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  1. Having had a root through the planning application and representations etc it seems the crux of the matter is whether the buildings owner/s have made reasonable efforts to secure its continued use as a pub. Protesters suggest that whilst the property has been marketed ( https://crosthwaitecommercial.com/property-files/sheffield_-_sandygate_road_-_288_-_the_plough_inn.pdf ) , the asking rent of £50,000 is significantly in excess of the market rental value, and this has deterred any interest. Given that the Valuation Office put a rateable value of £9,250pa they may have a case- rateable value is directly related to rental values. Crosthwaite Commercial are quoted in the developers application (Design & Access Statement) as saying along the lines of 'we have undertaken extensive marketing but had no success'. This may be true, but doesnt present the whole picture- if the property has been marketed at multiple times its value a lack of success is inevitable. I doubt that (as a RICS regulated firm) Crosthwaite Commercial would confirm that they believe it was being marketed at the market value and the absence of this in their statement is significant, it being crucial to a successful marketing campaign. A professional valuation by a surveyor specialising in the leisure sector would help crystallise protesters assertions that the marketing of the property was not genuine, and therefore reasonable efforts have not been made to find a party willing to take a lease for continued pub use.
  2. If this could all be confirmed by the parties, it might be useful ammunition for the community groups to put in front of the planners
  3. Unfortunately it falls just outside of a Conservation Area. And if its not listed the planners will have little power to prevent its demolition (if they bizarrely disregard its ACV status), although the form of development that ultimately takes place is likely to be amended down. Developers often submit plans for X with a view to achieving Y but settling for Z. I assume the campaign group have attempted to get it spot listed for some reason? It would be a shame to lose yet another of the cities buildings of character. I do agree with Makapaka though that the development itself appears of good quality (especially compared with next door) albeit out of character in that location.
  4. Just google 'seasoned Oak Sheffield'
  5. The US would be incredibly foolish to declare war on Iran- the Jihadi's around the world would love it. Unfortunately if and when anybody else does, the US will be blamed as being behind it anyway. Damned if they do and damned if they dont.
  6. Try AMEY. I understand they prune the odd tree. Seriously though- do you know what type of wood you want (oak/beech etc)? The stuff people use for wood burners can be bought locally by the sack. If you visit their store they will probably help you pick out the species you want.
  7. Sounds to me like you have a leak (as opposed to a damp problem).
  8. My gran used to cook brisket for brisket sandwiches, and make a very nice brisket soup , which I think had pearl barley in it and was more like a consomme . I was too young to be interested in how she cooked the meat and made the soup but wouldnt mind trying brisket again. What do people do with brisket?
  9. Can you replace the glass in all upvc doors whatever shape it is?
  10. Theres lots of cruel and dodgy practices used to provide the (generally) wealthy with their blood sport and shooting entertainment
  11. Hi Has anybody been? Any reviews? Thanks
  12. Yes but I could go 'off grid' if I wanted to.
  13. That reason is a slippery slope to total state control. What about a small microchip implant to accurately monitor your every movement- after all you have nothing to hide? How about cameras in every room of our houses? - if it might prevent one fatal terrorist incident is it not worth it? And what tragic happenings?
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