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  1. I rarely agree with the big fish Halibut, but I have to on this point- Its perfectly possible. I read a book by an (ex) ISIS terrorist. He was perfectly sane but just had different beliefs/ideologies to 'our western' ones. Many of the 'successful' terrorists (eg those involved in 911) are/were very sane & intelligent people..winners if you like. They are chosen for their tasks for this very reason. If they had taken a different path in life they would probably have been captains of industry / political leaders etc.
  2. Its always worth buying- but at the right price
  3. Its how communal charges work! You'll also contribute equally to a new roof at some point even though the leaks probably wont affect you
  4. Selling over priced drinks in plastic 'glasses' in a tacky themed temporary shed sucking money from the permanent local establishments. What's not to like?!
  5. If that were true could it not still be racist? A 'whites only' bus policy would be excluding a number of races
  6. WInd farms are terrible for birds
  7. If you are restricting who can attend, based on race, it is a racist admission policy. That's a simple fact. Whether its reasonable in the circumstances or not is another issue
  8. Any news on this? Decision seems to be taking a while
  9. Correct- local councils have nothing to do with rates other than collecting the money. Rateable value is linked to market rental values, and the sum actually payable is determined by the government. I was surprised Hays took all the shops. Cant see them lasting long.
  10. Personally I'd stay clear of new builds. The quality is generally poor (apart from in the show home), the plots tiny, you're unlikely to see its price rise for a long time, and you generally cant add any value by improving or extending.
  11. I've had no problems with Mira showers. I had a Mira Sport Max 10.8KW . Very good flow rate for an electric shower- but needs the thick cable.
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