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  1. As has been stated , hes very transparent and listens to the fans. He can often be found having a pint with fans in the cricks before matches. He also has a boss ( The Prince ) to answer to and so yes he might tell us what we want to hear but, hes readily available and not too often will he disappear when its gone horribly wrong , and he will also say that hes flying out and wont be available for a few days. Its refreshing for the Blades to have this fella in charge and I for one will back his decisions to the hilt
  2. Its a little patch of grass inside St James park
  3. Apart from the £1.5 Million for John Brayford and the £600,000 we paid for Billy Sharp but according to at least one owl says no major money has been invested in the Blades. Again I will ask when was the last time a League one club payed £1.5 Million for a player ? Oh and I forgot , our new pitch was free right ?
  4. The thread where I assume it was a dig at our chairman but then you will say NO it wasn't even though it was. Oh so now you aren't an accountant but you were all knowing about Uniteds lack of spending etc just a few short hours ago. We spent £1.5 Million on Brayford and £600,000 on Billy Sharp , I don't know if I got a reply from you about our lack of spending but , I did see the comment about us selling players which should be PLAYER as there is only Murphy I am aware of this season. 6th in League one isn't something I am worried about , If we get to wembley for a playoff final this season , I will be there again cheering on the Blades win or lose and if we lost AGAIN I would still be a Blade when I woke up the next morning. Not in a flap to be honest Top , I think you are making things out to be worse than they are at BDTBL ... Would I like the Blades to be running away with the league this season ...SURE I WOULD , did I think they would NO Long way to get yet , Its still only October and 31 matches and 93 points to play for
  5. HAHAHA Alan I have memories of our worst season ever and CB went to pretty much every one of those matches http://www.statto.com/football/teams/sheffield-united/1975-1976/results
  6. Absolutely a great result but only Cech , Oxlade - Chamberlin and Giroud played that started vs Everton. No Cazorla , Ozil , Sanchez or Koscielny to name a few , don't think if they played it would be 3-0 but again as has been said before you can only beat whats put in front of you , Im sure wenger was looking ahead to more important matches like Swansea, Bayern Munich and Spurs
  7. :hihi::hihi: tell that to the owls who never stopped saying it was reserve Premiership sides the Blades beat on all our cup runs ...
  8. The same as certain owls Gazza, come on pal you have been on here long enough to know that , it goes both ways. One person in particular TOP keeps having a go at Jim Phipps and our board and the lack of spending , not sure why it concerns him so much TBH , I guess he was at his 5 star hotel without wifi when we signed John Brayford for £1.5 million and Billy Sharp for a reported £600,000 --- Not bad for a poor League one side , anyway to let you Blades accountants know that's over £2 Million spent from the Cup run money. Phipps listens to what the fans have to say , sure he spins some stuff and tells us what we want to hear but I prefer that to some of the absolutely horrible chairman we have had over the years as you have , in fact yours were worse.
  9. I just don't see why you are sooooo concerned about DEM BLADES , its the only thing on here that's hilarious. The owls were the gift that kept on giving until a few years ago , Its your turn on the swings enjoy it and make sure you are around and not at a 5 star hotel with no wifi when you are on the roundabout :P P.S. No immediate sign of getting out of League one , playing bobbins and in 6th place , agree with some on here this will be our best chance this season as it is the weakest its been in years , just wish we could have some luck like you did to get into the Championship
  10. We are a League one team in a tin pot league which all Blades acknowledge , we spent over half a million on a fat lad from Sheffield , when was the last time a league one team spent that on a player ( answers on the worlds smallest postcard ) The only thing I find funny is your constant worry about DEM BLADES.
  11. Slagging off from an obsessed about the Blades supposed owl fan :hihi: Even in the comments on the Arsenal matchday thread its all about DEM BLADES , You know the sly little digs from owls :hihi: The Wycombe weekend I was hoping you would lose and the Blades would win , why would it be different from any other weekend ???? ---------- Post added 28-10-2015 at 07:23 ---------- Never vanish so you cant pull that old chestnut , I suppose I could come on days later after a loss and say I was at a 5 star hotel with poor or no wifi ...Oh hang on that one was already used :hihi:
  12. Was giving it large to an Arsenal fan at work when it was 1-0 and 2-0 , then he rang me about a job when it was 3-0 ..Told him in no uncertain terms to ........ :hihi:
  13. Not to take the shine off what was a great unexpected win , well I thought Arsenal would bore you into submission and win 1-0. EVERY SINGLE TIME the Blades beat a Premiership team in the Cups it was because we played a reserve side. So can I be the first to say well done on beating Arsenal reserves :hihi: http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/article/165/10046335/arsenals-experienced-players-let-youngsters-down-says-paul-merson
  14. And a few first team starters but, not a bad side put out by Wenger
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