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  1. Ramsdale £43k a week is eye watering, two consecutive relegations!!!
  2. Its already too late, this side has nothing to give.
  3. If this were true your away form should have at least picked up a decent a few points, it hasn't.
  4. Its irrelevant who manages the side while ever that idiot is chairman.
  5. When the council made the ridiculous decision to empty bins containing food waste only once a fortnight it was pointed out that this would lead to a rat problem, lo and behold what do we now have, if brains were dynamite they wouldn't blow their cap off.
  6. Brentford on an uncharacteristic bad run, that will end on Wednesday.
  7. When DC allowed to Monk to bring in a few players in the summer transfer window not one striker was bought in, I said at the time it was a recipe for disaster as that should have been the priority position to fill.
  8. The second was a perfectly good tackle and he clearly won the ball, never a yellow in a million years.
  9. I have slated the Premier League many times on these and other pages and was told I was just jealous and had United fans sending "We Are Premier League" my way, its funny how the same fans are agreeing with nearly every point I raised.
  10. Thats why I said "if we can keep up the home form", its over now I've resigned myself to L1, whatever will be will be, I'll still be there when fans can attend again.
  11. The original terms were up to 2020, this was extended to 2023, you stated there had been no formal change to the terms, its you that's in the wrong. Next season will be very interesting and will prove who's correct.
  12. Our home form is currently ok, teams in the bottom half of the table won't win every week (see tonights results) if we can keep up the home form and get the odd point away we might just scrape it, just.
  13. A deserved loss in the end in a game where a draw would have been seen as a good enough result, disappointing.
  14. Their finances are a concern, they have a huge loan that has to be paid back by 2023, it was taken out with a view to being paid back from Premier League money, its going to be a rocky road especially without fans in the ground to top up the coffers.
  15. I think West Ham put the final nail in United's coffin tonight, they'd have to more than treble their points tally in the remainder of the season to even have a chance.
  16. Alonso looks like a bit of a chancer, Geoff Sheard look legitimate in comparison.
  17. A long, long way to go but for a morale boost we needed this win, good all round team performance brings a good few other teams into the relegation dogfight.
  18. An absolute must win on so many levels, unfortunately we've been found wanting against big, physical sides so victory is far from guaranteed.
  19. Having the worst start in football history and currently the joint worst points total is hardly something to be proud of, losing by one goal gets you the same points tally as losing by 6.
  20. Ramsdale is a decent shot stopper but prone to costly mistakes, the lack of clean sheets and two possible consecutive relegations gives you a clue to his shortcomings.
  21. United would have to go on a run to rival a title winning side to escape the inevitable now, with the personnel at their disposal that won't happen.
  22. What a bizarre game, we looked great for half an hour and made Millwall look very poor, once they got the penalty they were the far better side, Westwood kept the score down. Wycombe now a must win but the future looks bleak.
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