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  1. My bold, Which means armed police turning up, Not, any body getting shot dead. May i enquire where i said anything about any body killing some body, this is what i said, "armed police turning up"
  2. that would be a very good lesson to other gunners "armed police turning up", a "GUN IS A GUN" they are not toys, and any thing made of skin and bone any powerful gun will at least harm.
  3. kidley

    Fast Freezing your life!

    my bold a specific couple of girlfriends, "wiping my eyes with a smile"
  4. kidley

    Illegal Rave???

    when i was 18-30 i would have loved to have been there, be tolerant for a now and again all nighter.
  5. i think that if you read the forum rules its not allowed to give other people's personal information out without there permission .
  6. what do you mean by "does Sheffield" My Bold if you mean SCC they do have a proactive approach and welcome people from other countries into the city. but many Sheffielders do have a problem with certain people coming into Sheffield, that is one of the main reasons for voting to leave the e.u.
  7. Years ago there was small firms using those arches as there work places, now i would imagine they would be classed as fire hazards or not up to factory rules and regs, and now closed off to prevent miss-use?
  8. Cmonkes, My thoughts entirely i could not, have put it better my self, Well said.
  9. it was reported on Look North last night with video coverage.
  10. kidley

    Speed Limits

    From junction 33 Rotherham to Handsworth on the parkway it is 70mph speed limit
  11. is your dad still alive ime T.O brother
  12. kidley

    Sheffield then and now

    Who in your opinion closed most of the engineering factorys down, (clue is in the question).
  13. kidley

    Sheffield then and now

    Are you related to Mrs Thatcher by any chance?
  14. kidley

    weather forecasts

    The big difference is the amount of rain one gets more than the other My Bold
  15. kidley

    Swfc v luton

    ime not jumping up and down but Luton 0 sheff wed 1 Nuhiu 46 minute

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