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  1. No additional pay or benefits, but you get on the eduroam wifi system and there's the cycle to work scheme? Usual requirements are PhD and a good number of years experience. In balance the starting salary for a store manager at Aldi is £47k, no PhD needed.
  2. Pay at Universities is pretty poor, especially considering the level of training required to get many of the posts. Many jobs involved with research are fixed length funding, which can be as little as 6 months at a time. So there's always that thought you might be out on your arse in a few months.
  3. Ideally you need something you can cancel at the drop of a hat, because any fixed deal now will be pretty eye-watering, and you're on that for the duration. Hopefully things will improve soon enough, prices will drop and you can pick up a half decent deal, possibly next spring/summer? Tough winter approaching though.
  4. Could buy the deeds for a few quid if anyone cared enough, but might find it's just owned by a foreign corporate entity or similar and still be none the wiser who the real owner is.
  5. geared


    But they did didn't they? Wasn't it this bidding process that a load of the African representatives were bribed? The Government was also accused of directly bribing Fifa. I seem to remember Japan also bidding for this, part of their bid involved them developing holographic and 3D streaming technology to show the games in real time at stadiums around the world. Qatar on the other hand offered an extreme climate, had no suitable stadiums and a pretty patchy history on human rights and support of Islamic extremist groups.
  6. Unfortunately you can't demand a thread gets shut down because you don't like the topic being discussed, so until the mods decide to lock it down you either need to pack in your whinging or stop reading the discussion.
  7. It doesn't seem far off though which is good, although alot of those in the farming sector have warned they may be undercut by cheaper imports. Pity some of the big farming regions were heavily in favour of Brexit. Interesting comments about immigration from the Australian trade minister as well.
  8. I've heard Octopus energy are good, but with companies dropping left, right and centre Is it a good idea to get involved with a smaller supplier and not one of the main ones?
  9. Sometimes, well they just kind of work? Look at the places that have recently had dictators disposed, Libya, Iraq etc. They weren't the best places to begin with, but were a whole lot better than they are right now. Syria nearly went the same way when IS took over half the country and that was horrendous.
  10. This exactly. He's done extremely well for someone so decidedly average. His trophy cabinet is as empty as my kitchen cupboards, he's never won a bloody thing!
  11. He works in farming, specialising in manure from male bovine.
  12. In that scenario probably the land owner: The land was not secured, anyone could walk right in. The area was inherently dangerous No effort was made to secure the dangerous area No effort was made to rectify the dangerous area No warning signs have been placed warning of the danger
  13. 25.5 million quid to replace the cladding ? Cost to build the place probably wasn't far off that in the first place.
  14. The Government wants to wash their hands of it all, but really it's their rubbish building regulations that allowed this stuff to be used.
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