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  1. It may not be inactivity. Being able to afford it means you can choose what you do, not be told what to do by someone else. Personally I'm all geared up to finish at 59 (after working from age 16). I want to visit places I have never been, play more golf, run more and if the legs haven't gone even a little football. I may also do a little part time work of my choice, not work I am forced into to survive.
  2. Trainline. Changing to St Pancras route shows no changes. The options for Kings Cross or St Pancras are very similar.
  3. Both changes are at Donny OUT Thu 12 Sep 2019 Sheffield to London Kings Cross 10:11 12:30 2h 19m, 1 change Price£27.00 Only 2 left Price£182.50 IN Fri 13 Sep 2019 London Kings Cross to Sheffield 14:03 16:21 2h 18m, 1 change Price£48.05 Price£148.00 Only 2 left
  4. I looked for a train to London St Pancras for early September, they were all going "via" Doncaster.
  5. Just Eat, a "middle man"? So you order food via them but don't know where it will be coming from? Why would you do that?
  6. Yeah that's the one. Very compact inside. Doesn't look anything like that drawing.
  7. Yeah but PM for the number. Is it a plastic conservatory? Will it take the weight of a "slate" roof?
  8. Thanks for the advice so far. I can only see one item that looks anything like a fuse though and it says "40" on top of it. I'll post some pics later if SF allows it. p.s. A new one is about £120 on eBay so can't afford to spend too much having someone repair it. p.p.s. TCH do you have a link to the manuals page you're looking at ? the one I found from Victron site covered numerous similar modes.
  9. My Phoenix 12 / 350 inverter has stopped working after not being used for a while. I connected a battery to it yesterday just flashing the positive connection onto the post (correct way around) and I got quite a big spark as in a short circuit spark. Now the led doesn't come on. I took the cover off looking for a fuse and can see something that looks like a car fuse. I put the ohmmeter across it and it has continuity. It would not pull out. Thought I would take it into Bardwells but been informed they're long gone. Does anyone know of a similar electronics repair shop in Sheffield at all? thanks
  10. Signed the petition but it hasn't reached 30k in 2 months so can't see it making the required 100k.
  11. Very unfunny "comedian". She has to risk the edgy route as she's so tedious and boring normally. Should have been chucked on the compost heap years age and Vanessa Feltz too.
  12. Thanks to everyone for attempting to help here, especially the 2 members who got their heads together to get a diagnostic reading for me 😉 (you know who you are) Front passenger side ABS sensor it was, as diagnosed. Cost me £33 from Eurocarparts. Bit of a pig to change due to access. I haven't drove the car yet but I have started it and the lights went out almost immediately.
  13. Thanks Cyclone, got it now. Looking at your house rcroxall, I can see there's a fair bit of choice around the asking price in nearby areas, Charnock and Gleadless for example, which personally I would prefer over Birley. I had to look twice at the ad, does it include the 3 level rendered corner building and the adjoining 2 level brick building and the car port? If so looks very spacious for the money. Overall I think it looks very attractive and "ready to move in". Being totally honest small garden area puts me off a bit although I know there is lots of open space in that area. Is that development a mix of private and local authority dwellings?
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