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  1. Sorry, complaint is being made to the union.
  2. I am needing some advice about a trade union issue. Can anyone help? Without disclosing too much information. Mr x makes a complaint about trade union/one of its representatives. After quite a prolonged period of time Mr X is invited to a meeting about the complaint. Mr X asks to take a representative with him for moral support mainly. He is told No unless the rep is a member of the trade union. Is this correct? I'm Getting murky info online. Acas is closed. To me it feels wrong as why would d you want to take a representative from the organisation You are complaining about to a meeting with you. The rep is only going to advise in favour of the union and not impartially I would have thought. I have attempted to get the information from the unions head office but they are as unhelpful as their regional office on this one.
  3. Can anyone recommend a doctor with S5 who specialises in pain. Or at least has some knowledge of dealing with people in chronic pain. Not having much help at my doctor. We live in the vicinity of asda. Thanks.
  4. The first problem is that if the direct debit was due on the 1st of the month and it bounced how many days after did you pay it? If the arrangement still set to be paid on a certain date and are you paying it bang on that date? Because if you are paying it even a day later it will flag up that there is a missed payment. These arrangements are really strict.
  5. Did you get sorted with this?
  6. We hired Grenoside church hall and had a bouncy castle. It was fab
  7. We had a really bad experience, Santa was quite rude to us and not very professional, he didn't acknowledge 2 of the kids. When this was pointed out to him he was really rude and sarcastic to someone in our party In Front of the kids. we complained about it and the organisers said we could have a refund but only if we took the toys back from the kids. In fairness we didn't expect a refund an apology would have been nice for the fact that Santa spoilt the illusion for the children. Would never go back, however I do know people who love it and go every year.
  8. It's Sheffield City Council Dog Pound, still very much in use
  9. Have you actually told the council that it's occupied? I notice tho you say girls. Is this a house share or a house of multiple occupation where they have their own tenancy agreements? Because if it's a HMO you will pay the bill and charge them for it.
  10. Aren't the Big Issue Sellers generally those who are getting back on their feet?
  11. Joe Mcgovan just off Penistone Road. Can't recommend him or his gym enough. Lots of different level classes.
  12. Thank for looking for me! I have found 4 blind bags on ebay so hopefully the shop in Hillsborough will have another 2 and I will have enough to trade if they end up being duplicates to get what we need. ---------- Post added 24-09-2016 at 09:23 ---------- Thank you, will try that. ---------- Post added 24-09-2016 at 11:24 ---------- Thanks for everyone's help. I managed to get some this morning from Bricks and Blocks in Hillsborough. If anyone is looking for any lego the shop is fantastic and the lady was really helpful!
  13. Yes I have ordered 4 for £15. Including postage, seemed to be the most reasonable
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