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  1. Not as much as alcohol, but the smell is quite pungent which some don't like. Theres been some attempts to link stronger strains to mental health issues by the media and some politicians, but the science is pretty wishy-washy and it generally ignores the fact that places where it is fully legal aren't total madhouses.
  2. My last one had that issue I remember, they also had a reputation for broken fuel injectors. I always suspect the two were linked.
  3. You can sometimes get a bacterial growth in diesel tanks, it's kinda rare though. I've yet to see anything at all inside a normal petrol tank, usually sparkling inside. Fuel filter is there to catch debris anyway, but it's often not changed as regularly as it should be.
  4. Toyota/BMW might not want direct comparisons done so perhaps added conditions when they loaned that cars? Obviously they will be done sooner or later, but perhaps it's better for sales if they're not done by major media companies before it's properly on sale.
  5. They've got quite the image problem as well, I noticed the bookies near my friends place had shut down recently. It was an absolutely revolting place, even from the outside you could see it was a total dive. You're not going to temp people into physical shops if they appear rough as guts, they'll just spend money online instead.
  6. Sometimes the police do get wind of a crime before it's been committed, I remember a while back it being common knowledge that the supermarket near my parents was going to get robbed. A week or two later they actually struck, only to find all tills empty and the fag desk well locked down. They made off with the contents of the payphone on the wall, the all new HD security cameras caught the entire thing. bunch of wallys.
  7. Yes thats what I understand. and does this not just effect vehicles that do not meet emission standards, so Euro 6 diesel and Euro 4 or 5 petrol?? I believe that is the system Leeds is going for, so Taxi drivers in a Euro 6 diesel car will not have to pay?
  8. Big investment in public transport to get people out of their cars Councils to accept and finally fix terrible road schemes that create congestion and pollution instead of solve it. Perhaps even the government to stop forcing investment to be centralised in city centres, is anyone surprised that if you try and force everything into the city centre you end up choking on the pollution created by people trying to get there?
  9. Sounds like there might be some cheap rural property going out in Lincolnshire then when all the farms go belly up. Nice little farmhouse out in the country sounds very nice.
  10. and that is specifically for use as a Taxi and not a consumer deal?? because it looks exactly like the figures from the Tesla uk site to me. You can't use a leased car as a taxi unless you have a specific agreement in place to allow it, which is obtained from specialist leasing firms.
  11. Some agricultural areas voted heavily for Brexit, unfortunately as is often the case the locals don't do the manual labour on the farms anymore and have reacted badly to migrant workers coming in to take the jobs they no longer want. I think most Farmers knew staying in the EU was their best option, they couldn't influence the vote of the locals though.
  12. Why do you keep repeating the same nonsense despite @*_ash_* telling you over and over again you can't get the same car at that price for use as a Taxi?? You're throwing around numbers that are not just totally irrelevant to this topic, they're also extremely misleading: Any Tesla at that price point will have a drastically reduced yearly mileage, was that deal even 10K/year?? Was it 5k/year?? Do you realise the kind of mileage a Taxi driver does in a year? The standard model 3 can't do anywhere near 300 miles on a charge, even the long range version struggles to make that, the long range model is also significantly more expensive.
  13. 400 miles. At least have the decency to bother reading what they've posted before piping up.
  14. Jesus you are a penny pinching miser. What part don't you understand? There's a 50p service charge on Just Eat The restaurant CHOSE to charge a £1.99 delivery fee, regardless of what you spent. What part of this do you find difficult to understand??
  15. because you still paid the extra 2 quid charge right? The charge isn't set by Just Eat, it's set by the take away place as literally everyone else has told you already.
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