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  1. Bobby Craig springs to mined maybe wrong though
  2. wednesday had a player in the 50-60 they had to bail him out most Saturday mornings , his name escapes me for the moment , cuttiesy help me
  3. I will second the above, I once ask her if she minded me giving her number to some one on the forum she said no I dont want my phone number made public
  4. With regards seeing him at carboots hasn't he (d.b) got an antiques pastime?-hobby
  5. that's what he did when he left the fortunes he thought he was the bee's nee's
  6. how I heard it at the time of there first hit was, he wanted 60% of there earnings meaning the rest of the group with only 40% between them , I have been told that many times since then the same reason for there departure
  7. I thought it was common knowledge why he and the fortunes parted company
  8. not necessarily I have heard of a man on crutches with no legs being refused la because he was able to get around with no problems https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/disability-benefits-man-julius-holgate-no-legs-cut-government-pip-climb-stairs-with-arms-dwp-a7606416.html
  9. meaning for consumtion off the premises , also in some pubs they had a back room
  10. maybe D.R is thinking about a loan player on £30,000 a week to get them out of the ?hit they are in now ?
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