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  1. The vote was never certain anyway, the Chancellor had already said it wouldn't go ahead without enough support. At least now someone has stood up and told them to stop messing around. This should have been put to bed in December when the initial vote was supposed to happen, now it's dragged on till mid-March and we've no time left for anything else.
  2. I think we all know her handbag is good and empty when it comes to this deal, the EU were telling us months ago it was set and they weren't prepared to change it. Now even her own Parliament are saying to stop messing around and do something else.
  3. Looks like a third vote won't be allowed.
  4. Yea if we all turn round in 18 months and decide leaving the EU wasn't the best idea it's not like we can simply hop back into the club.
  5. geared


    Do you dry your familys clothes inside? Use a tumble dryer inside? Have and use an extractor fan over the hob? Have an extractor fan in the bathroom? Do you make sure to open windows regularly to ensure proper ventilation? Damp throughout the property is often caused by the people living there, so it's up to them to solve it. If the damp is in a specific location in one room it could be an issue with the gutters, drainpipe, flashing, window seal or a few other bits. The reason the council didn't jump to help is because usually it's the tenants fault and not the property.
  6. No mention of Scotland either. If we exit with no deal the entire country will be demanding Indyref 2 immediately, it would become all consuming for Scottish politics.
  7. Perhaps because he should get his party into power based on their merits and competency to govern, neither of which he's really displayed. All he's really interested in is waiting till the Torys fall apart to such an extent that no bugger would vote for them and he'd win by default.
  8. Tonights vote?? Probably, it's non-binding isn't it? MP's vote to give an indication of what they want tonight, because even if they vote down a no deal exit tonight it doesn't mean thats now law.
  9. Get a quote here: https://www.paisleyfreight.com/ Four wheels and tyres, £34. (upto 17" size) few quid extra for larger wheels.
  10. Corbyn wants a GE to weasel his way into number 10, there's no question about that. He is only out for himself. I think the party is getting ready for a change of leadership though, huge irony if they boot Corbyn out to have a serious run at an election.
  11. What were they supposed to do though?? Anyone who even came out as supporting the remain campaign was automatically labelled a "Remoaner" or a "Snowflake" any views or opinion they had were labelled as "Project Fear" The more pertinent question should be where were the 52% ??? Arguing amongst themselves over what they actually want is where they were. The Brexit camp won the referendum, but after that they did absolutely dick-all to help deliver a successful Brexit. Worst still they then blamed any remain supporters for their own failings, accusing them of not getting on board, even when there was no clear indication of what people were supposed to actually get on board with. It's just a couple of weeks before we're due to leave, yet still no-one has the first idea on what we actually want out of all this.
  12. geared

    Water utility bill

    You know you can just ring up the water company and ask them to reduce the monthly bill right??
  13. Lets all take a moment to sit back and remember how May threw away her Parliamentary majority and ended up in bed with the DUP.
  14. geared

    Water utility bill

    Probably a touch more, you should be able to get it under 50 quid a month fairly easily.

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