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  1. And bring in who? Top 3 has been a work in progress since Strauss left. Selection has been awful - bairestow has been "rested" but has been smacking a white ball around for fun. I'm not saying he'd have faired much better than bracey with the bat (taking in the change from white ball to red ball battimg) but he's be better with the gloves, you might as will stick cymbals on braceys gloves. No spinner? Twice? Root bowled 13 overs yesterday - day 2. Do silverwood and root trust leach or Bess? I'm not convinced they do, and after India I'm not sure I blame them. Yes, we are missing stokes and butler, but NZ were missing 3 or 4 first choice players. We can call it a side in transition but its all over the place. India and the Aussies are going to give us quite a spanking.
  2. I hope not - although you're not the first person I've seen say this. I'm in bother if this happens.
  3. Shows are on at 50% capacity as far as I know - just not many.
  4. It's your right to do that. THE MAN shouldn't stop you - and hurl abuse at any low wage workers who try to stop you.
  5. Agreed. We've done the hard yards - multiple working vaccines being administered at incredible levels, let's not balls it up now.
  6. Steady on, that's sensible and mirrors what's happened on the two previous waves. You wanna go maskless like toppers and start kissing coughing tramps.
  7. Sheffield forum 2021 ladies and gentlemen. Nonces - it's ok if it's young Asian girls.
  8. Are you paying the fines for them?
  9. I've spent alot of years arguing with closed minded ****wits, I've stopped making the same effort I used to.
  10. But they're going up now in hot spots and those hot spots are spreading
  11. Oh, so the NUT concerns were specifically for Sheffield.
  12. https://schoolsweek.co.uk/covid-19-almost-1-in-3-bolton-secondary-pupils-absent-as-delta-variant-surges/
  13. Netflix. Prime. Now Tv. Britbox. All4. Discovery Plus. Disney plus. UKTV player. BBC iPlayer. The weather has been beautiful for a week and set fair for the weekend. Euro 2020 starts tomorrow. If you have sat through the first one and not enjoyed it and are planning on watching the second one, give your head a wobble.
  14. That suggests all countries are the same - the gap between rich and poor is the same, that politicians are all on the Rob and it's citizens just want to grab as much as they can and **** the rest. Now that is definately the case in this country, and America. I'd suggest Scandinavia has a different have a smaller gap between rich and poor, politicians in New Zealand have voted against a pay rise (or voted for a pay cut) and corruption isn't rife there like it is here. We are not "normal" in this country, compared with an awful lot of others. Whilst you and ecconoob make valid points about here, it's not like that every where.
  15. Yeah, sports kit manufacturers will be your one and very probably only bet unless they're going to be on telly very often or they have social media followers in the 10s of thousands.
  16. I'd note that it is a large village in north east derbyshire not part of sheffield. How best to put it - attitudes might be much different in one place than another.
  17. Yep. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prisoners_with_whole-life_orders
  18. Leaving out James Ward Prowse is a mistake. The squad is carrying too many unfit players, and too many "well he can do a job there" out of position players. Semi finals would be a very good result.
  19. It is not possible for an AZ vaccine to change your DNA any more than a flu jab vaccine will change your DNA.
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