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  1. What does the manual say? Some vehicles have long life plugs in them, good for 60,000 or so. Expensive things as well, so you don't wanna be replacing them if you don't need to.
  2. Seems like they need to muzzle Biden like they did Trump, sometimes he seems worse for saying things.
  3. Be just what we need to pay back the big Brexit debt wouldn't it?
  4. Didn't the lottery cut the payouts for lower number matches a while back? So it's less likely for a load of people to win a few quid, instead bulking the jackpot and giving it to one person.
  5. Yea, although it depends what you reveal. They're not going to know if you've won 5 million or 100+, unless you either tell them or obviously live a life of ostentatious luxury. of course a simple option is to just move somewhere exotic, where you can live the high life in peace and visit friends and family whenever you want.
  6. I don't understand the decision to go public, sure it's not something you'd keep from your friends and family, but would you want it broadcast to the entire country on the evening news?? They'll be inundated with people asking for handouts, and every single person they've known in their lifetime is going to start making an appearance looking to get in on the action. Not something I would want to deal with.
  7. Would imagine it is. At 5 years old, 20k odd miles a waterpump probably isn't on the maintenance schedule, 10 years is the more common time for that job.
  8. 5 years is commonly the manufacturers specified service interval, so they're not pulling your arm. £500 is about right for the job, some places will do it abit cheaper if you shop around. It's upto you if you get it done or not, but just be aware of a couple of things; 1. If that belt lets go the engine is done for, the repair bill will be massive. 2. When you come to sell the car any prospective buyer is going to want to see you've looked after it and serviced it correctly. Ignoring the cam belt change isn't going to impress them. Check your cars manual first though, it should list the service interval for these things. Some newer cars can go much longer on a cambelt.
  9. I doubt anyone would bother putting such cameras so far out. it's not exactly busy in the first place and I can't imagine there'd be a prompt response from the police if someone decided to remove them.
  10. I never saw any bother in Chapeltown, it's a good little place and has decent ammenities. Very good access to the M1, train station in the centre with regular services to Sheffield and Leeds.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/help/148233965247823
  12. Often happens when you click an infected link. Does she use 2-factor authentication? Do You?
  13. Being a bathroom it very much sounds like poor ventilation. Do you have a big enough ventilation fan in the room, does it continue to run for a few minutes after you've switched the shower off? Do you have vents in the window itself?
  14. Norfolk constabulary must have alot of time on their hands if they're sitting around thinking about 36 different sexual identities. Be a kick in the nuts if you got burgled but the police say it's unlikely they'll find the person as they're "overstretched".
  15. You work to the end of the month, then you get paid. It's the 1st today, so expect to get paid at the end of the month or early next month.
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