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  1. You could contact Jeffrey Shaw and get his opinion, being Sheffield based he might have a better insight for you. https://solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/person/106261/jeffrey-stephen-shaw
  2. Sounds like the property is leasehold and not freehold. If your solicitor can't figure that one out it's not a very good sign. You can purchase the freehold reversion after you've lived there a few years.
  3. I don't think the freeholder is allowed to make an unexpected visit and 'check' on the property, nor are they allowed to refuse permission just like that. If you're going to the trouble of converting the basement into habitable space then the cost of buying the freehold reversion will be a minor expense.
  4. or several days after that. It's still perfectly acceptable to make the change of keeper via second class post, sell a car today or even yesterday and the DVLA are unlikely to know about it till next Tuesday at the earliest, thats 5 days or so. New owner should tax it when they get it tho, you can use the new keeper supplement to do that.
  5. Not millions and millions, billions and billions. Amazing amounts of money.
  6. Why can't we watch the show if we don't enter? I can't believe millions of British people are watching it just to see the UK entrance flop again.
  7. Yea if one of your concerns is selling the house then you certainly don't want to be anywhere near the Barnsley Road end.
  8. Doubt you'll get 4 beds for that money, 3 beds perhaps. Looking on Rightmove 4 beds in that area is around 150k, also there are not any properties available on that road right now.
  9. Except for some that still use meat products like beef suet in their mix. As I said previously but you decided to ignore? It's plain rude to misquote someone, please don't do it again.
  10. No tax or MOT info are held by the DVLA, that means it's either been scrapped or got a new numberplate.
  11. a chocolate mousse? Historically mincemeat did contain meat, and some brands do still use meat products like beef suet. Robertson's switched to vegetable suet, I assume to give it a broader appeal, Miceveg/fruit doesn't have the same ring to it tho.
  12. Nah it's not as bad as people make out, it might finish off an already buggered cat but on a half decent one it'd survive. They run very hot, more than hot enough to burn off abit of diesel soot. Modern cars are not as forgiving as older ones tho, so you could do damage to sensors or something.
  13. I'd tell him to go swivel as well, cheeky begger. As if he's got any right to be telling people what they should and shouldn't be buying from the shop.
  14. Who was asking you? Someone doing a survey or just some nosey idiot?
  15. Diesel in petrol is usually less of an issue, it smokes abit but usually doesn't cause any lasting damage. Diesel cars use the fuel to lubricate the fuel pump, injectors and such. When petrol gets in there it thins the diesel right down taking away the lubricating properties, which is what causes the damage. A gallon of petrol or so is usually ok in a tank of diesel, you can slap some 2-stroke oil into the mix to give some of the lubrication back.
  16. Damn, you can usually get away with a gallon or so in a tank without having it pump it all out.
  17. I wasn't sure if it was the neighbours toilet, or a communal bog, or the OP's toilet that the neighbour had allowed access to.
  18. Is there anything in the deeds that says you can't rip the toilet out??
  19. Retailers are taking a bigger cut as profit to offset lower sales. Also it probably depends how quickly they're selling stuff, if they fill their tanks and two days later the wholesale price falls they can't just start selling petrol cheaper, they've already bought in a load at one price and need to shift it before making a price change.
  20. Yes it's been in the news. With less air travel there are fewer contrails from aircraft, also with less car traffic and industrial activity there's a drastic reduction in somg and stuff. Less activity from humans in general has reduced light pollution, so the night sky appear clearer and the stars brighter.
  21. To be fair the estate agent could well have not know, clearly it's something the owner knew about and they might have kept that information to themselves.
  22. Highly unlikely we'll see it in the near future, the markets are completely awash with oil to the point there's no-where to store it in the states. OPEC+ did agree a 10% output cut, but that was on the back of a Saudi Arabia turning the taps to max and flooding the market right as Coronavirus hit. Prices will be rock bottom until the world gets moving again, they'll creep back up to where they were a few months ago but only when the excess has been taken off the market. That will take some time as things aren't gunna snap back overnight, don't forget the majority of the worlds airlines are currently inactive, massive consumers like that won't get back to full service quickly, some have already gone to the wall.
  23. There's been loads of complaints about B&Q orders and customer service during the lockdown, they're finding it extremely difficult to manage. Unless it's vital, just put it off or order from somewhere else.
  24. Probably for all the reasons @Thorpist already listed, randomly spraying down an entire street is unlikely to have a huge effect on the overall spread, could also lead to complacency meaning more thorough and targeted cleaning might not get done.
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