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  1. Signed the petition but it hasn't reached 30k in 2 months so can't see it making the required 100k.
  2. Very unfunny "comedian". She has to risk the edgy route as she's so tedious and boring normally. Should have been chucked on the compost heap years age and Vanessa Feltz too.
  3. Thanks to everyone for attempting to help here, especially the 2 members who got their heads together to get a diagnostic reading for me 😉 (you know who you are) Front passenger side ABS sensor it was, as diagnosed. Cost me £33 from Eurocarparts. Bit of a pig to change due to access. I haven't drove the car yet but I have started it and the lights went out almost immediately.
  4. Thanks Cyclone, got it now. Looking at your house rcroxall, I can see there's a fair bit of choice around the asking price in nearby areas, Charnock and Gleadless for example, which personally I would prefer over Birley. I had to look twice at the ad, does it include the 3 level rendered corner building and the adjoining 2 level brick building and the car port? If so looks very spacious for the money. Overall I think it looks very attractive and "ready to move in". Being totally honest small garden area puts me off a bit although I know there is lots of open space in that area. Is that development a mix of private and local authority dwellings?
  5. Thanks all for sharing your knowledge. I have repaired both front ABS sensor cables last year, when ABS light came on. Maybe I'll just change those two (£33 each) and see if it makes any difference. I'll also give everything a good clean whilst I'm at it. If that doesn't work I'm going to need proper diags.
  6. Paste the Rightmove or estate agent link and we'll tell you what we think. 😉
  7. Before. I was hoping to find them worn when i took them apart.
  8. ABS light and warning triangle come on on my 55 plate Smart Forfour CDI. Changed pads and checked fluid level, brake lights work. Can't do much more without a OBI code reader, but the cheap ones don't work properly on Smarts. Any suggestions or experience of where I can get a diagnostics done? I know main dealer is an option but don't really want to be taking out a bank loan to pay for it, cheers.
  9. Anyone remember working on NSM jukeboxes? I have a Galaxy 200 I try to keep going. Won't play B sides anymore it just grinds to a halt. A sides Ok but play slow when it hasn't been used for a while, then normal after a few plays. Ta
  10. I don't think it was as sudden as overnight, just deteriorated over a couple of weeks. Sounds like everything is working when you run it, just doesn't get things properly clean..
  11. Yeah the water drains away. I put a bucket under the waste pipe to see what came out. I'll give the B&Q cleaner a try, thanks.
  12. Yeah done all that. I opened the door when it was running, and although it then switches the water off, you can see it was spraying and hot too because there was steam in there. Not sure what I else I can try?
  13. Hi got a Bosch dishwasher, appears to be going through cycle but not washing properly. Filters and spinners cleaned, still the same, any ideas?
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