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  1. That only applies if they slip into the relegation zone this season, if they finish outside they get smacked for 12 points. They have 50 currently, with a 12 point deduction they're in abit of bother.
  2. He needs to get rid of all the hard left if he wants to make progress, clearly the nation is not impressed with their nonsense so things have to change.
  3. They're the reason you don't buy leasehold. or if you do, you make absolutely sure you know what you'll be dealing with.
  4. Is it still Coppen general practise to completely ignore any communication until official documents drop through their door?
  5. I didn't think he ever wanted to be released?
  6. Fury has to face Wilder again and Joshua is facing his mandatory challenger, the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev.
  7. As with anything in boxing, I'll believe it when a time, date and location are announced. There's been nothing on due to the virus so promoters like Hearn are doing what they can to keep people interested.
  8. Have you talked to the vendor, are they aware their solicitor scuppered the sale?
  9. There's a big Caribbean community in Leeds, plus larger city so more opportunities.
  10. Precisely. It's the main reason I go to McDonalds over Burger King, I want my food quickly. Sitting in a 2 hour queue just defeats the point.
  11. What counts as the north west? Cumbria? or everything north of Manchester?
  12. People queued for hours to get to the tip?
  13. They closed the Ben Needham case ages ago.
  14. What point are you trying to make exactly?
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