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  1. I rarely use coffee shops as the price for a cup is well overpriced. I have a machine at home and if working on site I take a brew on the road. Currently the cost is 19p per cup and I have had two so far this morning!
  2. EuroChannge aka MN Money are usually the best via the Martin Money tool (he gets a kickback). Then John Lewis via Waitrose collection or delivery. Post Office and M&S rates not usually that good. Given a small amount it might be also worth checking if the recipient is using a fee free card whilst away? A balance transfer will be nice and simple!
  3. Voting should never be compulsory and a box to abstain from voting for added to ballots in my opinion. Also, a move from FPtP to AV or PR would be better. Politics, politicians and parties are failing us and a shake up is required and not a two/three horse race. An abstain box would demonstrate resent, but turkeys wouldn't vote for Christmas.
  4. I noted from the Council comms that no Tories have their address listed but quoted as living within the electoral boundaries. I presume most may not be local to where they're standing?
  5. Unfortunately, your garden is a right of way for your neighbours as you outlined in your OP. It's common in terraces large or small for people to use rear instead of front for a number of practical reasons. It probably wouldn't be something that simple conversation would resolve as this is the way your neighbours are accustom to living. And as Geared stated, putting up a fence will probably make a lot of noise with gates opening and closing.
  6. My last one-bedroom apartment to let cost at least £50 a month just to heat the 40 l water tank. I was wary of using panel heaters as they were very expensive. Cost me £6 a month for a full tank of hot water per day on gas in my house (during warmer months).
  7. There's a Thai restaurant in the old bank across from the Pagoda building. Are you getting buildings mixed up? It's called Baan Thai.
  8. That was when I was on my twenties and burned cash! Lidl are apparently opening a second one at the bottom of the Moor off St Mary's Gate on the old Staples retail park: https://www.thestar.co.uk/business/lidl-planning-a-second-supermarket-bringing-jobs-to-city-centre-3599763
  9. Waste of money, and spent years in London shopping in Wairrose and M&S due to convenience of station locations. M&S in particular, I was shocked to find out they used the same supply chain for meats, etc. Two Sister to be exact, so no looking back, except for some certain brands I continue to use.
  10. Will be in-store only like the one on the outer side of Arndale.
  11. Indeed, the one in Manchester city centre does well and so should the Sheffield City store. Bakery section should be a pull alone.
  12. The OP may want to bear in mind the "bedroom tax" depending on circumstances?
  13. Also, as a duty of care and legal requirements (including minimums), those posting should be adhering to statutory requirements as laid out in the .gov link below. https://www.gov.uk/child-employment I would presume the admins approve of this.
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