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  1. So, a pie in the sky article then! A lot of ideas on here don't get any awards Who would want to take this on then? Bulldozed or apartments/retail.
  2. I propose no council tax for Sheffield! As I understand, there has been no noise from NHS or private companies about this, just developers. Also, bet that building is full of asbestos.
  3. Was a certain sponsor for a football team, and still is for a junior kit! You Wednesday?!
  4. Same here, got my cheapest deal ever with E.ON all on dual fuel and nowhere near beating this year's prices.
  5. Yep, near BT Tower! Work over there from time to time, but not been in.
  6. Sweet and spicy was one of the best on Brick Lane and sadly closed. Their kahari, dhasak and chicken curries were lovely. I used to go on a Sunday after a night out, then the pub's in Spitalfields after! Article on closing here: https://spitalfieldslife.com/2013/03/27/so-long-sweet-spicy/
  7. I don't really see the attraction in living there as opposed to visiting the bars and food outlets?! Still really run down, industrial (in some parts) and eerie at night. Not to mention the traffic and road pollution surrounding the area. Lets not mention parking! A lot of the surrounding area with industrial units running up to the University roundabout are slowly getting redeveloped, and these areas will probably have not much hurdles for developers, especially as brownfield sites. Regardless, redevelopment in place of abandoned industrial sites are welcomed. However, those businesses, and to a lesser extent residents (fewer existing in area) who have been in situ before the redevelopment I have concerns for as maybe forced out.
  8. I agree to some extent, but not just a paved area as quite a plot! Didn't even think of the possibility of that! JL alongside the old Odean/Kingdom nightclub have looked out of place for a while. Well, the cinema since day one! A city park would be great. Although, nothing has really been done with the green space at the other end of Division St. Devonshire Green!
  9. Following the saga of John Lewis [JL] holding the Council and City Centre hostage over IKEA and the "Heart of the City", which was changed due to JL not wanting to move to a new proposed site. JL then threw in the towel in after the Council stepped in to secure them citing a change in trends and direction. Now the site is vacant and in the hands of the current leaseholder, Sheffield City Council. What are the next pragmatic steps and what would you like to see? A new Raddison four star hotel is being built on the Barkers Pool House site and to the opposite and rear the Heart of the City redevelopment is in progress. It looks like the building will be out of use for sometime following a couple of recent articles in the Telegraph: https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/people/john-lewis-to-pay-compensation-after-closure-of-sheffield-store-this-summer-3296482 https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/business/we-want-the-people-of-sheffield-to-have-a-big-say-vow-of-company-tasked-with-new-vision-for-citys-closed-john-lewis-3302852 Hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel regards to the compensation, and JL will follow through with and a substantial amount. What is of concern is a large outdated unused site which needs some remedial work, and a plan before anything else moves forward. Since this site is a current resource of the City - should the Council reopen the car park at the earliest opportunity to gain some revenue from the site. There are over 400 spaces lost right in the middle of town and would create extra revenue for the Council. Also, with the "consultation", should there be some feasibility within the parameters of the leasehold and possibility of redevelopment of the site, due to the buildings format not being in "trend" anymore? Finally, the consultants, Fourth Street, were involved with Sheffield Central Library/Graves Art Gallery study. Does this reassure you?! Thoughts?
  10. I agree - with the 60mph restrictions on the M1 it seems inevitable.
  11. My point is that our railway system is not fit for purpose and is not safe if running overcrowded high-speed Intercity trains. I used the railways pre pandemic on a weekly basis the travel across the 3 nations mainly using hi speed services, so this is from a perspective as a user.
  12. They were open last Friday night when I passed. Also, a few people on the front drinking.
  13. Well, the rail system is a mess comparing to travelling elsewhere in Europe! Regardless of ownership or government it's clear that it's not fit for purpose. I've travelled on many intercity trains that have been severely overcrowded and not acceptable for people travelling over a long-distance. I've always said what would happen if there was an accident with overcrowded trains running in excess of 100 miles per hour. This just doesn't happen elsewhere.
  14. I'm sure I've heard Shapla on the Moor has been quoted in the Star before as the first? Obviously, the Star isn't great for reliability or research! Still run by the same family - Shapla, that is. Looking forward to trying Chakra Lounge in Fitzalan Square and having a look in a couple of the new shops. Be good if the outdoor market moves over as will add some vibrancy and change.
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