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  1. There is real evidence for the existence of Jesus - Josephus. Whether or not Jesus was who He said He was is another matter.
  2. I was that musician with Bobby Dene and the Nocturnes; I had forgotten all the bands who were on that show. Thanks for the memories!!
  3. I was there studying Signwork under Frank Topley although my fondest memories are of Alan Cooper. A true gentleman and a brilliant teacher. I was there in the 1980s.
  4. My son has now four guitars, all of which he has bought online; he is learning, slowly, but surely and he is turning into a real guitar fanatic.
  5. Hello sarahkenny, I am in the same situation, I know John's email address but that's it, I know about the books but I cannot afford to buy them. If there is anything I can tell you about the Sheffield music scene I will be glad to help. I have plenty of photographs of my band and I have written an autobiography and I would be happy to send you the section of it which relates to the Sheffield scene.
  6. Go to the nearest Branch of the LDS church and you will get all you need and more for free.
  7. I am looking for Eric Wells of Sheffield, bass guitarist for Who's Who? Last seen in 1968!
  8. The only time I would keep money I have found is if it is impossible to trace the owner. When I lived in Sheffield and cycled to work I would often see loose change at the side of the road especially near bus stops - of course, I picked it up!
  9. We did a similar thing many years ago - we found a purse with a wage packet and credit cards, we were on our way to the police station when the owners turned up. They tried to offer us a reward but we didn't want it; eventually the shoved a fiver in one of our kid's hand - we bought then ice cream!
  10. Any help would be appreciated Janet.
  11. It was Connery until I saw Daniel Craig!
  12. I have John's book, 'Not Like a Proper Job', because I'm in it, but I have no idea how to get in touch with him although I have tried.
  13. This may be already covered in a topic but does anyone or own any copies of the Top Star Special? I would love to know especially if there are any photographs of The Nocturnes/Who's Who?
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