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  1. If I couldn't find a better job, then I would work in KFC (for example) but that doesn't mean I would expect others to, if they didn't want that type of work. For the record, I eat KFC maybe once a year. Don't agree with the way the birds are treated during rearing.
  2. I don't remember much about the original "Olive Grove" garage. I don't think it lasted long. I seem to remember people starting there (when I was at Central Works) and being on the "dead" shift i.e. permanent afternoons. This would have been in the years just before deregulation. Maybe 1885?? I know there are other former SYPTE employees on here and certain they also worked, albeit temporary at "Olive Grove". I also seem to remember one of the apprentice's dad was the manager there but can't remember names.
  3. I don't think this is quite correct. I worked at all the former SYPTE bus garages. It was 35 years ago though so memory may be a little off. This is how I remember it. The bus garage referred to as "East Bank" was actually on the East Bank road end of Olive Grove rd. It did back onto East Bank rd, but I don't think there was access that way. It is now known as "Olive Grove road depot". There was another bus garage further along Olive Grove road at the Midhill rd end of Olive Grove rd. This is now called Olive Grove depot, but I don't think it is a bus garage anymore, probably a council site. SUT was opposite the garage referred to as "East Bank" and ran parallel to the offshoot of Charlotte Rd. I was once offered a job there working shifts repairing buses at £2.40 / hour. I politely declined. Both "East Bank" and "Olive Grove" bus garages existed at the same.
  4. Sort of. My wife's family still live there. The area was set aside for immigrants.
  5. Wasn't it Pakistani landlords who first started renting properties in this area to Rome etc? From memory might be wrong.
  6. "Alleged" but still a £12m payout. Why payout for something you aren't guilty of? That will be a no then. Thought so. you - I love the queen me. me - why? you - err... Typical of your average royalist to be fair.
  7. Don't think this is the first time I have asked you, and you still haven't offered an answer as to why you love royalty so much. Your choice of course whether you answer, but as it stands it appears you don't have any reasons. I, on the other hand have given numerous reasons, as to why I think the monarchy should be abolished. I don't wish death on the queen but when it does happen, I will see it as the sad death of a person, no more.
  8. Ignoring pillocks but happy to bail out alleged nonces. Do you actually have any good reasons for fawning over royalty?
  9. Oh sorry, you're not human. Forgive me, easy mistake to make.
  10. "I'm still trying to figure out the asymetric feelings of the common folk towards Royalty." You can have my feelings. I think I'm common but then where is the line drawn? I despise them as the head of the horrible perceived class system. I despise them for their greed and arrogance. I disagree with someone being born into a job / role, especially head of state. I don't like hypocrites ( prince Charles - climate ). I don't understand why people fawn over them and stand out in the rain waving a little flag. I despise being referred to as one of their subjects, I am not. If, in the very slim chance I came near to ANY of them, I would treat them exactly as I would treat anyone else. They are just human, like you and me. If they were born into a normal life, I suspect they would be very unremarkable. None of them are majestic. It is a stupid description. Covering someone in jewellery to make them look special is just laughable. I despise them because they are secretive and sly, and get exemptions from the rules we have to follow, to conceal their behaviour.
  11. Two old ladies. Apparently one is majestic. Spot the difference...
  12. Why shouldn't she comment. Not everyone is taken in by this repugnant family. There's enough blind sycophantic support on here. If you need someone to adore, why not choose someone inspirational? Someone who has achieved more than just being born.
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