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  1. I'm fairly sure it is being lived in now, been up to Stanage on the bike a few times in recent weeks and certainly seems occupied, lights on etc. Looks an amazing place
  2. Had that done to me on and off for years. It used to infuriate me, now I don't give it a second thought. No idea why they do it, can only think they're brain dead morons who get some sort of perverse pleasure out of intimidating people who are looking after themselves. Strange people.
  3. Channel 31 is now used for the Sheffield Live MUX from Grenoside. Think 37 is being used by another transmitter as well. MUX 7 and 8 were always meant to be temporary anyway. They've been moved/ are being moved to 55 and 56 at every transmitter they broadcast from, those frequencies being in the 700 MHz band that is being cleared of TV signals. They get switched off at the sites still transmitting them at some point in the next few years. A lot of channels moved frequency at Emley though, which is why you needed to retune.
  4. Yes it has. Picking it up perfectly well despite Grenoside being about 30 degrees off bearing of Emley from my house.
  5. Sounds like you're receiving your signals from Emley Moor, no channels closed from there, just moved. Also Sheffield Live was switched on at the Grenoside transmitter those with their aerials on Emley, until now it's only been broadcast from Crosspool.
  6. If you receive your signal from Crosspool, BBC News HD has gone along with others, the SD version is 230. If you receive Emley Moor then retuning should get it back.
  7. Crosspool broadcasts the Belmont version of Calendar, has done for some time now. It does show the Emley version of Look North though (with Harry Gration).
  8. One way - have a look on Calendar news on ITV. If the background behind the presenters is the Humber Bridge, you're receiving Crosspool. The version broadcast from Emley Moor has Leeds as the backgound.
  9. Well it's more like spring today. Can't remember ever feeling so much warmth off the sun in January!
  10. Yes, I remember first day back last new year and thinking how much longer they'd be at it. Didn't think it would look pretty much the same in a year. How did that happen? The work didnt start until the end of February 2019! Well I didn't imagine it, definitely started before.
  11. Scraping the barrel... When does it start getting lighter and the clocks go forward in Sheffield? Erm at a guess same as everywhere else in the country. Don't know where they got this reporter from who seems to think putting the clocks forward means the sun rises an hour earlier!!
  12. He was only sentenced last week so wont be out until September.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-south-yorkshire-51071012/wrong-lane-driver-broke-biker-s-back-in-high-speed-crash Don't think I'm allowed to write what I think about this waster.
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