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  1. Last night my 16 yr old sons girlfriend was robbed outside of Freddys on London Rd,a youth wearing all black and described as having an Afro and dark complexion was seen approaching her and started asking questions about my son she said nothing but he dragged her to flats near John street where my other sons bag was stolen a few weeks back (posted on here ) she managed to get away but in the struggle lost a gold ring which was mine that my son had given her as a promise ring and a ted baker bag containing items if anyone has found this please please hand them in the police are aware of this and this has really shook my sons girlfriend she is of very small stature and only 15 obviously to have had this done and how she managed to get away I don’t know. If you were there or know anything about this or the whereabouts of any items please pm me we would like to get the ring back but obviously don’t expect to . I have a picture of the ring and know the size etc and will pass these details on to the police
  2. Luckily no one was hurt although my sons friends did go and confront them as they knew who had done it.They threatened to stab my sons friends and then went and called the police and said that it was the opposite way around ( which we now know was a decoy as the police removed my sons friends and it gave the real thieves the chance to escape with his bag and contents) upon hearing the story syp did search the property but as said 2 suspects had gone leaving another 2 inside which obviously didn’t have my sons property but did have lots of stolen items that were taken away
  3. My son had his bag stolen today while he was at his friends flat on John street. We think it was some Drug addicts from below. They stole his bag a rucksack with his passport,iPhone and money bank card an his disabled bus pass. It’s his birthday on the 16th he has autism and adhd as well as many other issues he was waiting for his friends to go out to spend his money on new clothes. These people were confronted and police were called but before they got there 2 of them managed to slip away. I am asking for your help if anyone has found anything near John st or London Rd please pm me. I am myself disabled and I know how much this has affected my son. So please please look out for a bag left lying anywhere etc
  4. It wasn’t spice he wasn’t in a zombie like state, he had a fit and was foaming at the mouth but he came around in around 10 minutes was badly bruised and sore where they had been assaulted but we have been back around where it happened and it looks as though there are many cameras around the spot where it happened so hopefully we will find out who did this Just a quick update the males that assaulted my son and his friend were in their mid twenties to early 30’s not teens as stated earlier I had mis heard what my sons friend had told me
  5. ,Hi my son was out last night with his friend he has asd and other disabilities. They had gone for a drink and were near Yates wine bar. My son and his friend were approached by 2 youths who asked if they had a cigarette so my son gave them one they were sat on a bench and smoked together with these 2 youths. The youths then offered my son and his friend a cigarette but said they only had roll ups so they said ok (yes I know this is wrong and he shouldn’t have taken it but as said he has disabilities) anyway to cut a long story short the cigarette had something inside and my son and his friend were drugged and then robbed they took his bag which is quite a distinct bag. It’s a black messenger type bag with Star Wars picture of darth Vader in grey, inside were bits of stuff but most importantly his keys to get him in his home which is worrying. My son had a really bad reaction to the drugs and started foaming at the mouth and his friend who didn’t smoke as much of the cigarette as he said it tasted horrible managed to get help from someone who was a nurse (called Lisa or Stephanie ) The police are being called and I’m hoping that cctv coverage is available where it happened but if anyone was around that area and saw 2 white males aged around late teens one wearing a baseball cap with a mixed heritage young male and a white male around the time of 11:30 pm sat night to approx 1:00 am Sunday morning please pm me please . My son was assaulted as well as his friend who was helping my son due to him having disabilities they were punched by both males and this was while they were drugged. These youths need finding before it happens to someone else they saw my son was vulnerable and then did that they even patted him down while he was foaming at the mouth and having an adverse reaction to the drugs to get his phone and wallet which they didn’t take as it had nothing in it except his bus pass and utility cards. Thank you for taking the time to read this .
