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  1. lil-minx92

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    And what about the bomber crews?
  2. lil-minx92

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    You're changing the focus from a persons actions to the result of their actions. Its one think to indirectly kill somebody (collateral damage/manslaughter) and another to purposefully set out to kill somebody (murder). ISIS didnt bomb Manchester Arena to take out the acoustic systems.
  3. lil-minx92

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I suspect he/she will state that a death is a death and a killing is a killing. No one killing can be better justified than another etc etc Idealist tosh of course.
  4. It may have been my TV but the BBC footage was rubbish. The film from the helicopter kept distorting and they captured non of the feeling of what it would have been like viewed from the park. Then I heard them over my house and ran to the back garden and missed them as they passed to the front
  5. I disregarded the OP's message on the basis it was too long. I only managed the first couple of sentences 🤩
  6. I second that. Used them twice now. Not the cheapest but top quality product and just as important, the service from the fitters was faultless. They even pointed out a small irregularity I might not have noticed and arranged for a replacement unit. I wouldn't risk going anywhere else now.
  7. lil-minx92

    E-cigs/E-cigarettes: MegaThread Discussion

    Some clever person needs to invent a vape mouth piece that after youve breathed in the vapour, you breath out through the mouthpiece and it filters all the vape out so no vapour is released to the air. Much easier to snide a toke and stop non vapers moaning about polluting their air
  8. I bet the top of King Edwards school field by Manchester Road in Crosspool would be a good spot. It sort of looks down the hill towards Endcliffe https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3782995,-1.5162826,3a,60y,211.3h,100.11t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sxAApaXu17ewse3yVVTVwoQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  9. It'll be reyt! That millennium bug chaos never materialised either!
  10. Do we know where they will head to after passing over the park? - I mean would I see much from the top of a hill in the Peak District or around Ladybower?
  11. I suspect most people didnt have equity in their cars anyway. Most will take out a loan that they would have to pay off with any proceeds from sale. I doubt many people have 15/20k spare with which to buy a car As an aside I've always wondered why a manufacturer doesnt make a stripped down vehicle to sell cheap. How many cars go to the scrap yard with rear seats that have barely been sat in.
  12. lil-minx92

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    I though this thread was about a suggestion that the location going down hill..seems to be a hive of activity!
  13. lil-minx92

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Bocelli wasnt a new lease. It was a re-branding by the same tenant from their Craft & Dough concept, where I assume trade had declined as loads of other places started doing craft beer and their pizza wasnt worth returning for. Wine / Champagne / Prosecco bars rarely seem to last even on Eccy Rd, I assume because wine lovers dont guzzle enough of the stuff, most wont be choosing the more expensive from the list, and Sheffielder's have a chip on their shoulders about snobbery- a good proportion wouldn't set foot in anywhere that describes itself as a wine bar.

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