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  1. Also, as a duty of care and legal requirements (including minimums), those posting should be adhering to statutory requirements as laid out in the .gov link below. https://www.gov.uk/child-employment I would presume the admins approve of this.
  2. You get about 3 years of OS updates and 5 years of security. I've stuck with Google since the launch of Nexus devices and not looked back as I prefer Android stock with regular updates for OS and security. Other makers of Android devices are justified piecemeal for me and uncertain with updates. Current updates for Pixel phone: https://support.google.com/pixelphone//4457705?hl=en-GB#zippy=%2Cpixel-and-pixel-pro-phones%2Cpixel-a-a-xl-xl-a-a-g-and-a-g
  3. Got 22c and drinking pints outside in the sun. Will be joining you shortly though ☹️
  4. Indeed, that's why why I now only own Google Pixel devices and swapped my Android tablet for Chromebook which has years of support.
  5. I presume the board with lack of ambition and love of Championship safety will not have no part!
  6. Is very important for software to be updated, and preferably if you're using an old phone the apps you use at least receive updates, even though the phone doesn't. A cheap new Android phone maybe a lot more cost effective than buying a battery. We use mobile device as more and more for personal use than previously imagined, try and keep hardware and software relatively up-to-date!
  7. Think your post is a out of proportion of what's going in I the world. Whether close to home or not! Indeed! I bet! The optimist! I have a few rollovers each night 😂
  8. I would be more concerned about how old the Android build is and security around app and web usage.
  9. I was there to attend an event 20 years ago. There was nothing to stop you back then, and you could go up to the roof! For now, it looks like.
  10. I understand the other was at Leicester University, which has been replaced with a standard lift. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-42339097 If so, it's now unique to the UK!
  11. I would hope that this is put on by business and not a local authority?
  12. Saw this earlier and looked like a disaster in the making. A teenager would make more on a paper round 😂 No expense spared from a privatised Royal Mail!
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