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  1. Happiness is not exclusive to Christians, or any other group.
  2. When you say "believe in him", do you mean his teachings as reported in the Gospels, and/or in a more comprehensive belief in the doctrines of the Protestant/Catholic churches?
  3. I wonder if Grahame (or anyone) would explain to us the "irreducible minimum" that one needs to believe in order to be a true "Christian"?
  4. The writers of the books of the Old Testament were very intelligent scholars who where well aware of Greek and other non -Western scientific theories and incorporated such into their writings. As far as I am aware, science and technology has gained neither benefit nor infuence from anything written in these books, that was not their purpose. Wisdom there is in the scriptures-as there is in others.
  5. I remember it as a little cobbled cu-de-sac where I used to park my bike when visiting Sid Smith's.
  6. This morning, on the day of the bus strike , I drove from Wadsley Bridge to Meadowhall via the Arena and was expecting hold-ups, but there were none, in fact much easier than a normal Friday morning. All the traffic was flowing easily.
  7. We do accept things we cannot see, but behind that acceptance is some form of logic and rationality, and not without question; that is how we begin to understand. For example, we thought (or were told) that the earth was flat, which on the face of it was plausible, we questioned it and found that it was round. We thought that the sun revolved around the earth, we questioned it, and found it to be the opposite. The waterfall is the natural result of gravity and water taking its course, the painting a human art form. The former was never intended for our pleasure, the latter was.
  8. I think we really ought to let God decide for Himself whether He exists or not.
  9. That's interesting, have you repeated the battery change again to see if it will trigger it back the right way, and also try turning the fingers quickly in the right direction? I remember that some 240v electric clocks used to do the same thing, depends on the design and start mechanism of the motor.
  10. If you could show convincingly how it had evolved from a battery to a mobile phone then yes, I would accept that theory, until someone else could disprove it.
  11. Here is a letter (with permission from the writer) which was published recently in the local press: Green MEP for the South East Caroline Lucas has challenged the Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham, over his position as vice president of the British Fluoridation Society - at a time when health authorities in Southampton were giving the go-ahead to a "mass medication" water fluoridation scheme. He was instrumental in proposing the inclusion of compulsory water fluoridation in the Government's 2003 Water Act. He resigned from this position in recent weeks, but Dr Lucas MEP today joined with UK Councils' Against Fluoridation (UKCAF) to question why Mr Burnham's links with the Society were not included in his register of interests, despite strict Parliament regulations stating such interests must be declared. Dr Lucas MEP said: "It is of great concern that the Health Secretary was able to closely align himself with a body whose sole business is to promote water fluoridation at the same time that he was due to make key decisions about the future of the UK's water supply. Parliament's regulations on MPs' interests are supposed to prevent alliances which can fundamentally inform policy - but clearly they are not fit for purpose." Earlier this year, the Green MEP warned that the region's health authorities were setting a "reckless precedent" for future fluoridation schemes in the South East with their decision to press ahead with fluoridation plans in Southampton. Although 72% of people in Southampton voted against fluoridation in a poll conducted by the Strategic Health Authority, the SHA is pressing ahead with the scheme. A legal case regarding the highly criticised consultation process has been announced and legal aid has been obtained by the person bringing the case against South Central SHA. Dr Lucas MEP said: "The ill-advised decision to implement water fluoridation in Southampton demonstrates contempt for the views of local people - and for the evidence against fluoridation itself. "Water fluoridation has simply not been proven to be effective for teeth, and some studies have indicated links between fluoridation and serious ill health effects, including thyroid problems, skeletal fluorosis, bone cancers and mental problems". "The scheme in Southampton amounts to a mass medication of the population. I have made a formal complaint to the European Commission regarding the failure of the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to properly classify hexafluorosilic acid, used in fluoridation of drinking water under the UK Water Act 2003, as a medicinal product. The correct classification would likely mean the UK's water fluoridation schemes would contravene EU law. "In place of mass fluoridation, the UK Government could be improving the health of our teeth through targeted schemes such as providing free toothpaste for poor families. This decision in Southampton sets a reckless precedent for future fluoridation plans in the South East, and we must be vigilant of further attempts to affect our water in this way." Is there no end to the depths Labour MPs will sink in order to poison our water supply? Frank Plunkett, Weakland Crescent, Sheffield 12
  12. And I had an Ariel Arrow, not the same weather protection but better ground clearance! Also went to the Take Five.
  13. My father also recommended Blue Bag for wasp and bee stings.
  14. Sheff 2006 - have you photographed the derelict Ritz cinema on Southey Green Rd?
  15. Minimo, you've almost failed your interview! May I suggest these subtle amendments; "I see a lot of application forms and I can tell you that spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and syntax are all taken into account in the process of shortlisting candidates for interviews and this may be the reason".
  16. Even for an agnostic, a church wedding can be a satisfying experience. Belief is not necessary to partake in a great tradition with a vast history. Many atheistic jews visit the synagogue purely to uphold their tradition in the hope it does not die. The vicar should welcome the extra custom, even if they are not quite in tune with his or her doctrines. As an unbeliever, you are no better or worse than the most devout Christian, remember, Jesus loves us all!
  17. Yes, all governments jack up the price as much as they can-its the easiest way to raise cash, when the price drops low (relatively) they'll rush in again to jack it up (all in the name of Global Warming, you know). Gordon Brown must have a hot line wired permanently to his ear listening for the oil price to drop. It's known as "got you over an oil barrel" tax.
  18. In 1984, under a conservative government, there was a policy of encouragement towards the unemployed to start their own businesses. I attended a course for self-employment which was part-tutored by businessmen. On the question of tax, they said emphatically "do not worry about taxes at this stage", ie, focus on starting your business and begin contributing to the economy, your tax affairs can be resolved in due course. In 1997 when Labour took power, the situation was reversed and draconian laws were enacted against the self-employed, suffice to say that the revenue seems to be demanding taxes in advance on what you are thinking you might be earning in the future, and if you make a slight mistake on your form its fines, penaltys etc. I wouldn't fancy returning to self-employment, safer working for the state, if you can, with all the benefits and pensions.
  19. Not withstanding Mad Hatter's unfortunate luck with the key, it seems prudent, prior to handing over the money for a new (or secondhand) car, to insist on the inclusion of a spare key and also for them to disclose the cost of any future replacements.
  20. It makes one wonder what Collins (and other rag and bone men) managed to put on their tax forms!
  21. I'll tell you how I broke mine-I sat on it when it was in my back pocket! This was for a 96 Astra and I didn't even know it was a "chipped" key. Cobblers in Morrissons cut and progammed one for £25, although I believe this was one of the cheaper catagories. I'll keep the old fob and have an ordinary key cut so now I have a spare, chipped key to get me out of trouble.
  22. During the late fifties/early sixties as children we used to buy Park Drive in ones and twos from the corner shop on Grammar St. Many smokers' fingers at that time used to be brown/black with nicotene stains.
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