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  1. It was hardly ever open anyway, been past a few times and seen it shut at 9 on Friday/Saturday evenings. Stopped going in myself a year or so ago when a rather curt young lady told me I needed to download and order on the app...... bit tricky that when it's a reception blackspot and they've no working wifi! Could be something to do with the septic tank which they seem to have had a serious problem with before.... you can clearly smell it as you approach the toilets and one night there raw sewage running down the front of the pub that you had to step over.......seriously.
  2. You'd have loved it in there last night, suddenly stopped serving an hour early. There was a group of idiot Wednesday fans stood on the table singing and splashing beer, don't see why us sensible ones should have to go without though
  3. Didn't notice, not sure how the hell I've come across this thread!
  4. You'd be better off asking in the United States. Nobody teaches Math in this country.
  5. I can vouch for the staff being rude at the Rawson, was in the other week, all the bar staff were female late teen early twenty somethings with attitude problems. Going round tables at 10 past 12 telling people to drink up and 10 minutes later basically to leave.
  6. Well quelle surprise Labour wins the South Yorkshire mayoral vote! I nearly spoilt my vote as I just don't see the point in voting in an election that even a slug would win if they were standing for labour! Disappointing the Lib Dems lost Crookes and Crosspool but not surprising, there seems to be a growing number of champagne socialists in the area.
  7. Typical of them prioritising season ticket holders!
  8. Trying to get tickets for home game but not showing up for me
  9. Anyone else go to this game and notice a sizable number of "fans" booing Bannan whenever he got the ball in the early stages? I thought I was in some kind of parallel universe, what the actual hell was that about??
  10. Seriously? That's your fault I'm afraid, absolutely nothing you can do except move.
  11. If it was a food bank and a homeless person stole from it that would be bad enough but at least you could argue they were desperate. But nobody can be that much of a chocoholic. Can only think whoever it was is just one sad and bitter person. Morrisons should take a share of the blame though for making it so easy for them.
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