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  1. X Thanks, in bits here typing this! It’s our first ever pet and he was so loyal. Poor soul goes to Cambridge tomorrow for a private cremation, he was never 2 feet away from me whilst at home, so even now he’s gone his ashes will still be within 2 feet of me at home.
  2. So yesterday we had our beloved Yogi pts, in absolute bits atm. rest in peace pal xx
  3. Yes! Castell I Dj'd in Dockers a few times. Castell ended up buying the house next door and knocked it through into one house. It was a proper New Jack City operation on Fox Street back in the day. R.I.P Nathaniel
  4. I dread to think what the rodent population is around those shops, every morning it's the same, a rats buffet. The place needs redesigning so it doesn't encourage people to linger.
  5. I appreciate you and many Muslims are upset over this, I have many Muslim friends both inside and outside of work and I can imagine all are angered by this.
  6. I don't agree with the likes of Tommy Robinson either, but voicing an opinion is a totally different ball game compared with radical hate preachers calling on fellow Muslims to take up arms against non-believers. Neither should have an outlet to spread their twisted rhetoric to society. Also I have no reason to lie about the Catholic woman who listens to Iman FM, it would be pretty naive to think only Muslims listen to a radio station.
  7. I don't know about begging but I will never ever buy another copy of the Big Issue after I witnessed one of our neighbours Heroin addicted son's selling them on Fargate. I thought you had to be homeless to sell the Big Issue?
  8. Its a Radio station! How can you determine what faith the listener is? By the way I actually know a Catholic who listens to it whilst working alongside several Muslims, so your comment isn't correct. ---------- Post added 08-07-2017 at 14:05 ---------- Have the above actually called for nonbelievers to be killed? He was a waste of space, anyone defending such a puzzled individual deserves the same downfall ---------- Post added 08-07-2017 at 14:20 ---------- I guess you also think 25 hours of broadcasting was just a mistake? :hihi:
  9. Yes thanks. Google will help you determine what sort of waster he was, go search him.
  10. Makes you wonder how many decent Muslims actually complained to Ofcom about this.
  11. Sheffield based Radio Station Iman Fm has been suspended for 21 days due to filling the airwaves with radical hate preacher Anwar Al-Awlaki for 25 hours. Personally the excuse provided by Iman Fm is pathetic, apparently they wasn't aware of Al-Awlaki's background? Ofcom need to hit them hard with a big fine.
  12. Apparently white powder addressed to David Cameron has been found..
  13. What, a season! Chansiri/Carlos/Bullen, have reastabished the spirit/magic us Owls have yearned for many a year. Hopefully defence is a priority now, we certainly need a decent centre half who has time on his side, someone in the same mould as Madjid Bougherra. Best season in decades for me. Owner with money, who seems focused on reaching the promise land. UTO WAWAW
  14. I've just heard about shooting on Norfolk Park, probably something to do with that?
  15. Apparently a bid has been accepted by Reading.. In talks with Wednesday
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