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  1. The new(ish) style fries do have skin on. They generally come luke warm and soggy just like the old style chips they tried to improve upon but appear to have failed.
  2. These days developers actually pay huge sums in Section 106 contributions in exchange for planning permission. This money helps top up the council coffers to make up for the government cuts. Foe example on one development of 228 houses the contributions totalled over 2 million pounds split between sustainable travel (based on a rate per bedroom), Education (based on a certain number of primary and secondary school places at £X per place), compensation for loss of green space, and a sum to provide and maintain alternative off site green space. They would also have to provide a certain percentage of affordable homes, which are sold at reduced rates to housing associations. Averaging it out it came to around £10k per house. Ultimately the majority of these costs often fall on the landowner because the developer will reduce their offer for the land accordingly.
  3. What- even after the 'half price' sale and if you sign now I'll give you another 20% off and just let me call my supervisor and see if I can get you another 20% off? That'll be £6k
  4. Of course it wont 😂 Well- if they all arrived at once it might but over 2.5 years its maybe 1 an hour.
  5. Buckingham Palace issued a statement denying there were any issues in that respect. But what if 'Buckingham Palace' don't know what he gets up to behind closed doors? Just issue the statement anyway because to suggest a Royal could be involved in such acts is preposterous!
  6. MI5/6 operatives use all sorts of cars and train in fast driving on motorways without blue lights
  7. I suspect its targeted but sometimes they make mistakes. There seems to have been a spate of stabbings around there too, plus the lorry being driven into a house and torched. Probably mainly drug gang related. Nothing to worry about if you or family members aren't involved in any way.
  8. Can you summarise to save us all the hassle?
  9. Yes this place is great. The lentil soup is delish too! For a quid!
  10. You're living in cloud cuckoo land if you think we will ever be making meaningful use of the resources of other planets! All the progress to date and we can just about manage a bit of moon dust or a vial of gas if we get lucky and don't crash. At some point people will realise that time, brains and earth's resources are better utilised seeking solutions to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources. This is the planet that the human race evolved on and will eventually become extinct on- in the blink of an eye in the history of time. And why is extinction such a bad thing?
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