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  1. I think it will be weather dependant. If it looks like rain it will pass without any trouble.
  2. Unless you're thinking "young" is people in their 50s a d 60s, that's just nonsense. Look at what the presenters of radio 2 get paid!
  3. He's owning the libs for a £199 per year subscription. https://www.cityam.com/control-or-catastrophe-farage-fortune-freedom-and-a-199-subscription/
  4. He's bucceneering on the high seas pointing at immigrants whilst at the same trying to persuade people to invest with him AND setting up a new party - REFUK. Isn't it just.
  5. He's in charge - more often than sailing against the scientific wind- so yeah, some of it is at his door. He's giving billions to his mates - without any oversight - , letting other mates (dominic) do what he likes and has a cabinet of people happy to flip, not on scientific or their own advisors but social media. And they're utterly corrupt when it comes to dishing out contracts during a pandemic. Theyre thick as a boxing day turd and think we are too. Have I missed anything? He's wrong.
  6. I've got double snowflakes from 8-2 On my weather app in S21 but I don't think I'll see much. Wouldn't fancy the woodhead or snake tomorrow though.
  7. You can only do what you can do. I did some work at my mum's house today. I wore a mask because the virus doesn't understand bubbles. I can't stop antimaskers doing what they do, I can't stop house parties, I can't hold the government to account for things I think they've failed on - not yet anyway.
  8. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/scotland/brexit-fisheries-minister-did-not-read-deal-as-she-was-very-busy-organising-local-nativity-trail/amp/?__twitter_impression=true This government is the living breathing embodiment of a clown car.
  9. Digital radio. Looks like a normal one but you get much more stations. But you'd like podcasts. Hundreds of true crime ones on Spotify etc.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52637354 This is current. That said, just because you're in a bubble it doesn't make anyone immune.
  11. Not everything is about Jeremy bloody corbyn. Corbyn was an over promoted back bencher. Trump is a huge liar. I don't need the media to misrepresent him, I just listen to the words coming out of his mouth. I've no idea why you're giving a dangerous right wing nut bag any credit at all. He does bring people together.
  12. Happy to dismiss them as facists if that helps.
  13. I'd imagine there are alot of Americans who are quite happy not to be coming together with wannabe facists like trump.
  14. If this happened in any other country we'd point and laugh. And use it as an excuse to reduce foreign aid.
  15. No staff for nightingale hospitals. Care homes have staff. And great swathes of care home staff and residents have been vaccinated. The other reason it's spreading - even at "covid safe" workplaces is when some people have to isolate, they can't afford to and go to work anyway.
  16. You don't think that cronyism hasn't got worse with this particular government?
  17. So everyone has to run or cycle? Hogwash. They were walking, not sitting, not standing. Maybe you try and con the police, I don't. If that's the case SYP could literally fine thousands of people a day at rother valley country park (And no doubt others) who have the audacity to take a brew with them when they walk round a lake with temperatures just above zero. Of course he should be criticised, hes running the country not the Dog and Duck. Set an example man. That said, if he's cycled to the Olympic park I'd have less of an issue - 7 miles isn't much on bike. Downing Street refused to confirm or deny that so we are to draw our own conclusions. Heaven help anyone who gives a straight answer.
  18. Are you against chronism and wasting tax payers money?
  19. They've got their tentacles everywhere - universities, military, schools.
  20. "We shouldn't give food vouchers to feed children, the parents will exchange them for drugs", said Mansfield MP Ben Bradley last year. Obviously what would be better if the government gave a big stack of money to Compass (Tory donors, former CEO I believe was a spad for cameron) to charge the public purse £30 A head to provide £5 of food. Go on, tell me we aren't living in a banana republic.
  21. You're comparing 1938 - 1945 Hitler to trump. I'm comparing 1935 Hitler to trump. You look how they both manipulate their followers and have a guess on what he'd do if - and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence some of his followers would have done it - they'd have lynched Pelosi? EDIT: he's still not dialing back the rhetoric, and we might not have heard the last of it. BBC News - Capitol riots: FBI warnings amid fears of more pro-Trump violence https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55625707
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