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  1. Less than 10 years ago there were 7 coal fired power stations visible from here. Thorpe Marsh and High Marnham were demolished in 2012, and on Sunday half of the cooling towers at Eggborough were demolished, with the other 4 presumably set to follow in the not too distant future. Bit crappy of the demolition company though, apparently they announced they would demolish them between 10 and 11am, and they did it at 8! People came for miles to watch it only to find the towere already down!
  2. Great to see so many on here making light of this. Because I wouldn't be laughing if it was my daughter, wife or mother who happened to witness it.
  3. Oh don't get me wrong I do object to it as well just glad it doesn't impact me... at least for now. If they do the same for pubs then it'll be back to drinks from the off licence. Will be a disgrace if they do. Not the same at all.
  4. Nightclubs are my idea of hell so this doesn't bother me at all. Just as long as they don't do the same for pubs.
  5. Unfortunately one of the many that ignored the prohibition to swim in it has come a cropper https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/emergency-services-search-for-man-who-got-into-difficulty-in-water-at-sheffield-park-3312791
  6. No it doesn't. And no, never done that ever.
  7. Nothing wrong with being "anti lockdown" whatsoever.
  8. I can hear them right now in Broomhill!
  9. Wish the NHS would stop sending me letters and texts to book a vaccine. There appears to be no way of telling them I don't want it!
  10. So basically the PCC will be whoever is chosen by Labour as most of South Yorkshire would vote for a slug in a red rosette!
  11. Did they really require an inquest to determine this? It was obvious what had happened, must have been torture for the family to go over it all again 8 months later!
  12. Would appreciate it if they stopped sending me texts pestering me to book a vaccine.
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