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  1. 4 in chapeltown - segvapour.co.uk the biggest and best by far
  2. Hi, we have an Orchid on the window It looks like a new baby orchid is growing from the top of a spike This isn't just a new bloom It has 3 new blooms coming from it and also a leaf which I've never seen this before How do I go about removing this from the mother plant and growing it in to a brand new orchid ?? I do have some photos but I can't seem to upload on to here
  3. that's exactly what i say about this subject - people should be wearing gas masks at bus stops... ---------- Post added 30-07-2015 at 11:09 ---------- its just something else for people to moan about.. ---------- Post added 30-07-2015 at 11:11 ---------- by law 18+ years old
  4. Hello how do we reserve a place at this carboot.. sorry its our 1st 1
  5. I'm glad he's come home.. mr blackwell destroyed sharpe when he playes for us when he was in charge
  6. Thanks, we stock 6mm & 9mm There in a 10 meter roll but we can cut down to 1 meter lenghts We do supply some edmundson branches, but selling direct to the users would be better for us and the end user
  7. Can anybody tell me please What companies would use the Matting?? i'm looking at calling companies, to get our product in to the market.
  8. i'm MARILYNS son... i use to work there and now i'm back there lol good to see so many people worked there. i started as Purchasing office junior, moved out to the lubrication department under john Thornton left the company came back November this year. business development co-coordinator. Barrie Austins replacement. Tim wills is now the Boss, with Zoe fearnley as commercial director They have since bought Clough of Croyden, well 10 years ago Gaskets manufacture, who relocated all their equipment to Cortonwood Site They have since moved Ashton Sheffield to the same building, so now All 3 are under 1 roof, they also have Corporate clothing. thomas a ashton is now the Ashton Group - http://www.ashton-group.co.uk/
  9. i was in the front of the Que when the police stopped the traffic to look at the markings on the road from the accident, looked bad, Tyre marks from outside line in to the slip road where the 4x4 was upside down. 5 fire, 2 ambulances, and possible 10+ police vehicles. not good
  10. our Road, grass, and pavements are just sheet ice really really bad, hopefully it will warm up before people start to venture out. was going to the gym but no way am i driving on that!!!
  11. what about the abuse the men get from women theres a lot of mental women out there!!
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