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  1. It's a covered walkway from the station to the drop-off area, obviously not heated but most people can survive a few minutes outside.
  2. Given the number of different cars I see at night with just DRL's on I don't think it's a standard option yet. LED DRL's can be amazingly bright at night.
  3. This has always been the problem with the station and they've never done anything to actually address it, all it needs is someone to dish out some tickets, I'm sure now you could enforce it with an ANPR system? It was just the same with the previous layouts of this area, you'd get some ignorant knucklehead sat waiting and blocking traffic, saw a good few arguments break out back then.
  4. Too cheap to pay for Auto-lights is what I say. Flash new car but zero options, bottom spec. So often with cars you know full well have hands-free as standard.
  5. Less annoying than not indicating at all and going right round.
  6. They didn't even seem aware there was more than one company in this field, when pressed the response was basically: "We'll just buy them as well" WTF?
  7. That advice is usually to prevent any excess wear on the gearbox by shifting when you don't need to. Most motoring organisations have the opposite advice though, because a great number of accidents are caused by people letting off the footbrake and going into the car in front.
  8. Looking through some of the planning documents you can see a couple of plans where the visitor parking bays have been included in the drawings, there's also a few where the resolution is so poor you can't make them out. Since these plans were approved the marked bays were also approved. The question is why have the council allowed this? One of the officers involved has their contact info in the planning documents so you could contact them? Mark Simons Principal Highways Development Control Officer Highways Maintenance Client Sheffield City Council 0114 273 6369 Mark.Simons@sheffield.gov.uk
  9. or just front DRL's Often an Auto, too lazy to stick it in N at the lights so just sit there with a foot on the brake.
  10. They should be able to enforce against private individuals painting their own parking restrictions on the public highway though? I know Leeds council did when I spotted something similar a while back, someone had put a sign up on a street there "No parking, you will be clamped" They were round the next day and making them to take it down.
  11. @ECCOnoob is absolutely correct, O'Mara was a lazy do-nothing that used his disabilities as an excuse to hide from the problems he had created. He should have been a champion for their cause but instead did a great dis-service to all people facing disability challenges.
  12. Perhaps if he put as much effort into bettering himself than he does moaning about the EU overlords he could provide a Xmas meal for all his down-trodden mates???
  13. Aren't we free to leave on our own accord?? Don't we have two distinct options open to us?? Blaming the EU for the mess we've quite clearly created, it's quite something.
  14. They were perfectly happy to negotiate a withdrawal deal with us. TWICE. For some reason we're still here?
  15. Where exactly are the marked bays? There's no new development on Earl Marshall Road itself? There's one on Barnsley road just down from there?
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