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  1. The traveller folk from the Sky Village kept their area much cleaner than the rest of the site, it's a pity they got booted out. I'm sure they'll look after the area they've now moved to just as well.
  2. He might be better mates with Putin as well. In fact that makes a half convincing conspiracy theory. Putin and Trump collude to back opposite sides in a conflict, both providing arms, vehicles and munitions, both countries benefiting from massive arms sales.
  3. If you expect someone to pay for something it's generally accepted it should be worth charging for in the first place. If all you have is a horrendously designed and out of date website, don't be surprised if people think charging even a token amount is taking the <removed>
  4. I think it's also a realisation that the western public in general are kinda sick of going to war in the middle east. The smart move would be to let the Saudi's do the heavy lifting and sit back selling them the tools for the job. The two countries have been at each others throats for ages now, might just be time to let them have at it and settle the score.
  5. From the looks of things his greatest clanger has cost him the club. Made a promise to sell his half for 5 million quid, was surprised when the Prince took him up on that one.
  6. because Greece are going to be totally fine with Turkey joining? and the rest of Europe will have no problem with one member state illegally occupying part of another member state??
  7. It would seem as though in fact we are not. Just another Brexit lie.
  8. If you're the buyer walk away and let the owner deal with the mess. Plenty of other houses in Hillsborough to choose from.
  9. It needs a little holder to help secure it to the fence he's been sat on for so long.
  10. and didn't the Tory manifesto promise to deliver a Brexit deal? A no deal Brexit would be them not fulfilling their manifesto promises and ignoring the wishes of Tory votes. How quick the government were to throw the DUP to the wolves the moment it became convenient.
  11. Doubtful, are you really going to drive down to Catcliffe to save 1p/litre on petrol?
  12. Bercow was due to stand down anyway wasn't he? I guess the sub-text here is expect another general election soon, they'll probably break parliament up late October?
  13. When it was first launched the app took preference (to encourage it's use) now I don't know., Obviously an app order is quicker for the bar to sort, they just receive a list of drinks and a table number. It's all paid for already so pour and deliver.
  14. Plus ordering off the app is almost magical. Still don't understand why no-one else has followed suit
  15. What instead of using one of the many already established sites?? https://liftshare.com/uk https://gocarshare.com/ https://www.blablacar.co.uk/
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