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  1. They have, although thats not to say that Hamas hasn't given it a good try.
  2. Nothings certain at the moment. Global shortage on semi-conductors means it's pot-luck if you can actually get hold of any piece of new tech. Sony's PS5 is still in short supply despite being released last November, they can't get the parts in to make them fast enough.
  3. Can be done, but it doesn't mean the new owner will pay any attention. Usually you'd be the one to deal with them if they did break it, which is more cost and hassle further down the line.
  4. Well yea, upgrading your phone when you're on limited income isn't a top priority usually. Your current G6 is Chinese as well mate.
  5. You are not supposed to and if there is a red light camera you will get a ticket, but if not most people just pull out of the way. Unfortunately you get some total morons who do the opposite, they move to the side about half a foot and sit there. The light turns green and they're still sat blocking the road. Traffic around them start beeping and pointing, eventually the message gets through and they move off.
  6. Never under-estimate the strength of a politicians self-preservation instinct. They might all be the same, but if it means losing their place at the table most will bend over backwards to keep their nose in the trough.
  7. If you don't change out the administration every so often there's no incentive for the politicians to actually put some effort into improving the city for people. They'll just sit on their arse playing party politics safe in the knowledge the public will happily vote them back in next time. Chuck the lot out, get some fresh blood in. You may well find they are much more enthusiastic to improve peoples lives.
  8. It's good you know that for definite. because the EU vaccine program was voluntary to join, countries were advised to do so on cost basis but no-one was forced into it. IIRC the EU pay a fair bit less per vaccine dose than we do, down to the collective purchasing they did.
  9. The Brexit vote was stronger among the older folks not the Remain vote.
  10. The Torys utterly ruined her, and rightfully so. The DUP clearly didn't care one bit about the future of NI, their one and only priority is pathetic point scoring against Sinn Fein. Whats just as funny is they could well have started NI on the path to rejoining ROI.
  11. Thank you, whoever you are 😄
  12. Another load of total drivel, I think some people have been stuck inside too long.
  13. If he hates the media so much what's he doing airing his dirty laundry so pubically on Opera?? Pair of total idiots, I don't believe for a second she had no idea what she was getting herself in for.
  14. With alot of the current public EV infrastructure installs it's all or part funded by the Government, but on goign costs aren't covered. So it's all good when it's nice and new, but a few years down the line someone's gotta decide if they want to pay to fix it or lob it away.
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