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  1. You know what I mean. I’ve only come across this in Sheffield, nowhere else. What if the hill isn’t that steep, what if there’s a dip?
  2. Yet over the border, sturgeon and Ruth Davidson both seem better leaders than anything we’ve got.
  3. The old “give way because you’re going up hill” one. I was not taught this at all.
  4. Have they received cuts like England and Scotland has?
  5. It's an odd thing to suddenly decide to nationalise. But, it benefits everyone, and ironically, if you need to apply for universal credit, you have to do it on-line. But who is doing tech support etc?
  6. Yes yes, these people. The people who rush up to a roundabout with no indicator forcing you to stop - they're going straight on aren't they. No, they're turning left. Yes, these people. When I'm king, I will have these people executed on live TV.
  7. What are you getting for that? Whats the brexit total so £6.4bn? Anyway you’ve got brexit company, sorry party candidates suing Nigel because he’s pulled the rug from under them. Some of them have invested hundreds, and now they’ve lost the lot and not even started. Hilarious.
  8. I think anyone who has willingly given farage money isn't in any position to call any one mad.
  9. The record is Leroy rosenior, who lasted a whopping 600 seconds.
  10. I rattled through Criminal: UK on Netflix. Not bad, but not as good as it thought it was.
  11. Yeah, not something about diesel but quite specifically brexit. Blue passports though.....
  12. It was a cracker. I loved the graphic match scene in the car when the camera panned round them and their ages changed, brilliant work. But watch the first series, believe it or not it's even better!
  13. I take it you don't think she has a point then?
  14. To be fair large chunks of the tory party (and all the brexit party) still think we're fighting world war 2. We haven't moved on from it as a nation. It effected the the referendum and its going to effect the election as well.
  15. I would pause now I'm getting on a bit. Launching 120 warheads, safe in the knowledge that all those who launched warheads at us are safe in bunker seems a bit pointless. You're just killing millions of ordinary people for, at best, spite.
  16. Because the tories wouldn’t have it and they had the whip hand. They thought that they could temper Tory excesses and maybe they did with some issues, but they lost all integrity and the tories binned all the better ideas as soon as they could anyway. Given that, I don’t blame swinson for not lining up potential coalitions straight off the bat.
  17. But really the second they are launched at us, they’ve failed.
  18. But he hasn’t had nick Robinson grilling him over it though has he? Speaking of hard to believe, I’d normally find it hard to believe that a PM doesn’t know his own brexit plan (May, for her many many faults knew hers) but he doesn’t.
  19. You could have just stopped there. If we are considering launching our nuclear weapons then the UK will be a smoking crater before Boris could say "whoops!"
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