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  1. We won't be staying in the PL. 45 points left to play for and 12 well 13 really behind 17th (who also have a game in hand). let it go 😉
  2. 45 minutes? Will he last that long before getting sent off again...
  3. Thought he'd been brown bread for ages 😬
  4. ?????? Some of us are discussing how the deleted data could have been recovered. Ok I replied to the Diane Abbot post but that was tongue in cheek, wish I hadn't now .
  5. No one would be stupid enough to believe she was let loose anywhere near a database.
  6. I would imagine it is a relational database with many parent and child tables. This shouldn't be a problem restoring and recovering as normally you would be doing it with datafiles and archivelogs to replace and update missing files. The problem here is that it looks like someone has run a delete on a table and linked tables intentionally, albeit with hindsight incorrectly. Even the best backup and restore strategy is going to struggle with that, especially in an OLTP database with data being changed regularly. Putting myself on the spot. If I was the DBA administering the database(s) I would have shut it down as soon as I found out to limit the damage, then run a flashback (providing flashback is enabled). Of course that could have been next day and the horse is long gone, so debatable. As I said previously, the answer could have been replaying transactions from the application to a flashed back table (if it was only the one table maybe). Also just crossed my mind is data mining but you would need the relevant archivelogs IIRC, and again glad it's not me.
  7. Sorry, are you suggesting running a diff Linux command against the existing datafiles and the restored ones at O/S level? Remembering the datafiles will be binary and they will likely contain data from more than one table. I'm interested in your restore / recovery method if it is indeed viable.
  8. I think this is the problem. If the data was deliberately deleted ( I don't mean maliciously) then restoring the deleted records from backups whilst keeping the ones entered post delete will be tricky. A flashback to before delete will remove anything entered since the delete. That's if flashback records / undo still exist, less likely as time goes by. If the applications that populate the database keep records, it may then be possible to replay them from a timestamp following a flashback. Wouldn't want to be the DBA trying to fix this one. If any of the backups failed and they don't have alerts to warn them, then they are asking for trouble. I remember a quote in a study guide I used. User - I just deleted 300 records in the database. DBA - Did you commit? User ... 🙂
  9. If's a competition to see who can be the biggest Tory "B" ever. Thatcher took milk from kids. Duncan Smith took benefits from disabled people Boris has taken Christmas from millions.
  10. My special delivery arrived 3 days late. Still waiting for another outstanding package, must be 10 days now.
  11. I know from very close hand experience they are overwhelmed and weren't prepared for the home shopping explosion. Even so special delivery 2 days late and counting.
  12. Received this mail from vendor on Monday at 11.41. "Good news! Your order (#XXXXX) is making its way to the address below by Royal Mail Special Delivery* and you’ll be receiving it before 1pm tomorrow*." still waiting...
  13. You do go on a bit don't you? CBA to read it all to be honest. She's just a prime example of someone in the BBC being paid way beyond her talent.
  14. I'd prefer to keep the licence fee (albeit cheaper) and keep the BBC ad -free but this is wrong on so many counts. Vanessa Feltz - £355,000-£359,999 source BBC wage bill 2019
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