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  1. What a thoroughly modern family! And I think this incident is fake news.
  2. Sawing chunks off- well, a couple of inches. There used to be a door shop on Infirmary Road and they had a guy that would come out and hang a door, fit handles etc for £50
  3. My last pair of Nike cost over £100 so I like to think they were ethically produced! A £2 T-shirt cant be.
  4. Sand and cement is easier/cheaper which is why builders recommend it. It wont last as long as lime mortar- cracking and falling out especially if not done properly. I would listen to expert's advice rather than builders advice.
  5. Probably better without it! Planners just throw grit into the cogs of development and create ghettos.
  6. This highlights the daftness of the right to buy scheme. Council owns flat worth £50k. Sell it to tenant for £25k. Buy it back a few years later at £50k. Spend 10k doing it up. All that public money going into a private individuals pocket. And you have to pay a higher rent to help cover the loss.
  7. Presumably that would stop those pesky mushrooms, but not much else!
  8. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3575526,-1.4830473,3a,87.2y,274h,100.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_r3Kz_I9t7yKgT-CfuA_OQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 This place is good. Lovely man
  9. I have an internal door that I need hanging to replace the existing door. Does anybody know where I can find somebody to do it? Needs trimming down to size etc. ANy door shops that offer a hanging service? Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. Product ordered!
  11. What a scummy man...and of course he blamed it on his 'issues'. Just to add, you dont post comments on WhatsApp. Its a direct messaging app.
  12. Thanks WIllman. I assume the quality was reasonable as you havent mentioned otherwise? I'm looking at some furniture that will come flat packed and wondering if its IKEA level quality, or hopefully, a bit better..
  13. Wayfair seems to sell just about everything and just happens to sell some furniture in a style I've been looking for for ages. BUT you cant feel the quality before you order as they dont have a shop. Has anybody any experience of products from them. My head tells me to stay away...the website looks like the place of fake reviews and 'personalised' pricing. thanks
  14. Which is kind of what's been said. If they need to commute using the motorway they will have to put up with a hell of a commute from the 'clock face' areas, or accept they wont find the sort of area they want near the M1, but enjoy a shorter commute. Simples!
  15. You're being silly- we have a council that is supposed to look after these things on behalf of residents! Everyone cant get involved, but everyone can comment
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