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  1. how most people swear it doesnt have a meaning anyway, i.e What the f--- is that, whats that mean?
  2. My Bold by the same token, how many caravaners would like to get stuck behind a moterbility scooter traveling in the centre of the lane, peddle to the metal at 8mph for 5-10 miles? sorry for the bold i carnt get it off, it just came on
  3. Dickinson's real deal, town hall tomorrow
  4. Is Cyclone's advice the only one you are recommending the op to take? there are many other post that recommend her to take the free 30 minute advice from a solicitor, in my opinion that is the best advice by far. dont you agree?
  5. You may well be right but, i would imagine it would be county court with a solicitor, in any case with court proceedings it would prove expensive for him-her-or both.
  6. is he going to fork out (risk) £8000 to prove it?
  7. My bold wouldn't this apply to your ex as well ?
  8. its the same as if you got engaged and he gifted you the ring, it is yours (been proved in court) i would say it would be the same with the said car. get some free legal advice.
  9. if they get benefits for themselves and dog why are they begging , that should have been your second question.
  10. They was not commemorating any war, infact, they was condemning all wars, they was remembering the brave men who died in the war. commemorating any wars most certainly not. Lest we forget.
  11. And as a result was sacked, now living in Australia along side her daughter.
  12. Yes the Locarno and the City were good places, not forgetting Freds on infirmary road
  13. My Bold I do agree the 50sAnd sixties were the two best decades to live in, my wage was in 1961, £1.17.6 per week rising to just under £8 at 18 and i was always skint. like most other apprentices were, but loved every minute of that era, carnt remember what my favourite record was but, my favourite program's was the 6-5 special and Oh Boy.
  14. i thought i new spital hill like the back of my hand, whereabouts was it
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