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  1. No, the level of testing hasn't changed since July. It's because more people have The virus.
  2. There's always going to be a gap between the numbers going up (exponentially is the word SAGE are using I believe) and deaths. They'll come a little later.
  3. Oh no no no. No national lockdown, just lots of local lockdowns (13.5m and counting). If we have a national lockdown, the government will have to put it's hand in it's pocket. If it's local, not nearly as much.
  4. I think we should. Im going to take a lot of convincing that it’s safer to fly than watch a play. But equally, the gap between the number of infections, the number of hospitalisations and deaths can be quite long.
  5. Unforgotten. Not Chernobyl but a very solid UK crime drama.
  6. I read it! Never fished up there but sounds a good day!
  7. What am I thinking? Chernobyl! Best thing I've watched this year.
  8. She does the stupidly early morning shift then one just for London. I can't say much about the BBC London job but I don't think she's much cop at the morning job, but then neither is the disturbingly manic Zoe ball. I'd have prefred Coxy. If any company think they're worth more, theyll have them. (Ken Bruce is worth every penny).
  9. Dutch did a survey and in real world conditions it was more likely 3%.
  10. Generation kill was a cracker. Little birds wasn’t bad. I get your need for shorter, punchier series - will binge Des but as I haven’t watched it yet, can’t say either way.
  11. And now they've closed a testing centre so it can be turned into a post-brexit lorry park. Go home 2020, you're drunk. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-kent-54158100
  12. You won, we've left, you voted him in - it's all your fault. Fix it without shaming the country.
  13. One that has to break a deal despite them saying it was "oven ready". Hmmm.
  14. I think Nicola sturgeon has but I'm not sure she's got much in the way of answers.
  15. Stick with fringe, it's brilliant. Couldn't be more different to blind spot- think X files or even Lost. Meanwhile, at Tinfoil Towers, just finished I hate Suzie. Former child star life spins off the rails. Billie Piper is superb in it. A bit risque in places but just good observational drama/comedy.
  16. Yeah, just bin the contract that had already been signed. That’s very much on trend at the moment.
  17. That's a different question though - you asked for an example and got one. It can be done, not always with just apps - but Iceland had a 38% uptake. Germany hasn't had the same uptake for an app but where our numbers have shot up, Germany's went up and are levelling off again. They've not locked everything down, so what have they done?
  18. So you want to break international law (like blair did) and you don't think that will hurt our international reputation (like the Iraq war did). Did somebody say double standards? Any way, what do you think about the Japan trade deal and specifically the bit about state aid? Or do we bin that as well as we see fit?
  19. South Korea and has done since March or April.
  20. Colgate do a sensitive version as well. The boffins there managed to isolate a single pore (right word?) in a tooth under microscope and then find exactly the same spot after a week or so to prove the toothpaste does it's job.
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