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  1. geared

    Recycle for money?

    The Americans get a small amount for cans and stuff don't they?? The Germans also operate a system where glass bottles pay back a small amount when returned to a retailer. Have you ever thanked him for keeping the streets clean?
  2. geared

    Window cleaning with "smart" water?

    This assumes the cleaner is actually using deionised water and hasn't just bought the smart water kit and filled it with normal tap water?
  3. Driving like that I'd automatically presume both cars were stolen? Can be done for lane-hogging on a DC though, it'd have to be done for several miles.
  4. geared

    Newer LED street lamps

    I thought they were fine? Some people complained they were shining in through windows, but IIRC you could ask for a masking piece to be fitted to block the light??
  5. geared

    Congestion charge in Sheffield

    Yes I think I heard warnings were being made in the late 90's or something, but the priority was CO2 emissions so they were just brushed aside.
  6. Yea he should man up and go along, I think he was still hurting from losing the no confidence vote. Most other parties are at least pushing to take no deal off the table, the Torys are in such disarray they can't decide what the hell they want.
  7. How does it lay it bare exactly??? They made a claim that a brexit vote could lead to the breakup of the Union and now news reports are circulating about Indyref 2???
  8. Unless that is ruled out permanently, as Corbyn and many others have already called for. Then you can shove your default position where the sun don't shine. Boggles the mind how these people get to where they are, why he's been employed in that think tank I've no idea.
  9. You'd think it was written in blood the way some people rant on though.
  10. geared

    Latest stabbing in london

    Not really, if you're out dealing drugs, stealing things, riding mopeds without a licence and hanging out in a gang you're a criminal. His family are in complete denial if they genuinely think he wasn't involved with gangs and crime. In this country we don't believe any criminal deserves to be killed
  11. If they're gunna do that they might as well set figures for turnout and the margin required to declare a definite outcome. One things for sure when there's only a couple of percent difference between the two options, it only causes further arguments.
  12. geared

    Jared Omara MP ..

    Anyone still worried about Parliament activity, your MP voted in last nights Brexit deal and the amendment tabled before it, voting against both.
  13. Funny that you ask that question in this area of the country. Could stick a pig with a red rosette in an election and the local people would still vote it through.
  14. The only thing a GE will progress is Jeremy into number 10. Personally that's all I think he cares about.
  15. geared

    rubbish fires

    When you sub-let the house to 15 un-related people.

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