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  1. Component manufacturers are looking to branch out of China, but the problem is no one country can offer everything that China can. You might have cheap Labour but the infrastructure is rudimentary which means getting your product to market is a pain, or the land is cheap but you end up demolishing a jungle to build a factory, or there's widespread corruption or inefficiency in the administration blocking outside business. Other countries just aren't stable enough to be a realistic prospect for major investment.
  2. Texas is the least regulated of all the states, as already mentioned they have not connected their energy network to the rest of the country to avoid federal oversight. By and large the population like it this way, it's how they want their state ran They've made their beds, now they've gotta sleep in them. Some F-150's actually have a Generator built in to the side of the bed, people have been using those. The F-150 is one of the most popular vehicles in the state.
  3. It's extremely impressive, looking forward to reading about the discoveries they will make in the future.
  4. I said on the first page, be sure to thank your local gammon faced Brexiteer, now perhaps you can ask if they'll be happy to cover the cost of their freedom? As for, "just a little bit more admin", well thats some bloody expensive admin, thats for sure.
  5. Why is this any of our concern?
  6. I hope you told them to stick their admin charge and arrears charges?
  7. Well you can't say they've not been warned, and with two decades in which to do something about it you'd hope they take action. Anyone left fumbling around 20-30 years down the line, I doubt will find much sympathy.
  8. My last renewal was nearly £700, I almost fell off my chair Few minutes on comparison sites and it was about £300, pretty much half. Clearly some companies are just out to ripoff their own customers.
  9. Buy again, don't worry about buying a premium brand as they extra outlay doesn't relate to extended life.
  10. Insurance companies do this all the time, it's not exactly new.
  11. There's still some stumbling blocks in the way of the fight, notably Wilder and Usyk. Fury/Wilder will end up being played out in court and could well influence what happens with Usyk. He's rumoured to be open to a step-aside fee, but that won't happen if a court order the Fury/Wilder fight. Fury/Wilder and Joshua/Usyk would actually be really good warmup fights this summer, ahead of the big clash by Christmas time.
  12. Don't forget those are rounded numbers as well, the split is less than 4%. 48.11% and 51.89% respectively. A shellfish decision if you ask me.
  13. Welcome to Brexit Britain, thank any local Gammons for all this extra red tape and nonsense.
  14. Should we? Yes. Will we? Probably not. All of that takes money, and there's not alot of that going spare right now.
  15. Didn't the police themselves get taken to court over the mass storage of (innocent) peoples information though? Thought I remembered a privacy group doing it a number of years ago.
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