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  1. A google might show up the original auction listing? If not can you find it on the Land Registry?
  2. They usually have pretty good graffiti removal stuff. I've seen it used where it can take the graffiti off and leave the underlying paint alone. It's labour intensive, but a fully grafitti'd train can be done in a few hours.
  3. No but in it's current form it's not that lethal, deaths have been in elderly people or those with existing health problems. The worry is if it mutates to become more deadly, but thats still only a possibility. It's certainly not something to panic about over here, the Chinese have been pretty diligent in their response so far.
  4. I guess a capacity increase is only justified if PL football is likely to continue. The ground is currently 32k, which is bob on for the Championship and on the high side for League one. There's maintenance costs and such to consider when adding capacity, you don't wanna be paying extra to look after seats you rarely fill in lower leagues.
  5. You need less points for away games and less popular ones like cup games against lower league teams. IIRC the stadium was half empty at the last FA cup game. Unfortunately the tickets are in demand now it's a Premiership club, those that were attending games back in League one days have earned the points to be able to buy the tickets.
  6. Take more than a few police patrols to turn that place around, been rough as guts for many years. Another body was found in the area this week, another person arrested for murder.
  7. How much cheaper are you expecting? There's a bunch of cheap stuff by Bush in Argos, starting from twenty quid.
  8. They're not going to show Braveheart so we can all bellow "FREEDOM" at the telly ???
  9. I can't see it being worth repairing, especially being such a cheap model. Bin it and buy another.
  10. or York and get the train into Leeds?
  11. It's barely a two horse race as it is, clearly she's realised the likelihood of an upset isn't going to materialise so why bother continuing.
  12. It very much depends if they can keep costs under control. If it continues to spiral out of control all they're doing is making a huge millstone to hang round their necks for the coming decades. The costs will far outweigh the benefits if we start counting in hundreds of billions.
  13. The question I think will end up in a public enquiry will be, was this the best way to increase capacity. I feel the answer is going to be a no. Political meddling and utterly ****-poor management have turned this into a total farce.
  14. It's usually someone who's broken down. Either getting out of their car, trying to change a tyre or worst of all just standing on the carriageway. A guy was killed last year IIRC, car broke down on the M1 so he just got out and stood next to it.
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