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  1. Asda don't take it over the doorstep. It tells you this on the website FAQs.
  2. Someone in the Parson X Asda says that the police are at the petrol station on Wordsworth Avenue issuing fixed penalties to drivers still displaying discs. An offence? Surely not?
  3. Ye. Fine here now too. Been down all morning though, methinks (trying to pay council tax). The power of the Forum eh. lol
  4. Thanks for the info. I have strong memories of seeing The Hound of the Baskervilles (Peter Cushing as Holmes) at the Coliseum on Spital Hill. We had to ask a couple to take us in as we were too young to enter unaccompanied to the A certifified film.
  5. Remember Studio 7 in the Wicker and the Coliseum on Spital Hill. What was the cinema called before it was named 7
  6. My partner and I ate at Harper's British Classics, Meadowhall today. Here is my experience which I hope the owner will use as constructive feedback. I was served by a young man whose name began with J. We received no smile or greeting and throughout he made no eye contact. His expression was one of robotic boredom. My partner requested a portion of pie from a freshly prepared dish and that seemed to irritate him. I noticed that the portions he placed on our plates were not as large as the portions other assistants were placing on the plates of other customers. At the till he was more interested in nudging a female assistant than in concentrating on our sale. He passed the change and moved away with no word of thanks. The mashed potatoes, carrots, and broccoli,were lukewarm. The carrots were not parboiled but were almost raw. The steak and kidney pie, however, was hot and tasted excellent. We have eaten there before and the service and meal has been excellent. This time it was disappointing.
  7. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancies section of the classifieds. Closing.
  8. I assume you mean the section of Derbyshire Lane that is 1 way to traffic. To purposefully flout this would surely carry penalty points as well as a larger fine. Or am I wrong?
  9. OK, make it "access for residents and delivery vehicles only". But, if it was blocked off, presumably at the Chesterfield Road end, would this cause problems for delivery and removal and emergency services? Would larger vehicles face turning issues and so cause problems having to reverse up a steep and winding road? Best to leave it open at both ends and have the occasional fixed-penalty purge. Or do you not agree?
  10. If Yodel is the carrier, check over your fence or in a wheely bin. That's where Yodel always throw my stuff - even when I'm in.
  11. Thanks, Truman, that's what I did. I was not far from there on Thursday evening picking up the other half so we had a drive to Burgess Street and I reconned the parking signs. Sad eh? The blue sign on your link is there but there is now also a yellow sign specifically prohibiting parking outside the allowed time slot. The taxi ranks are clearly marked. If there is any excuse, I would say that it is that the street is poorly lit and the signage is rather small. However, having said that, the signage is by the white-lined bays so... My advice to anyone attending the City Hall would be to park in the council car park on Carver Street just off West Street. And, if anyone else wonders why I "bailed her out" - it's because she's family and we love her.
  12. Here's an update so that anyone going out for the night or attending the City Hall doesn't get caught out parking on Burgess Street. The parking restrictions are clearly signed: the parking is restricted to the white-lined parking bays. You are allowed to park only between 0800 and 1830 hours Monday to Friday and then only for 1 hour and only if a current parking ticket is visibly displayed. I'm afraid I don't know the rules for disabled badge holders at this location. The rest of the time the street is reserved for black cab parking. I've paid her fine. Doh!
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