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  1. Im looking for a decent,competitive training company to do my class 2,PCP and test. Any recommendations ??
  2. Can anyone recommend a decent garage to have my car looked at, loud ticking noise coming from belt area on a Fiesta. my local garage cant fit me it until next Friday. tia. Pops
  3. what would you be using it for if you dont mind me asking< only i may be able to help.
  4. Where in Shheffield can i get my motorhome serviced and MOD done when its due?
  5. Hiya matey im 55 yrs too ,i used to walk quite a bit in the Peak District, i want to get back out there.get intouch and we can meet up sometime.
  6. thanks mafya that did it
  7. Does anyone know anywhere i can have the "change oil soon" light taken off the dash on a Renaullt modus? I have done the oil change but i need the light taking off. TIA Andy
  8. its got delayed from opening due to finding squatters in the storerooms.homeless folk have taken residence at the rear of the premises,which has delayed the opening. im told because there was no break ins the squatters have rights to stay there until it goes to court.
  9. One on Prince of Wales rd heading towards Darnell just before the roundabout. It always catches me out makes my steering wonder,not quite a pot hole more like two bumps in front of each other.
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