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  1. Thanks for the song Southey - I was touched and chuffed that you gave your winnings to charity - that was very kind of you.
  2. Ahhh that must be it Stan Personally I really like making like Tigger! Edit: Have to remember to put the old sports bra on though!!
  3. We were not miserable and we had fun Andy. I see no problem with that at all. It certainly doesn't make us idiots - we spent our money and made our choice to enjoy the day. End of.
  4. :love: Good man Gazza X Keep your chin up Pete XX
  5. I really hope he stays but would wish him luck if he chose to leave. Personally I don't think he will leave us. There, I have said it.
  6. Hey, for the record - there were no toys thrown out of my pram - I did not complain to anyone - I can take what's thrown about on here - I told Bypass what was said because it had been deleted - that's all. I did point this out the following day - no complaints from me - I was 'speaking' to the person who said it. Just for the record.
  7. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/video-relive-the-incredible-atmosphere-as-sheffield-wednesday-fans-had-wembley-rocking-1-7937581 I was there but still watching this video gave me goosebumps again. The atmosphere couldn't be faulted - I still can't speak by the way - for which my family are not ungrateful.
  8. We boarded our coach at 7.50 Jim but it didn't get out ofthe car park for a good 40 minutes. I will never travel by coach - anywhere- again if I have the choice.
  9. That is not what I said. I said it was a good day out - an unexpected event that turned out to be enjoyable even though we could have hoped for a better result.
  10. Well it was my first trip down to Wembley and it is a truly great stadium - very well organised inside and we had a great view - unfortunately could not sit in my seat as it had been decided (almost unanimously ) that our section was going to stand the whole game! Normally I wouldn't have minded a jot but I wasn't too chipper yesterday. The crowd certainly lifted me through the whole day - even afterwards I saw no one too despondent - plenty of realists amongst us. The nightmare is getting out of there. Horrendous. I was never really bothered about going to the new Wembley - it's probably only me but I really enjoy watching these things on TV. I am glad I went and my sons think that I will go again but even if we get there for whatever reason I am likely to give it a miss. I know, I accept I am a little strange in this.
  11. What a brilliant post Rich. I once called you the voice of reason - I was spot on.
  12. Crikey Andy - you are easily made happy. Don't you wish - just deep down - a tiny little bit that your team could have made you happy? I feel for you, truly , that today has made you happy. What a miserable season you lot have had for this to be the case. Night night.
  13. I don't think you are really listening greenman; I am feeling no pain. It has been a great season to be an Owl. The extra we have paid to watch our team has been worth every penny. My £550 season ticket was good value for money. I am aware that a Blades season ticket costs less than that but what was that worth? Today has always been a bonus. Been home half an hour - been a long but pleasant day, the worst part was not losing 1-0 - it was the dreary coach journey but that was made better by a tipple or two. Our fans were truly magnificent today - Wembley knew the Owls were there. Marvellous atmosphere and sight. Bumped into Gazza and shared a coach with Southey - a good day. Night all.
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