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  1. Chances are 20k might be abit light, basement conversions are abit more expensive than you'd like. Do you have the correct amount of height to convert the basement?
  2. It's a pity your conveyancing solicitor didn't make you aware of this issue back in 1996 when you bought the place. I do wonder though, what are the chances this flat is even still around 63 years time when the lease expires? Probably abit slim?
  3. It's right there on Wikipedia?
  4. Probably for the best, let someone else deal with that headache.
  5. You're unlikely to find pipe that wide in a car scrap yard, it's the sort of thing that would go straight to a metal yard, get tossed in a pile and crushed soon after. I can't see anyone leaving something like that lying around doing nowt on the offchace someone might buy it.
  6. Cooper's in Hillsborough used to allow it, not been there in a while. Behind the dog track.
  7. Leave it well alone, the seller needs to sort that problem out.
  8. It's fairly self-explanatory, just follow the on-screen instructions. They've been broken previously, you just got on the train and got a ticket off the conductor. Hardly end of the world.
  9. I bet that local fella will be dead chuffed they're now going to be doing yet more demo work on the site https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/residents-protest-halts-demolition-sheffield-university-building-amid-noise-row-2949611
  10. Nope, piece of cake. Probably 4 screws or so holding the oven to the unit, disconnect the wiring and it'll slide right out.
  11. Never heard of him. but if the city was flooded with travellers at a funeral, pubs probably didn't want all the trouble that those kind of events often bring.
  12. Depends: Who did the survey Who did the engineering calculations Who drove the piles in If the construction company were working off dodgy plans that had been provided to them it's not their fault the structure has turned out to be inadequate. Although if the original plans called for more piles and the construction company suggested it would be alrite to leave a few out to save money then they could well be on the hook.
  13. If they don't sell on eBay you're unlikely to find a good buyer on the high street.
  14. If you're trying to sell a house you can put in the notice of claim and then pass it on to the buyer, saving them a couple of years waiting around to buy it themselves. Jeffrey will know the details, being a solicitor in this field.
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