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  1. Might have made his presence more acceptable if he'd offered a tenner towards the fuel cost.
  2. We at lower Walkley were more fortunate; we were offered balloons or goldfish in a polythene bag.
  3. It could be risky with anything of value. Is it an earth or solid floor? Does it smell/feel damp? Are there any air grates? Try experimenting with newspapaper and cardboard boxes stored just above floor level and see what happens. Best to have shelves and store vulnerable items up near joist level. The driest place is usually the loft (bar roof leaks!)
  4. The late black comedian Charlie Williams quipped; "You've got red hair, pink cheeks and blue eyes and you call us coloured!"
  5. Good thinking, best time to buy is out of or end of season.
  6. I remember seeing the Small Faces there, but only just, as there were so many screaming girls at the front! Does anyone recall that The Drifters were booked but had to cancel?
  7. If you are going to attempt to bend the window frame back, wind down the window, if possible, then place a well padded block of wood of suitable size just below the bend, get an assistant to hold it in place and against the door pillar, then gently force the frame back. I used a piece of 2x2 about 4ins long. Then use a much bigger piece of 2x2 on the thief.
  8. Gogetter - good idea in theory, but in practice I don't think you'd make the airport in one piece!
  9. Speaking of the Grenoside camera van again, just analyse why they monitor that stretch. Once you're through the lights at Saltbox Lane, you're confronted with a wide road, very wide verge to the left, and the progressive pull of gravity as the road steepens, so on some cars one might have to drop into third gear and/or pump the brakes to hold 30. In addition, the gear ratio/torque characteristics of modern engines can make it difficult, in some circumstances, to drive smoothly at these speeds. On top of all this a wide, distracting vista of Sheffield opens up; all these factors contributing to a false perception of speed. Gotcha!
  10. My uncles lived near the Vine pub on the corner of Bramber St. I was only a child then so can't remember all that much.
  11. I'm sure many drivers will be aware of the camera van frequently parked just above Deerlands Avenue/Halifax Rd junction. I always thought that they monitored vehicles travelling into town, but the other day a friend was caught doing 37mph in this vicinity going out of town. I have also seen motorcycle cops with radar guns parked round the long sweeping left hander following Cowper Avenue, outward bound.
  12. I think its about 300mm to gutter. If it's an opening or airgrate above then it will be more, if you look up say Baxi (or Worcester) website you can download installation specs on one of their models which give you measurements.
  13. Squiggs - you're right, you have to shop around to obtain the best value, but they have many good products at good prices, eg; plain yogurt, frozen veg, dried fruit, cheese, tinned pulses, try their cheese pizzas. I don't buy; tinned beans (too salty), muesli (all added sugar), sliced meat (re-formed, and if anyone's unsure what that process is then please do a bit of research on web!) In fact the good old salt and sugar spoils many of their products, but that can be said of all the supermarkets.
  14. Or perhaps taking out a pecuniary advantage by stealth...
  15. I've been with this company for nearly 12 months and have had no problems. My bills are usually about £18-20 per month, which is not bad for free evening and w/end calls, including many international, and broadband. Also, friends are with talk talk so free calls to them anytime. However they have to make money somewhere so charge an 8p connection fee for all chargeable calls. It all depends of course, which tariff you choose. Their help lines are free too.
  16. I would ring around the smaller independant camera shops for advice giving the make and model number. Also, email the maker's UK service centre for a quote. Check on E bay to see if you can estimate its value, new camera (and s/hand) values have dropped over the past year or so.
  17. Theoretically, that is true, providing the policies on which the candidate stands does not infringe the relevant laws or regulations. However, if that candidate supports, for example, a strong anti-monarchist policy then any one being a member of that party might be barred from being employed, say, in the Queen's household on security grounds.
  18. If that is the case, then I presume that these prohibitions must be clearly stated in the employer's terms and conditions, and similarly in the union's terms of membership. If the employee has the freedom of choice not to be a member of a union, then I can't see why it should be relevant. Personally, I have no strong views one way or the other but find it an interesting subject.
  19. What your saying is that if a union has a policy of discrimination as regards their members political views or voting tendencies, that member can be forced from their job?
  20. Difficult one, can only generalise as you don't mention model of car, but on some, a bent drive shaft or underdamped suspension unit can cause vibration at speed. If you can feel the steering wheel vibrating then it's usually a front end problem, if not, then it probably is emanating from the rear. Also as previously mentioned, a worn track rod end or any knuckle joint on the steering gear can cause this, these are usually spotted on the test.
  21. Sorry about that - know how you feel, but get an alarm fitted, the type that you can remove and fit to your next car. I didn't-so had my Fiesta stolen off the drive.
  22. I didn't attend, but a friend of mine did, Stephen Billam. He would have started '59-60.
  23. There was a compilation LP called "Italian Seranade" which I have although I don't know when it was released. There is one on ebay with a few hours to go, also other 78s and 45s. A friend of mine, a classically trained soprano, sang with him on occasion at the Dial House Club (I think it was). During that period in popular music, the classical voice was falling from favour with record buyers due to the new sounds of rock and roll, etc.
  24. I've just consulted my 1913 Empire Universities Dictionary, and it defines "Racking-Pace" as "the pace of a horse somewhat quicker and shorter paced than an amble".
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