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  1. in the not to distant future there will be more housers on the market when the interest rate go up, and they will, inflation is creeping up now.
  2. I wonder what benefit the hacker got from using your email to pay in his/her own money, not a very good hacker if you ask me.
  3. how did you know somebody in Bulgaria was using your email, did it come up with a Bulgarian address? I am asking because I have an account with them with I haven't used for a while.
  4. Can we expect Sheffield Wednesday to start making signings once the embargo has been lifted? C & P Well they certainly need the players - but with free transfers already believed to be permitted and most, if not all of their business this summer expected to be frees, the lifting of the embargo might not actually make any practical difference. Wednesday are far from alone in not having announced any summer signings yet and every club will be considering their finances very carefully after over a year of lost matchday and commercial revenues, to say nothing of incoming transfer fees. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesdays-transfer-embargo-what-20802877
  5. come on, we are not a big club anymore, just look at the teams in div 1 its ful of ex big teams they wont come just after us, C&P There are currently seven former Premier League clubs competing in League One, namely Sheffield Wednesday (1993–2000), Ipswich Town (1992–95 and 2000–02), Charlton Athletic (1998–99 and 2000–07), Bolton Wanderers (2001–12), Portsmouth (2003–10), Wigan Athletic (2005–13) and Sunderland (1996–97, 1999–2003, 2005–06 and 2007–17
  6. god almighty what next https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday-wages-points-deduction-20751880
  7. it will be on the high seas now in a container, but dont give up hope
  8. Dave Richards was the most sociable Chairman wednesday has ever had, he went round wembley talkin to all the fans, when wednesday played manchester, plus many many more instances of him being approachable. (thought i would mention it.)
  9. i shudder to think what might have happened at S6 if the fans had been watching the games, i remember one season the fans threw every thing they could onto the pitch seat cushions the lot in disgust.
  10. Wednesday 2/1 favourites to go straight back up into the championship (sky bet) https://m.skybet.com/football/sky-bet-league-one/event/27547324
  11. i remember the elephants walking through the wicker going towards atttercliffe with the elephants trunk holding the tail of the one in front. you could see all the animals coming through the wicker then, of course Sheffield does not allow such circuses know.
  12. i think all Wednesday fans have that at the back of there minds, including basset one.
  13. ime with these, they still have a chance. WAWAW C&P A good week for the Owls leaves them four points from safety, and there are reasons for them to be optimistic heading into their final three games. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-derby-county-relegation-20446747
  14. we play Derby the last game, i am looking at it like this, we are one point away from our own destiny
  15. how long does it take to get over new morn ee a
  16. does this help ebay T&C, my interpretation is if you have given the exact details of what this is for, if the buyer buys it and it doesnt fit a different thing, he/she can return it if you agree, he/she pays the return P&P, if they start giving you bad feed back threats refer to ebay disputes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/buying/returns-refunds/return-item-refund?id=4041&st=7 https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/selling/managing-returns-refunds/manage-returns-missing-items-refunds-sellers?id=4079
  17. this is the best i can do Padders, the one you refer to i cannot find the link does not work. click Knee surgery
  18. cuttsie welcome back, you are coming through loud and clear
  19. you cant criticise someone /thing without knowing the facts/knowing what your talking about.
  20. being that you posted on it and criticised them, you must know why they did not put there accounts in on time?
  21. be good to know who you are talking about?
  22. just to add to this, i was a skilled working man, "in reply to the post above" we used to get all the time from lower paid workers, AH well we have to go to the same shops and pay the same price as you
  23. Well Well i really believed that there was an emergency ambulance service in this country, classed as one of the best in the world, ime shattered that you have to take a 3 week old dying baby to hospital in your own car?
  24. HELLO stephen you are exonerated, i went through all the vacancies in Chesterfield for this year and found this. Chesterfield Borough Council ftiSpiJoSannlguoaslioryreo de29 · | Job vacancy - electrician Reference: CBC210216 Salary Details: potential to earn up to £37,000 per year average with bonus scheme Job Term: Permanent Appointment type: Full Time Hours: 37 hours per week We are looking for a qualified electrician to join our team to carry out electrical works repairs and re-wires across Chesterfield. Applicants should be motivated, enthusiastic and able to work well on their own and as part of a team. A thorough induction will be provided plus the opportunity to gain further skills. this was advertised Jan 29 2021
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