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  1. Transparency and royalty don't go together. The queen has exemptions to the rules that we have to adhere to.
  2. Really? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59977517
  3. School (and family) are where the foundations are laid for society. It does seem to have fell apart a bit.
  4. You invited that when you called anti-monarchists "blinkered socialists" then went on to say "god save the queen", suggests you are not a socialist, hence the opposite, right wing.
  5. It's intrinsically wrong. Let me give you an example. At birth you are told you will be a roofer, that's it no options. As you get older you develop vertigo, and you're hopeless with your hands anyway. You really wanted to be an actor but you can't, you have to be a roofer, and you're useless at it. Now I appreciate this can work both ways, but person is born to queen. That person will be monarch one day. Doesn't matter if said person is thick as two short planks, they will be monarch, and remain so even if they are useless. At least the elected option will be someone who wants to be Head of State and will have to convince others that he / she will be capable. If they turn out to be crap they get replaced.
  6. Coronation St is now as miserable as Eastenders. What happened to the witty storylines of years ago. BOOORINGG.
  7. Haha, calls people blinkered then uses the term "God save the Queen". Here's some words from me. Sycophant, plebeian, serf.
  8. It was an example of how drugs might be purchased if they became legal. If they were legal, no reason why Tesco or others wouldn't stock them. Albeit with age restrictions, as there are on other products such as alcohol. As regards price, many of us are prepared to pay for quality and even brand. It isn't just down to price.
  9. @dave_the_m You make some reasonable points. And I agree with your conclusion that poor quality is the biggest threat. What does bother me though, is that making narcotics available legally, would open the market to many new users, many of them that may not have tried them when they were illegal. I don't think I'm ready for my son and daughter, to be able to purchase smack from Tesco. There is a huge issue with prescription opioids in America because of their easy availability. Credit for making the effort though.
  10. The Mafia is an illegal operation that succeeds through violence, bribery and other questionable means. Supporting the Mafia is often not a choice. Speak out and you end up with concrete boots and a swim. Royalty openly act questionably, and still get the support of millions, by CHOICE!
  11. Congratulations Barbados. Our turn soon?
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