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  1. having lost my elderly cat I am now ready to adopt a new adult cat, he/she should be house trained and used to living indoors as a housecat as I am in a first floor flat, would prefer an older cat as haven't got the time to train a kitten, other than going to RSPCA if anyone has any ideas or know anyone wanting to rehome one please can you pm me. Regards
  2. I was walking home at the time and live off eastern drive and a policeman told me to cross over and walk past this 4x4 in the road and back down on to my block of flats but couldn't see anyone in the black car, I'm sure the police had guns though, very scary lol
  3. yeah just before the catholic church and the nursery
  4. whats happening on eastern drive, 3 police cars and pedestrians being told to cross over the road, theres a black 4x4 in middle of the road
  5. yeah I can see it, looks to be in general location of meadowhell area
  6. i did it, barnsley, wolves, bristol down, wed finish 12th on 61 pts
  7. any mobile hairdresser/barber do mens hair in totley area?, please call me on 07833 765511, thanks
  8. no doubt i will be dancing on ice on mickley lane tomorrow lol
  9. we had a lot in totley this morning before the rain washed it away, green oak park was white over, ill check after dancing on ice lol!
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