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  1. Was he waiting for Mcburnie to get the car?
  2. Arrogance from Wilder, you aren't in a position to rest your best players because the alternatives aren't good enough!
  3. Why would he want to liquidate the club and walk away? he would lose millions!
  4. You are lucky to get an appointment the same day, the last time I called for an appointment at Peaks it was 4 weeks, I declined advising the receptionist that I would either be dead or better by that time!
  5. Look again, Barnsley where 7th when we beat them, Moistened never mentioned currently! I seem to remember a certain song Unitedites sung boasting about a strikers sexual prowess when he was awaiting rape charges, short memory's these Unitedites!
  6. To be honest Jim, Harris had his shirt pulled equally in the penalty area but the pundit didn't linger on it!
  7. I think United need to 'make hay' in the first half of the season, teams may not have the same respect after Christmas!
  8. A scrappy 1-0 win (that should have been 2 if not for a very dubious offside decision) I'm not happy with playing 1 upfront as we should be going for teams at home, lets hope if doesn't come down to Goal difference at the end of the season. A steady start to the season and we could go top with a win against Cardiff in our next game, it's that tight!
  9. 2 poor teams apparently, my mate said it was like 2 bald blokes fighting over a comb 😂 6 shots on target in 3 games suggests differently!
  10. 3 years ago-what's Brian Deane doing these days?
  11. That posts clearly indicates that you don't read other peoples posts properly 😂
  12. They didn't need to score more goals, that's why I posted it 😏 Are you not slightly worried that you have spent (allegedly) 19million on 2 strikers for 1 goal return, is it not concerning that Wilder is having to turn to a striker that he tried to off load to get United the goals and is it not baffling that he has turned to a midfielder who played only 10 times last season (in a lower league) for the creativity? And yes, Mc Burnie is a poor mans Fletcher, he makes Rhodes look like a wise investment! But you didn't and you haven't, if you want to celebrate defeats like victory's then crack on, it only ends one way!
  13. How do you know that they wouldn't have scored after the keepers gaff? If I was a Unitedite my biggest worry would be goals, Mcburnie is a poor man's fletcher, the Moose runs about a lot but doesn't look like he's got many goals in him and the introduction of Clarke suggests the lack of a plan B!
  14. Cracking performance, points off 2nd, 3 off top-game on!
  15. No problem-Mods, as the OP has admitted that the story has been made up it might be a good time to wrap this post up!
  16. No EFL link, just a story from the Times! You not found the link I first asked for mucka? Nah, because it never existed!
  17. Can you link the article where the EFL have said they are doing this?
  18. Did you expect him to come out and say anything different? The proof is in the pudding and only time will tell!
  19. I think United have dogged an almighty bullet here. For years McCabe has top sliced profit to subsidise his failing businesses, to the detriment of the club. He has been reluctant to fund the club in signings but has invested in the ground and infrastructure (as this was financially beneficial to him) Though I don't think the Prince is the answer to United flourishing, his next move maybe.
  20. Insults, I expect nothing less. Another thread to discuss Wednesday signings bud! Why is it indefensible? are you querying the prices paid or my judgement of McBurnie?
  21. Still spent nowt, another undisclosed-Seriously though, if you have paid 20m for McBurnie Swansea have had United's pants down! Still spent nowt, another undisclosed!
  22. It's he said, she said with no evidence-FF is right to appeal. On another matter, I don't think it's a big loss!
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