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  1. More of a convenience feature, it's just showing you the tyre pressure. Saves you getting your hands dirty with a pressure gauge. It'd notify you if your tyre went flat during a trip, but you should notice something like that while you're driving anyway.
  2. Some good news, is it really that easy that they can thrash it out so quickly over dinner? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57478412
  3. We just went through with what we'd already said we would do after the games ended. Other countries made similar promises, but when everyone went home they just sacked it off and let everything to rot. Now ongoing use is a big talking point, I doubt things will change tho, just shovel some more money into brown envelopes and the organising committee will look the other way as usual. I fully expect Qatar to follow that well trodden path when their World Cup finished in a few years.
  4. or the Rio Olympics and world cup stadiums. Some held only a couple of events, I don't think there was any follow-up plan for most of the stadiums after the events ended.
  5. You're assuming there was a thought process, I very much doubt there was anything going through his tiny mind at the time.
  6. There really isn't much hope for them if this is how they get their kicks.
  7. Thats probably partially to do with City, I seem to remember they were dead against Uber getting any kind of foothold in Sheffield when they were expanding up from London.
  8. Do they even still hold the event these days?
  9. I thought this too. Queues even when traffic is light, will be a total nightmare when peak traffic is back to pre-covid levels.
  10. There is a specific way that the 'landlord' must request the money from you, and they must make that request every time payment is due. You are not required to setup a standing order or anything like that, and if they do not make the request in the proper format you are not required to pay.
  11. Make sure you print the return boarding passes off before you go. Wizz Air charge you for that if you don't.
  12. Whats the cost of converting a gas boiler setup to heat pump tho? I seem to remember someone telling me it was pretty expensive. What does that do for local air pollution tho? Are they clean enough? I'm having visions of Victorian era Sheffield, with giant chimneys all over the place gushing fumes into the air.
  13. Pretty sure the Wizz Air check-in desk is pretty close to the entrance. How far they make you trek to the departure gate is another story tho, but you might get a lift on one of the buggies that nip around the terminal?
  14. I have a mental image of a sort of Mr.T like character doing his shopping at a discount food retailer now.
  15. They probably buy them cheap, large numbers at a time. Then collect the yearly ground rent and occasionally sell one or two. There's no maintenance cost, small amount of admin for the ground rent collection, and if you want your money back out it's fairly easy to sell on again. The gains don't seem big, but there's no real downside either so your money is fairly safe.
  16. Aren't heat pump systems quite expensive to install? I'm sure it'd be alot cheaper on a new build, but when they decide to roll this out to the rest of the country, what then?
  17. When you are literally told by world leaders "This deal is worse than what you had" but you ignore them and continue to rant.
  18. Does it include all the fish we missed out on this year when an agreement couldn't be reached?
  19. Free movement Canada<->UK? That sounds pretty good.
  20. What sort of person would do this? I think they call them inmates, people that belong in prison.
  21. It's quite impressive really. To have built such a successful empire in the notoriously difficult pub game takes a brilliant business mind. So why is he such an idiot?
  22. The Irony of such a large and vocal supporter of Brexit now calling for greater immigration from the EU 🤣🤣🤣 He's well and truly made his bed on this one.
  23. and the first post is a moderator message, the second? Oh look, it's Baron99. So much for it being some kind of Remainer echo chamber eh?
  24. Yet more reports of Turkeys complaining about their votes. Asford area voted 60% in favour of leave. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-57299121
  25. Aye, buy you wouldn't want them providing a loan to the current owner, proper slippery devil.
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