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  1. blackydog

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Watched the game last night, bit merry from our own celebrations but looked more like the Wednesday of the PO final season.
  2. blackydog

    Underfloor heating

    I have bought 4 electric underfloor heating kits from Wickes in the past. I have 2 joined together in the downstairs bathroom and one in the kitchen and one in the upstairs bathroom. They have been in for years and I recently tiled over the tiles in 2 of the rooms when we refurbished them. I have had no problems whatsoever. They have all been down a minimum of 5 years. My electric / gas costs appox £170 / month in a 3 double bed house, 2 adults 2 kids.
  3. blackydog

    spanish property

    Think it was "A place in the sun" I was watching said distress sales in Spain were now pretty much a thing of the past. Can you really get something for £40k?
  4. blackydog

    Sheffield United v Bristol City

    It was a suggestion not a criticism.
  5. blackydog

    Sheffield United v Bristol City

    It's a home match mate, come down to the 'Lane?
  6. blackydog

    Online ticket sales at Bramall Lane

    https://www.sufc.co.uk/2019-20-season-tickets?utm_source=AIRSHIP&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=Season Ticket holders 1920 renewal Alternatively, you can still renew in person at the Stadium Ticket Office or over the telephone on 0114 253 7200 (Option 1). * Please note a £1 booking fee per season ticket applies to all telephone orders and unfortunately, we no longer accept cheques as a method of payment.
  7. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    So we carry on as we then? That'll work.
  8. blackydog


    Oh yeah, with our record! FA will deduct us points for collaboration!!
  9. blackydog

    Climate change protests

  10. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    Why not listen to what they have to say? https://rebellion.earth/
  11. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    I'm no fan of SCC but I do know they have a battle to keep services running due to funding cuts. So no money for compulsory purchases etc to create cycle lanes etc. Lack or rail investment? HS2 ? Although i'm no fan of that either. I agree on the point re discount stores to a degree, but a lot of the stuff they sell is home grown, sweets, crisps, toothpastes, canned food for example.
  12. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    I already answered this, The station is a high pollution point. From the Sheffield Star. ( I won't link as the ads are horrendous) Sheffield station was recently named by Friends of the Earth as one of Britain's 10 most polluted spots outside London, with average levels of ..
  13. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    You will agree, lots of small changes can become a significant one? We ARE NOT doing anything like enough to address the problem. Hardly anyone is. It's going to take huge changes in lifestyle to stop the rot. Personally I think it has gone too far already. Would you have preferred the protest in the middle of a field somewhere, where no one would be disrupted by it (or even see it)?
  14. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    Sorry I'm not that smart and I know it, all I can do is help to raise awareness, and those that are smart enough and have the resources might respond. I hadn't realised how important your job was that it's more important than the future health of the planet, but I suppose it's a case of your job and everyone else's too is more important, so we have to carry on as usual. Ah well sod the future, sod the kids growing up now who will be left to deal with the problem when it's too late.
  15. blackydog

    Climate change protests

    You realise that spot outside the station is one of the worst for air pollution outside of London? Everyone driving past there is helping to create that.

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