  6. Hi i know you said Rotherham but I use an accountant in ecclessfield Sheffield called peach Wilkinson’s they are a small company and are brilliant at handling people’s accounts. Ask for Andy and tell him michelle birch recommended them. Their number is 0114 2402392
  7. Hi my daughter plays in a disabled mixed football team and we are desperately trying to raise funds to pay for a minibus to help transport the team to and from games which as you can imagine is highly needed as these young ladies and gentlemen have ranging abilities but some are learning disabled physically disabled as well as autistic etc. We have goods and items that we are selling to raise funds as well as craft items for us to decorate etc but we are desperate for someplace to store our items which at the moment are in a 10ft container that we need to get out ASAP as the container is moving. Does anyone know anywhere very cheap where we could store our items ideally someplace safe secure dry and accessible but most of all as cheap as possible. Please if you can help or know anyone who can pm me ASAP let’s get these funds raised and get these young people the minibus they need
  8. We are in need of somewhere to hold a wake for my sister in law next Monday 22nd October between the hours of 12-2/3. All we need is the room which ideally would be as cheap as possible but be able to have our own catering in as a very kind friend has offered to do the catering for us. This is for my sister in law who passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago after what she thought was a cold but the doctors thought meningitis, within 24 hours she had an inter cerebral haemorrhage and just 12 hours after the family said their last goodbyes she leaves 2 girls aged 6 and 10 and a loving partner behind as well as a brother and sister in law and her mum. If anyone knows anywhere please pm me I am trying to organise this as easily as possible at the sad time to take the ease off my brother and the girls. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully once the family have had time to grieve we are hoping to raise funds and awareness of Klippel Trénaunay Weber syndrome, penicillin allergies and brain conditions/strokes/haemorrhage
  9. Thank you all for taking the time to read this we are hoping to try and get some fund raisers sorted to raise awareness and raise some money so we can print out flyers and hopefully help with a brain charity as it was a brain hemorrahage that took her life but due to complications with her syndrome as a specialist wasn’t brought in to look after her ---------- Post added 13-10-2018 at 11:54 ---------- We are also trying to set up a wake somewhere for after Alice’s funeral as Michael is dealing with the girls at the moment and he’s not a drinker,to be honest I think he’s just managing to do day to day tasks and not planning ahead which is understandable so if anyone knows of a pub or club that has a room that is available to have where we could bring food etc on Monday 22nd October after 12:30 as we are trying to do this as heap as we can so the funds we raise will go towards other costs. Please forward this on to anyone you think could help and please pm me many thanks
  10. On Friday 27th September my sister in law went to the doctors with severe headaches and dizziness that had gotten worse over the past few days, she was told to go to hospital and have some tests done for suspected meningitis. None of us thought by Sunday we’d be saying goodbye to her for the last time. Alice was just 35 she had a rare disease called Klippel Trénaunay Weber syndrome which was diagnosed when she was born which caused alice lots of problems, she had a large area of her body covered in port wine stains which also had connective tissue issues and other complications in her vascular system. So she was around doctors all her life,but this time doctors were unable to diagnose a spontaneous inter cerebral bleed on Alice’s brain which took her life just 14 hours after she was admitted. The family are trying to raise as much awareness as possible over brain hemorrhages/strokes/aneurism’s and of course the rare syndrome alice had. She leaves behind her partner of the past 18 or so years Michael her 2 beautiful girls melanie 10 and Megan 6 and her mum Wendy and brother Paul his partner Becky and Little girl Freya. There is a gofund me page set up to raise funds which has been featured on the star online if anyone can give a little or even share this post I would be so grateful. Gofundme/Alice oldhams funeral / send off We will be continuing to raise money after Alice’s funeral on 22nd October at city rd 11:45 to raise awareness and hopefully make people aware of brain disorders and rare syndromes. Many thanks
  11. Hi did anyone see a young man get assaulted or walking around near arborthourne or manor top area around 6-6.15 pm tonight wearing a grey beanie hat, khaki green top dark jeans. This is a police investigation as it’s left this young man with serious issues he cannot remember the last 24 hours or so he is only 17, please if anyone has any information. Please message me. He has had his iPhone taken and money but we are sure he has been knocked out cold and we need to trace his steps please if you have information let us know. The young man has autism learning difficulties adhd a heart condition and doesn’t deserve to be sat in a hospital bed right now, asking where his little brother is because he can’t remember what he looks like so please please help
  12. Thank you so much I have a small greenhouse available to me on my brothers allotment but I will contact you in a couple of weeks
  13. Hi I have an allotment on manor but I’m disabled and have had a really rough few months, so I am desperate for some tomato courgette strawberry and pepper plants or any veg or fruit that is already started for me willing to pay for these and could possibly collect ( just have to sweeten up the hubby )many thanks
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