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  1. The deadline to object has been extended to the 22nd.
  2. Botanical gardens apparently. Can't stand ABBA but I'd rather listen to that than a lot of this modern 'music '!
  3. Must have took ages for the fire brigade to get there!
  4. I generally don't swear in front of women, there are exceptions though, some women are worse than me so don't worry around them.
  5. On topic.... the clock hasn't chimed and the people haven't appeared for a few years now. It takes whoever lookscafter the clock about two weeks to realise the clocks have gone back/forward.
  6. Good of them to strike on the day of Gillyfest at Lodge Moor!
  7. If it get's approved there's probably going to be locals lying in front of the JCBs. I'm surprised they didn't just turn up in the dead of night like what happened to the King's Head, although wasn't that listed so would never have got approval for demolition.
  8. It was the nearest pub to me and it was a nice pub but I stopped going in because they weren't looking after the beer and hadn't been for some time.
  9. Didn't seem to be football fans a lot of them were dressed up as if on a night out, at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. Nothing wrong with that but quite a few were off there heads and behaving appallingly.
  10. The bottom end near M&S this afternoon was like being in town in the early hours. Couldn't believe how many drunks were walking about, falling over, one girl pushing wheely bins over. Not what you'd usually see in the middle of the day. Anyone know if there was some event on in one of the places there?
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