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  1. Yea, although thats already an option, so on your original point there's still no room for improvement for home chargers in the future. Essentially the options are: 3-pin plug: Takes forever and a day to charge 3.6kW charger: Not fast, but not slow 7kW charger: Best you can do off a domestic supply, still take several hours to charge a half decent car up. 22kW charger: 3-phase only That old nonsense about shared community cars again?? Total non-starter People will always want and need to own their vehicle in one form or another.
  2. The government don't want to say anything bad about EV's, but they need to make sure we don't end up with streets full of houses trailing cables across the pavement to charge their car up. Anyone with vision or mobility issues will be constantly falling over and hurting themsevles. It pretty much can't. There's only so much power you can safely draw from a domestic supply, right now we've already reached that limit. Charging your car from home is unlikely to actually get any faster than it currently is today.
  3. They've already priced the less affluent from the trains, now the roads too? Might as well just wall off the poor areas of town, poor sods won't be able to afford to leave anyway. Not the worst by a long way tho. Pretty sure last year Leeds became the largest city in Europe without any kind of rapid metro system. Appalling award to earn.
  4. So is this bad debt from just British users or all bad debt of the foreign parent company?
  5. Humm, I think it might take a little longer than that. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54982634
  6. You'll also end up with pushing issues onto local roads. Almost always these schemes look to charge more for motorways and less for quieter roads. All that will happen is people will spill off the motorways onto other roads to save paying the higher rates.
  7. Bog standard Dacia is £8k though. Still got a long way to go on price.
  8. It's a pity none of the pay per mile talk has ever included any kind of large investment in public transport. It's simply a hole in the taxman's pocket that needs filling, not a fundamental problem we really should address at some point.
  9. Your mind must be abit fuzzy then, because they had been making considerable effort towards a moon mission long before he made that famous speech. It wasn't to announce their intentions, it was intended to get the support of the American people behind the Apollo program. It was possible to get a man to the moon, with the backing of a top world power. The motor industry does not have that, they've got to change everything and still manage to turn a profit, which is why they're quite upset.
  10. Good areas in Rotherham? Are you having a laugh?
  11. Regardless of what you end up doing, ALWAYS get your own solicitor.
  12. I can very much see Brook calling it quits after this fight. The Khan/Brook fight isn't a mega fight anymore, sure it'll get some local interest but thats it. Neither are particularly highly ranked, Brook isn't well know outside of the country and Khan is now more know as a 'has-been'.
  13. Yes I agree, Crawford is a hell of a fighter and firm favourite. Kell's done well to score one big final fight tho, it's a pity we never saw the long talked about fight with Khan, but I just don't think he's serious about boxing anymore, he's always had an excuse to duck that fight.
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