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  1. This is the basic problem with most any retail store. They're not setup to be spacious, thats just wasted money. The larger the store the more the council will charge you rates, so the more customers you need through the door. Now they're trying to intentionally limit the number of customers, it creates a queue to get in, as people just expect to walk in the place regardless.
  2. Most main supermarkets have a limit of the number of people in the store at one time and a 2m distance rule in the queue and at checkouts. Hopefully this puts off the hoarding morons and stock levels return to normal.
  3. Pity really, the system in Leeds works just fine.
  4. Yes unless people are so stupid they're buying stuff, letting most of it rot and then buying more. The panic will probs subside over the next week or so as people isolate at home properly.
  5. People are buying more than the trucks can bring in, they just don't have the capacity to restock fast enough with the rate people are buying stuff. When demand subsides the shelves will replenish, so people need to stop panic buying and the shops will have time to refill their stocks.
  6. Did you take a picture or anything? Thats exactly the sort of thing trading standards are going to come down hard on.
  7. Wasn't there a fairly active black market in operation though?
  8. You'd hope that soon the public will have got it out their system, the sort of fools that think they need 100+ rolls of bog roll will have them by now. I've heard supermarkets are now enforcing limits quite strictly, those clearly taking the mick just have the trolley taken off them and are told to leave. I hope the shame from such a public humiliation sticks with them.
  9. Didn't a load of nice stonework disappear from around Hillsborough when the streets were redone a few years back? Lots of nice Yorkshire flag or something?
  10. Will the airlines even run a service tho if the planes will be almost flying empty?
  11. I saw on telly a report about the underground community of people who are experimenting it on themselves. It was a worrying watch tbh. They call themselves genehackers or something.
  12. I guess people either forgot or just didn't open the letter? Tax taking went right down due to the change tho
  13. You don't have to pay them a penny so long as you comply with the relevant legislation, which has already been quoted a few posts up.
  14. No, it seemed like they were in for a nice little windfall by conning people in that way but it's not worked out. Turns out the paper disc was a really good reminder for the general public, now people are forgetting to renew so the DVLA have lost millions.
  15. Trolleys spend their life out in the carpark anyway, doubt there's much more being added unless the kids recently walked in a dog turd.
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