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  1. Well there are a lot of young families in S11 so I guess some of the pubs must accommodate them but they are not pubs I have frequented for a while so cant confirm.
  2. I think if you want lots going on, character and a more 'bohemian' area you'll want to be in S11 over Norton which is quite a way out. Also look at S7 which borders S11 and takes in Nether Edge. In these areas you are close to Ecclesall Rd, Sharrow Vale Rd and Abbeydale Rd all of which have lots going on, plents of parks/green spaces, and easy access to the peak district. Nowhere in S11 (or anywhere in Sheffield really) is a no go area, but it does get a bit shabbier the closer to the city centre you get, and the closer to Abbeydale Rd you get. Edit- Brincliffe is fine
  3. lil-minx92

    Mink in Sheffield

    Sure theyre not otters?
  4. lil-minx92

    is everywhere in kelham island card only

    Turnover agreements are fairly common in retail- audited accounts are handed over to the landlord, but tenants are usually big businesses not interested in ripping the landlord off. At the Cutlery Works I imagine the whole payment system belongs to the landlord, and they will have full knowledge of every card transaction going through it and which vendor its attributable to. Of course all this is speculation..they might just think its modern and funky to ban cash or saves a lot of tenants a lot of cash management issues.
  5. lil-minx92

    Mink in Sheffield

    Its a big dirty rat! It probably has a nest under your shed. Just leave some veg outside for it so it doesnt have to gnaw through the wall.
  6. lil-minx92

    is everywhere in kelham island card only

    Traders might be on a 'tenancy' agreement under which rent is based on turnover, in which case they have agreed to hand turnover info over.
  7. lil-minx92

    Iron garden gate fabricators?

    Thanks Willman. That doesnt sound good. There are original hinges and a latch already in the brick gate posts so its more than a simple width & height measurement- I dont know if you overcame those issues? Its only a small gate needed c.112cm wide X 120 high
  8. lil-minx92

    Satay Yo Beer

    I went once just after it opened. The food was OK, not memorable. Seem to remember its one of those places that sells small portions (tapas style), not particularly cheap, so you end up spending a lot because there's so many tasty options, but you end up feeling like you'v not had a proper meal! If you like that sort of food, Bahn Thai on Eccy Rd do a great value lunchtime menu- £9.95 for starter and main. Its a limited menu at lunchtime but all the favourites are on, and the main comes with a side of rice etc so there are no 'add ons' other than your drink. The food is top notch. Only downside was it was very quiet. They don't seem to promote it very much.
  9. lil-minx92

    is everywhere in kelham island card only

    I dont think this is why Cutlery Works is card only (or anywhere TBH). The owners of Cutlery Works probably want to keep an accurate track of how much the individual traders make so they can charge rent accordingly. If they took cash, inevitably some traders wouldn't declare a chunk of it.
  10. Cost of repairs (if not claimed through insurance which is unlikely for low cost repairs) will be covered by the service charge. The service charge may increase if annual outgoings are higher than income on a regular basis. If its council though, they will probably just foot the repair bill for small items
  11. Has anybody ever had a wrought iron garden gate made to measure and fitted? Any local firms to be recommended? thanks
  12. lil-minx92

    Notre dame cathedral in Paris is on fire..

    Surely we'll soon hear that Nostradamus predicted this
  13. lil-minx92

    Buying my first house

    Very very few developments around here will be fully reserved before they are built. Just register with Rightmove and directly with local agents. Local agents will know about upcoming developments before they get listed publicly
  14. lil-minx92

    Mink in Sheffield

    Giant rat?
  15. lil-minx92

    Recommend a plant for this position

    Thanks guys. After much research I went for the Periwinkle! - Vinca Minor - Ralph Shugert.

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