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  1. kidley

    Sheffield then and now

    Who in your opinion closed most of the engineering factorys down, (clue is in the question).
  2. kidley

    Sheffield then and now

    Are you related to Mrs Thatcher by any chance?
  3. kidley

    weather forecasts

    The big difference is the amount of rain one gets more than the other My Bold
  4. kidley

    Swfc v luton

    ime not jumping up and down but Luton 0 sheff wed 1 Nuhiu 46 minute
  5. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    You are not contributing to this discussion at all, you are just trying to score points
  6. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    My Bold The yorkshire ripper didnt harm me neither did fred west.
  7. kidley


    if i understand you correctly old folks homes. amateur
  8. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    My Bold If a person who is born in England of English parents who infers he is born elsewhere/ irrespective of whether you care or not/ how would you describe the person i have outlined Halibut ?
  9. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    arnt you an inquisitive person Halibut, if a person disassociates him/herself from his/her nationality its onley natural to wonder why. wouldnt you think
  10. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    my misunderstanding then
  11. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    since when do i have to have your agreement to any post of mine?
  12. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    thats because i havnt got an issue, just tell me just what are you getting at. i will ask my question again for your benefit, why does some English born people call themselves by a different nationality. what issue have you got with that?
  13. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    i do have to understand things, quote why does it matter to you, unquote read my last post again. i dont know a i have just realised what ypu mean you have 5000+post and dont know, come on
  14. kidley

    Racism within sheffield

    i wouldn't think anybody would say any thing wrong with that.

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