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  1. This is the first time ive looked at Sheffield Forum this year, i dont like the new format, the Classified part is so frustrating looking at the different categories. it used to be a great website i used offten. is it just me ?
  2. such a shame this used to be such a helpful and enjoyable forum,well as they say"all good things come to an end"
  3. Is it just me ? or are people loosing interest in This forum . there doesn't seem to be anything interesting about it anymore.
  4. Where have the classified sections gone ?
  5. Im looking for a decent,competitive training company to do my class 2,PCP and test. Any recommendations ??
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent garage to have my car looked at, loud ticking noise coming from belt area on a Fiesta. my local garage cant fit me it until next Friday. tia. Pops
  7. what would you be using it for if you dont mind me asking< only i may be able to help.
  8. Where in Shheffield can i get my motorhome serviced and MOD done when its due?
  9. Hiya matey im 55 yrs too ,i used to walk quite a bit in the Peak District, i want to get back out there.get intouch and we can meet up sometime.
  10. thanks mafya that did it
  11. Does anyone know anywhere i can have the "change oil soon" light taken off the dash on a Renaullt modus? I have done the oil change but i need the light taking off. TIA Andy
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