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  1. He says you're doing a great job, she reports you to the council??? Is there more to this story?
  2. With all respect, I have to question your answer, where I think you have been economical with the explanation. If they are not permitted to kill each other within the teachings of the Quran, then why are they doing it? Surely they may as well have been drinking alcohol as to the notice they are taking of their (your) God? You also say it can be resolved but offer no suggestions as to how. After, as you say, centuries of disagreement and violence, there has been no advancement towards a resolution, then it could safely be argued there isn't going to be one any time soon.
  3. And thank you for answering. I have another question if you don't mind. I believe there is distinct disagreement, in fact even the cause of death and war due to the succession of power following the prophets death. A dispute questioning whether family or friend of Muhammed should become the rightful successor. Hundreds of years on this is still lethally splitting a religion supposedly followed by peaceful and forgiving believers. How are these fellow followers permitted to kill each other within the teachings of the Quran? Can this EVER be resolved? **Not trying to **** stir**
  4. Really? Isn't it his religious duty to convert and recruit? "Muslims around the world agree that Islam is the one true faith that leads to salvation. Many Muslims also say it is their religious duty to convert others to Islam." pew research centre p.s note my avatar for my beliefs 😉
  5. I pulled into the college car park and looked through your purse hoping to find something with your number or address, Problem was I felt guilty even looking through it, as it felt like I was doing something wrong!
  6. Morrison's have rolled out home delivery across many more stores this last few weeks. I got a start doing home delivery for them from someone I knew who worked there. All the applications I made for similar online came to nothing.
  7. I want one but what's the point if I can't legally use it anywhere.
  8. Too far away and as far as I understand all fracking licences have been cancelled.
  9. Twice over the last couple of weeks I have heard loud bangs in the early hours of the morning. The first time it sounded like a proper explosion, then on Friday it happened again and was followed by 5-6 of what sounded like gunshots. I'm talking proper bangs here, I thought the first one was a gas explosion or something. Anyone else heard it?
  10. BT Premium mesh not well thought of by reviewers BT Premium whole home wifi reviews
  11. Thanks, but there's certainly no UPS in the equation. 😉 Leaning towards this now, 3 years security included by which time it will be outdated anyway. TPLink Deco m5 it's also extendable up to 9 units.
  12. I saw your purse fly off the roof of your car and intended to follow you home but by the time I stopped and picked it up you'd gone. Was hoping you might get it before cancelling all your cards etc. I did look for a phone number or address in your purse but couldn't find anything hence handing it in at moss way Glad you got it back. 😉
  13. Using that now, it's a bit hit and miss. As far as I can make out, it's the security side that attracts a subscription, e.g. in some full parental controls are only available by subscription. I did receive a reply form a retailer that says the system I quoted in the OP can be set up without subscription. Most seem to be set up via an app though rather than "plug and play".
  14. If anyone knows a lady called Sarah Worne, presumably form the Crystal Peaks area, could they ask her to contact Moss Way police station urgently, thanks.
  15. Don't have great connectivity upstairs even with a range extender so been looking at something like NETGEAR RBR10 Orbi AC1200 WiFi 5 Mesh Router. the one with 3 units. Seems well thought of and not too expensive. I don't want to be roped into a subscription though to use all it's offerings which seems to be the case with some of these mesh systems. Anyone got any experience of a mesh system in use and pros and cons? Thanks.
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