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  1. I hope the police follow up and charge him for leaving the scene . People like that should not be driving heavy vehicles on the road, next time he could well kill someone.
  2. Which the news piece makes quite clear No, the actual news is correct. Once more, it's not fake news and you seem to have little idea what fake news actually is.
  3. No, thats actual news. Do you know what Fake news actually means?
  4. Sheffield is plenty big enough, there's more than enough standard housing to go around, you don't need to bother with odd non-standard stuff that mortgage lenders don't like.
  5. People pull out in front of the tram like it's got the ability to swerve to avoid.
  6. P&L Mini's in Thurnscoe Huddersfield Mini spares Mini Spares in York
  7. These ads are too intrusive.
  8. Used to be a couple of places down London road I think? I don't know where, but might be worth taking a drive down?
  9. They sent a fella back to Iran recently, he had successfully claimed asylum here and then went on to traffic people over from France.
  10. Things in Lebanon keep going from bad to worse, is it likely they can turn things around before everything descends into chaos? Power is now mostly shut off across the country due to failure to pay fuel bills. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-57780940 Again this is nothing new, a smaller plant shut down earlier in the year due to non payment. Water rationing is expected next. Pharmacies and healthcare providers are shutting down, unable to get supplies, unable to work without power and unable to keep refrigerated medicines cold. Is it possible Hezbollah could seize the moment and make a play for control of the country?
  11. Don't listen to what people say, it's not haunted. They're probably just being mean to try and dissuade you from going there.
  12. The Sat Nav's in some Audi's were absolutely dire, the Mk2 A3 and Mk2 TT were notoriously poor. The problem was made worse as the unit in the VW/Skoda/Seats from that same era was very good.
  13. You can buy new map cards online pretty cheap. You'd need to figure out exactly what model of Sat-Nav you've got. There are guides online to tell you what buttons you need to press and what information you need to jot down.
  14. Need to get fault codes read with an OBD scanner.
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