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  1. It also wasn't legally binding in any way, which makes your condescending post pretty moot. What was or was not specifically written on the ballot paper is of little concern since it has no power in law, after we voted it was left upto the politicians to decide how to enact out wishes.
  2. Yea but the digitiser is usually bonded to the glass so you've gotta replace both which isn't so cheap, near impossible to separate the two.
  3. Probably not considering most of the article uses pictures from Instagram accounts and stuff. Saves alot of hassle mind, no need to take a trip to a different city just to write one small travel piece.
  4. The knives are out for May it would seem, it seems a number of Tory's want her gone before he deal even gets it's forth vote. If she goes then her deal goes with her, where does that leave us?
  5. Gleadless Valley is basically a no-go area for alot of services, even the bus stopped going there a while back.
  6. geared

    British steel facing administration

    The government has said it was not legal to continue providing cash to the company, against state funding laws? Something our government(s) and particularly the Torys have a good track record with though. Shut em down and stick em on the dole.
  7. geared

    Were the moon landings fake?

    I know someone who drove across half the continent on their holiday. The Theme park must be absolutely massive
  8. geared

    Were the moon landings fake?

    Does not exist and anyone claiming to be from Australia is an actor. I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to work for people who've actually been to visit the country though?
  9. geared

    Benefits advice?

    She's looked at entitled.to right?
  10. geared

    British steel facing administration

    Yea but how much can you give?? They've recently swallowed over £100m and are back asking for more just a few months later.
  11. geared

    British steel facing administration

    Steel plants in Wales?
  12. geared

    Facial recognition cameras

    This is the issue. A photograph/video in a public place is totally innocuous, but when it is then linked to someones personal information it changes entirely and an individual should have rights over that data.
  13. Waiting to see if the news hang around outside the plant and ask people if they voted leave. Losing the majority they held in Parliament is not exactly winning in the traditional sense.
  14. Exactly, and in all honesty it's a completely stupid offer. What is the point in having a vote on a second referendum when Parliament has already ratified the withdrawal agreement, by then everything is well in motion and it's way too late. You'd need 6-9 months to get it all organised, in which time we'll have left the EU and it will be a completely moot point. I get the feeling most people see this as the final push to oust May, one more devastating loss in the house of commons and she'll do the right thing and sling her hook. but neither got a majority to govern, so neither won and neither really need to completely honour their manifesto , Labour especially as they are the opposition.

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