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  1. The bridge (american/Mexican version - 2013). I enjoyed The Tunnel and series 1 follows this quite alot but the politics of the american/Mexican border feature very strongly. Couple of nice side plots which I don't really remember from the tunnel and it rattles along quite nicely. Decent enough acting from all concerned but a special nod to Matthew lillard as the drunk, lecherous journo. Series 2 deviates almost completely from the tunnel. Hidden away on sky - might be under the STV player if you have it.
  2. Did they make you sit down for 15 mins or was it jab and go?
  3. The Scottish fishermen are landing their catch in Denmark now. Theyre not happy. BBC News - Scottish fishermen 'sailing to Denmark to land catch' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55669168
  4. I think it will be weather dependant. If it looks like rain it will pass without any trouble.
  5. Unless you're thinking "young" is people in their 50s a d 60s, that's just nonsense. Look at what the presenters of radio 2 get paid!
  6. He's owning the libs for a £199 per year subscription. https://www.cityam.com/control-or-catastrophe-farage-fortune-freedom-and-a-199-subscription/
  7. He's bucceneering on the high seas pointing at immigrants whilst at the same trying to persuade people to invest with him AND setting up a new party - REFUK. Isn't it just.
  8. He's in charge - more often than sailing against the scientific wind- so yeah, some of it is at his door. He's giving billions to his mates - without any oversight - , letting other mates (dominic) do what he likes and has a cabinet of people happy to flip, not on scientific or their own advisors but social media. And they're utterly corrupt when it comes to dishing out contracts during a pandemic. Theyre thick as a boxing day turd and think we are too. Have I missed anything? He's wrong.
  9. I've got double snowflakes from 8-2 On my weather app in S21 but I don't think I'll see much. Wouldn't fancy the woodhead or snake tomorrow though.
  10. You can only do what you can do. I did some work at my mum's house today. I wore a mask because the virus doesn't understand bubbles. I can't stop antimaskers doing what they do, I can't stop house parties, I can't hold the government to account for things I think they've failed on - not yet anyway.
  11. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/scotland/brexit-fisheries-minister-did-not-read-deal-as-she-was-very-busy-organising-local-nativity-trail/amp/?__twitter_impression=true This government is the living breathing embodiment of a clown car.
  12. Digital radio. Looks like a normal one but you get much more stations. But you'd like podcasts. Hundreds of true crime ones on Spotify etc.
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