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  1. It probably wouldn't stand up to viewing today but I used to like Race With The Devil (1975) not seen to many other of Fonda's films.
  2. What type of gutter is it? A colleague of mine might be interested, send me a PM.
  3. Wilder's done a fantastic job but he needs to drop this sort of thing now, trying to appeal to "Bladesmen" too much.
  4. The left hand side one in particular looks amazing.
  5. Most cards are contactless now so no need for remembering PIN number.
  6. Millwall play long ball, rough house tactics so it will be a very different game to the last two, winnable but they won't be push overs. 1-1
  7. Been cashless at Hillsborough for two seasons, keep up.
  8. I was quite surprised how many fans were slating his team selection before the game, he's proved time and again that mostly the players he picks will do him a job. Ten, we had one sent off.
  9. You don't have to take the effort to type in capitals for my benefit, I despise the Premier League.
  10. Unfortunately its the form at the time of the game that counts not 5 years of previous history.
  11. So you can celebrate a draw when its a little against the odds then?
  12. Sounds good when you say it like that, when you state the facts it looks very different, the Owls were in poor form, had loads of players out injured, had a manager who'd been in the job 4 days, were up against a team who were flying and who 99% of fans expected to win the game by a good margin, we also when down to 10 men and could have won it with Reach's shot late on, thats the reason there was relief and a celebration at the end. You called it a 0-0 win can we call yours a 1-1 win due to the wild celebrations.
  13. Celebrating a draw?? Surely not.
  14. Sorry we should ask the EFL to give us the harder fixtures first, I assume you took points off Reading when you went up.
  15. Acrypol is also another great product, coat it over the cracks and it will solve your problem.
  16. Barnsley had a great win last week v Fulham with that and it being a derby I expected a tough game, Barnsley were never at the races. The Owls wern't at their best yet still won the game comfortably, the score margin could have been much more. What pleased me was the way we harried Barnsley and won the ball back from them on numerous occasions. Very, very early days but can't fault the start.
  17. Sadly I can't see Bury being able to fulfill this or any other fixtures TBH.
  18. A little disappointed not to get Hector but Borner looks good so far and Bates has a good rep in that position, we've needed pace for years, we've now got it in abundance, the squad looks far more balanced, its been a good window.
  19. I despise Sky I can fully understand the bashing.
  20. I'm guessing they are looking for alternatives as Chelsea are holding out for £5m for Hector.
  21. Massimo Luongo confirmed. Loan deal for Jacob Murphy said to be close. No word on Hector as yet.
  22. I never understand fans saying that they are not bothered what they do in the Prem they'll make a packet out of it, Huddersfield won three games last season, THREE - as a paying fan it would be no consolation to now know the club have received £100m for the wretched season I'd just sat through. You can't even look forward to a cup run as teams are that scared of losing Prem status they field weakened teams.
  23. I think its around £5m in total I agree that some of the add on's will never happen but It think they would have taken it over £5m, the 20% sell on fee was a also a good idea. You say he won't get 20 goals then see he's the only forward we have capable of 20??
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