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  1. Only just seen this, bit of a shock. I'm sure there would be more comments if it was in the "History and expats" section. I'll report my own post or failing that one of the others with a request to move it if that's ok? I suspect there's many more stories to be told here 😉
  2. Not just EVs have LED headlights. I did say VW did too.
  3. Not strictly appropriate to my original thread question but as part of buyer due diligence, I have looked at some replacement parts for the EV Leaf and also ICE VW T-Cross. The higher spec models have LED headlights in which the "bulb" cannot be replaced alone. Unit replacements are approx £800 and £900 each!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ Easier said than done though. Just imagine being kicked out by your parents at 15 or 16 and having NOWHERE to go.
  5. It was a warning to the OP to be aware of extra taxes she might face when buying an additional property. Be a little less sarcastic, please
  6. Yeah, you knew exactly what I meant.
  7. Going to this one but not that optimistic. Another draw would suit me. Of course if they fanny about in defence like they are prone to it might play right into our hands. Mousse and Goldie to start.
  8. Risky strategy in my eyes, buying in an area you know nothing about. Why can't you "invest" closer to home? Some of the areas you have listed in Sheffield are nearer the bottom of the desirability list than the top, you must have similar nearer home? Don't forget to add stamp duty to your costs if it is an additional property.
  9. Not taking the pee, but does the threat of global warning not worry you? living so close to sea level. £150k investment in Skeggy may turn out to be a very bad one.
  10. You sound like someone happy to accept mediocrity and poor service. Fortunately I am not, you live in your 1960s world and I'll strive to live in the modern one. NHS is not a free service, and it should operate professionally, in my experience it doesn't and needs a long due overhaul. Note I am also a full time worker, not like some of the malingerers you see sat in the waiting room, I can't afford to be sat around for hours (time to get there early, sat waiting, time to get back to work). In my job, I make an effort to keep my appointments, not resort to excuses.
  11. That's not how their system is meant to work. If the consultation needs more time (non urgent) then they should book another appointment. There is the facility to book double appointments for complicated matters. The doctor "taking as long as it takes" might work for that particular patient but screws up the timing for the following 20 or so.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/nov/02/fracking-banned-in-uk-as-government-makes-major-u-turn
  13. What should my expectations be? Happy with a 3-4 week wait? Be happy that just because they have a failed appointment that I have taken, it's ok to leave me sat there for the best part of an hour? Really? The GP service at CP, is in my opinion, very poor. If I'm given a cancelled appointment at short notice I'm still expected to turn up on time, If I'm late I will face an infraction. Accepting a poor service generally means that's what you will end up with. It's not free (for me anyway) and I have little choice except to take the very expensive private route, whilst still paying for the NHS option.
  14. It was a cancellation. Why don't they make you aware of the delay when you sign in, instead of letting you sit there like a lemon, getting more and more wound up. I really dislike that place anyway but changing even if possible, might just be out of the frying pan and into the fire.
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