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  1. blackydog

    Blades v Boro

    "Thanks" HM. Obviously not the views shared by (presumably) the Weds "fans" who shouted *****ng p*g at us Wednesday night as they drove past as we were crossing Devonshire St. We being myself and 2 young lads. As was mentioned earlier in the thread, "class is permanent" or in this case the lack of it. UTB.
  2. blackydog

    Blades v Villa

    Thanks for the expert summary.
  3. blackydog

    Understanding the universe.

    Maybe, but this is well received and looks to fit my bill. It also needs to be portable and compact-ish. I don't intend to sit there for hours just the odd hour, including taking it on holiday in this country. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube-dobsonian-telescope.html
  4. blackydog

    Understanding the universe.

    Would like a telescope for viewing the galaxy, stars and closer planets. Up to £100, any qualified suggestions please?
  5. "Serves who right"? The result in Wales almost exactly mirrored the UK result. Almost half wanted to stay in the EU.
  6. blackydog

    Drakehouse Car Parks

    I have done the same many, many times over the years and haven't been tagged, so been very lucky. Following your post I won't do it again! I'll advise my wife too, we would both rather walk than drive a few yards but won't risk it now. Also in addition to your post, bear in mind that Sam Jones gym has it's own dedicated parking area in the "Argos / Boots" car park. There us a sign up explaining this but initially you mistake it for one of the usual ones. I did park here once and didn't notice the sign's different warning until I got back. Again got lucky and not tagged.
  7. Can't work out if it's tongue in cheek or not but even so, doesn't it make you want to throw up
  8. blackydog

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    A nasty trait that has also been passed on to the offspring. Charles, Andrew and Anne just as bad. Not noticed it so much in the grand kids, except perhaps Andrew's kids who seem to have a similar sense of entitlement. They are really not a good advertisement for this country. (Please, please don't reply with the tourism nonsense) I'd also like my contribution to the royals to be refunded please, but we know that's not going to be an option.
  9. blackydog

    Homeless read this .

    Wasting your time with the sycophants mate, they only see it one way. Leave them to their little flags and brown tongues.
  10. Hi all. Anyone know of a snooker club that allows a 12 year old to play along with an adult?
  11. blackydog

    Blades v blackburn.

    C*n*d*Bl*d* ?? Can't spell it out or it will get removed. If so I remember his jousts with certain posters when I first joined. Hope he's well.
  12. blackydog

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    The biggest crooks are Camelot, 2 numbers 2 stars £8.50!!!!
  13. blackydog

    How to upgrade to win 10

    I used that link above. Upgraded 2 W8 PCs to W10. No issues whatsoever.
  14. blackydog

    Adverts that annoy..

    Trivento adverts on Quest. That bunch of smarmy <removed> doing absolutely nothing them grinning cheesily.

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