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  1. Did he offer anything tangible or did you just get a nice email?
  2. If we get a no deal brexit, Scotland will leave, northern Ireland will join Ireland. Britain will cease to exist. It's you that's being anti- British by continuing support a no deal brexit. And, again, you can't see that either.
  3. Boris, Gove, Davis were all unequivocal on this - we'd get a deal. A great deal!
  4. We need to do something a bit radical. We've been bowled for under 100 FOUR times this year. And it's not even finished yet! Laberschange did have a couple of lives today including the dolly that root dropped. But he's had the entire 4 day county season to get his eye in. But, fear not the ECB are on the case. Next year we'll see a reworking of the 4 game with more time and money pumped into it, with the very best English coaches at the forefront. What was that? No, my mistake, the ECB are putting all their energy into a stupid one day jamboree using a format that nobody else uses and all the teams have foreign coaches. Hmmm.
  5. More lies billy liar. Im hoping our country doesn’t commit economic suicide in the vague hope of keeping the tory party together. Anti british? I’m not, you are and you can’t even see it. That is an excellent question.
  6. Craghoppers do clothing with sun protection factor 50 built in I think. Here we go. https://www.craghoppers.com/men/shop-by/promotional_category_en_gb/sun_protective_clothing/
  7. It's just a shambles, wafting at wide ones or get strangled down the leg side. The Aussie bowling isn't bad, it's got a bit of pep but its hardly hooping round corners. The Aussie bats clearly aren't brilliant either, we are just much worse. When we get beaten by other teams, we "learn lessons" but at least when we get thumped by the Aussies changes - for better or worse - are made. Expect big changes by the end of September (except the captain, we don't sack them anymore).
  8. And I’ll keep calling you a liar billy liar if you keep lying. I’ve shown you link after link after link - different sources too - and you keep trotting out the same lies. It’s not ignorance any more. Others have pointed this out as well. But, if the EU hadn’t bailed Greece out (and the UK gave non- eu related money as well if memory serves) what do you think would have happened? How do think Boris will spend the money when he isn’t spending £100m of tax payers money on leaflets telling us that food shortages in the event of a no deal brexit is a price worth paying? If you think it’s the NHS you’re dafter than I thought. Farage and trump are already lining up the vultures to pick that apart. EDIT - L00b inadvertently corrected me, it wasn’t Greece it was Ireland.
  9. I pondered quite hard over my post last night. Surely woakes won’t be batting at lunch I thought. We’re crap but not that bad. Warm day, cloudless skies. One or two might give their wicket away but I didn’t think 4 or 5 would, by lunch. The absolute state of English cricket - batting at any rate. Thank you sir. I know more in principle that our top 7 by the look of it.
  10. No he won’t, he’ll blame somebody else, the telegraph and express will help him. In fact they already are.
  11. The one that took Smith out in the last test was an absolute brute of a ball, made better (or worse I guess) by the fact it wasn’t a number 11 but the best batsman in the world at the moment in the form of his life on 70. But archer did show today he can bowl on off stump and not get too obsessed with the short stuff. I say not too obsessed because we bowled too short, too often or searched for magic balls today and let the Aussies have 50 more runs than they should have got. Woakes - who I’m a fan of - was shocking in the main. I hope he bats well, and sadly I expect to see him batting before tea. Will we get more than 179? I don’t know. Their bowlers are no mugs and our batsmen, frankly, are. But we can still win it. The weather should be better so I don’t expect a draw.
  12. Totally agree. If they’re lying, they’re lying. Let’s not tip toe round it anymore. They can’t keep taking the **** and getting away with it.
  13. When you pick it up remember to lift with your knees and not your back.
  14. Utterly delusional. They'll never own. It will be EUs fault, then remainers fault. Then they'll start on minorities. It will never be farage or Johnson at all, or other brexiteers.
  15. Killing Eve series 2. Jodie Comer is fantastic again but I felt the whole thing is starting to feel bit, for want of a better word, smug?
  16. Silly rabbit, that money isn’t going to the nhs, and we won’t be upgrading what we have. We can’t upgrade much of what we’ve got, we are hitting capacity now, let alone in 10 or 20 years time. For my money, it will still go to Birmingham possibly Manchester, but the Leeds spur will be done and finished. But surely if we are putting in a new line it might be an idea to move up from Victorian technology.
  17. No, I read the tweet, it's completely unambiguous. A country won't sell him a large chunk of their territory and he chucks his toys out the pram. Is it too outlandish to suggest he might try and take it anyway?
  18. HS2 is now up for review. Closing........... HS2: Review to examine costs and benefits of rail project https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49420332
  19. I watched a programme tonight and he was English working with his Irish cousin, in Ireland. His dad worked at Buckingham palace!
  20. The guy who I read seemed to think France was sorted. I'll find the link. Worth pointing out though that Rotterdam is by the biggest port in Europe (the world?) So their staffing issues might be bigger.
  21. Delays of stuff going into France, no there won’t be. ANPR cameras are up, lots of new staff trained and ready to go. Systems in place. Do we have those things? No we do not.
  22. I’m sure Johnson will make it easier for people to sell their non-essential body parts.
  23. Angel and certainly Francois won’t give a **** about any of that. They really really don’t care.
  24. There’s a place in killamarsh that fixed my mates drill - powertech industrial.
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