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  1. For me this thread is about respect the area in which you live, so that you, your children and other residents enjoy living in the area. It doesn't matter what race, religion etc anyone is.
  2. Every morning around 7pm I pass through Page Hall on my way to work and the area around the shops and side roads are absolutely disgusting with the amount of litter. The Council are there every morning cleaning up. Around 3.15pm on my way home it looks just as bad. Come on people of Page Hall have some respect for the area you live in. PUT YOUR LITTER IN THE BINS OR TAKE IT HOME AND PUT IT IN THE BIN.
  3. Hi Kate, yes I do, Martin. He was a couple of years below me at school, so he probably left 1982
  4. Hi Kate T, you might be thinking of me Andrea Unwin,went to Colley and left in 1980. Lived on Monteney Road, but went to Ecclesfield Primary
  5. Hi David. So sorry for the very, very late reply. Don't look at the Forum much these days. My name was Andrea Unwin, we used to live on Elton Street, but left Walkley in either '71 or '72, when I was 7 or 8 years old. I am sure you were in my class in Burgoyne Infant School.
  6. Born on Walkley Street 1963, still live in Sheffield
  7. We are at Ecclesfield/Parson Cross. Which road did you see them?
  8. We lived at 4 Walkley Court, then moved to 39 Elton Street. I was 7 and half when we left Walkley. Whats your name Cazzerb65? Maybe I remember you? ---------- Post added 02-11-2015 at 20:11 ---------- Hi David, I think you and Paul were in my infant class. I also (vaguely) remember a Tracy Slack, Julie Cutts. I think one of my teachers was called Miss Penrose.
  9. Hi All, I was born on Walkley Street in 1963, we moved to Elton Street and I went to Burgoyne Road Infants. We left Walkley in 1972 due to compulsary purchase. I remember a few names from Elton Street, Donna Wardlow, Carol and Lee Morfitt, Leslie Carter, David Baker, Paul Thompson. My uncle was Ray Kent, sister Michele Unwin and brother Martin. I remember playing in the street (it was safe to do so back then), happy memories
  10. SFL001 your binman friend must be on a different route to my binman relative. They finish for the day at approx 11.30am- 12.30pm most days. Instead of starting collections at 6am when some people have young children in bed. Why don't they do a full days work like most working people.
  11. The bus route has been a rumour for a while now. Don't know how true it is. It may be worth ringing a couple of the main bus companies to check it out with them.
  12. Being local I regularly visit Grenoside Crematorium and take my dog. My family and I know most of the staff/gardeners and nothing as ever been said to us with regards to dog not being allowed. Yes, she is kept on a lead and walked only on the path and road area. In the ten years that I have been to Grenoside I have not heard one visitor or member of staff complain about dogs. Watch out for the fox poo, if my dog gets the chance she rolls in it. Horrible, smelly stuff that looks like oil.
  13. Don't want to scare you or anyone else reading this thread. My Mum was diagnosed with iBS then it was something else. Eventually after visting Doctors for months she was sent for a scan and a ovarian cyst was discovered. She died 6 mths later, if detected earlier she may have been alive today. The Doctors said it was all trial and error. I don't particually trust them anymore. If you are female get a second opinion.
  14. Like the idea. ---------- Post added 15-08-2014 at 20:52 ---------- We have considered that, but our neighbours are so so nosey they would probably report us ---------- Post added 15-08-2014 at 20:54 ---------- Sorry, don't know Stephen Hill. Our problem is that we seem to be only property with the problem. So, unfortunately we are on our own
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