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  1. Hey My book is about to be published, Its set in the sixties in Sheffield I'm looking for some photos to use, that show what Sheffield was like then... Schoolgirls? Steelworks, buses? the co-op? Any ideas? Cheers
  2. I'm trying to find anyone who might have left the steelworks and set up a small business on their own. Maybe selling parts to distributors or maybe something quite different. I'm writing a sequel to my first novel 'Nowt but Drippin' which is set in Sheffield. Mabey Richard Carr or his relatives might have some stories to share.
  3. Hi everyone... did anyone start up any business in the late sixties... anything at all... would love to hear your stories. Cheers Julie
  4. Loved reading this... you really brought the times alive for me.
  5. Does anyone remember Ian Morton, he made trailers out at Killamarsh or Halfway. I'm trying to contact anyone who knew him or worked there. Trying to find people who left steelworks and set up their own businesses.
  6. Hi I have written a novel 'Nowt But Drippin' which will be published later this year. It's set in Sheffield in the sixties. Sheffield Forum readers were fantastic in helping me with some of the details. I am now writing a sequel where one of the characters leaves the steelworks to set up his own business making trailers. Is there anyone out there who did something like this or who knows anyone who did?
  7. Hey... this is great. I have a character, an eleven year old girl who is a talented violinist and I wanted her to have also passed some piano exams but I wasn't sure which ones she would have taken in the sixties. Any more information from anyone would be great ...cheers
  8. Hi I'm writing a novel about a young eleven yr old Sheffield girl in the sixties.... does anyone know what music exams she might have taken... piano or violin? Maybe you did exams then. Love to hear about your experiences. Cheers
  9. Did anyone goto Miss Tindall's Ballet school?
  10. Hi Ya there Yes it would. There was also Harold Thompson who worked there, As a child I just remembered the big hammer that thundered down.
  11. Does anyone remember Lol Howard.... worked at Turner and Naylors and Bramahs... would be well over 100 now but would love to hear from anyone who knew him.
  12. Loved reading this. I am writing novel about Sheffield in the 60's.... I don't know very much about working in the steelworks only stories my dad told, so this is all fantastic. I'm looking for nicknames people used... or any stories. Loved learning about the swing grinders... omg what a terrible job. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/images/smilies/help.gif What other jobs, stories, nicknames do you have? Cheers Julie
  13. Granny Pat Do you remember Charmian Pipe? Cheers Julie
  14. Hey... If its totally confusing for you... then guess how I feel. I think it was Ron, but you know it could have been Pete. I think back then the hill at Hillsborough was called the KOP. I keep finding references to loads of oranges being thrown ... and I'm thinking they couldn't have been cheap then... or were they? But why? I don't know if it happened to any other players... does anyone have a clue?
  15. Does anyone have any Springett stories, especially about the oranges that were thrown from the Kop? I'm writing a story about Sheffield in the 60's and would love to include a few football anecdotes.
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