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  1. How long have they been doing this?Petrol stations have to display their prices legally IIRC. If it's not been that long then the sign is probably broken.
  2. Or Sheffield Forum! Headline - "Hillsborough residents disturbed by low frequency humming noise at night" 😂
  3. The other week the main story on the front page was about the jury considering their verdict in that murder trail. No mention anywhere on there they'd been found guilty three days earlier. They're a total joke. Anyone who pays to read that site would pay for anything.
  4. The world doesn't revolve around school holidays though.
  5. There seems to be more roadworks than ever right now. I've lost count of the amount of temporary lights I've seen over the last couple of weeks!
  6. Indeed. Even if it is true I think it's the least of the OP's worries.
  7. I'm guessing the OP will have found out if his battery was any good after six years.
  8. Never seen the point of setting off fireworks in daylight!
  9. Think I will be reporting it, it's really not on! Nothing wrong with my watch or my phone.
  10. Despite being about 100 yards away from the Lodge Moor terminus, at least three minutes early, the driver of the 23.21 51 service decided to drive straight through the terminus and leave early, leaving me stuck until a taxi eventually decided to turn up, as that's the last bus towards town. This has happened before, last time I was actually stood at the terminus stop well on time, luckily I managed to run and flag him down on the road as set off back towards town, no apology or anything. I'm aware buses often leave minor stops early but I thought main stops such as this they had to wait until the scheduled departure time? Really bad for any bus to do it but especially the last one of the night! Grrrrr!
  11. Why doesn’t he just do everyone and, above all, himself a favour and resign?!
  12. The lightning was spectacular, big flashes every second for a while at one point all over the sky. Thunder wasn't as good though there were a few really long loud rumbles.
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