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  1. r Boychenko wrote in a message on Telegram: "Within two years, the Nazis killed 10,000 civilians in Mariupol. The Russian occupiers killed more than 20,000 residents of Mariupol within two months. More than 40,000 people were forcibly deported. "This is one of the worst genocides against civilians in modern history. The Russian army is purposefully and ruthlessly destroying our city and its inhabitants." https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1603456/ukraine-live-russia-vladimir-putin-volodymyr-zelensky-uk-attack-weapons-solovyov?fbclid=IwAR3wBmPpij9ogpXlO5siwmggMbFe10HCV6Ge2xeBZYgk59_T9MgqRImLh6U putin must be stopped by any means or the world will die
  2. I was born and bred in pitsmoor as I understood it Sheffield 3 was Pitsmoor and Sheffield 4 was Burngreave
  3. I wonder if England and Germany etc have joined the war by sending/taking weapons to the Ukraine so they can blow russian tanks up etc?
  4. Poland sends MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukrainian Air Force.
  5. please forgive my ignorance but, how would you meet somebody who is self isolating ?
  6. I think I have been on here long enough to know how it works, but thanks for the advice I will bear it in mind, hope the next post I make will not have 50+ pagers though😀
  7. getting serous now/ C&P Ukraine LIVE: Biden unleashes full power of US Army – troops and attack choppers scrambled https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1569810/russia-ukraine-live-vladimir-putin-bloodshed-war-invasion-troops-latest
  8. No I have not, maybe you will do the honours, do I have to read four pages before I can post?
  9. then why don't they ticket them then, they would have a field day in those places
  10. ime sure its been done BUT would the pay the fines?
  11. I am seeing more posters sharing my opinion of the Russian manoeuvres, putin is testing the world but in doing so he has no intention of invading Ukrain. But the Weston world has got to take the so called threat and the possibilty of an invasion sereusly and react accordingly and they have.
  12. I would be prepaird to gamble a decent amount of money that Putin was and has no intention of invading Ukraine
  13. I saw a couple of well mannered asian kids in the pub very smart as well, oh dear ime racist, I think some people ought to know what being racist means.
  14. we have freedom to chose. if we chose the wrong thing then we have to take the consequences.
  15. Food for thought, my thoughts yes, DC has spent his "loose change" in the past but, if I wanted to get any of my invested money it would take about the same time as it takes DC to pay the wages when he runs a bit dry. imo there is a fair amount still to come.
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