmaid's tale (But no more than a nod). Interesting concept but fairly predictable plot line. It's got a second series, which I'll watch.
  13. Indeed. Not sure if West77 would like a teacher charged with child sex offences still teaching their offspring. But it might be a vendetta so...
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