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  1. i had a similar problem with curry's a few months ago with a £2000 tv i was getting fobbed off on the phone and told me they wouldn't do the repair, i was advised by a lady at citizens advice to write a letter of complaint to the CEO of currys i did this and within 2 weeks i had a new replacement so maybe you should try this, good luck if you need anymore details get in touch
  2. hi all, well not sure how to start but a bit about me, 55y male retired, suddenly got loads of time on my hands an quickly becoming unfit iv'e tried all the usual pastimes my friends have suggested, golf, fishing,and all the rest but none of them are for me so i would love to get in to the walking scene again especially around the peak district it would be very helpful to tag along with someone that know's the area an different walks to try an any general advice,
  3. Log into your online account you have to accept you want the upgrade, took a few days but mine went up to 200mbs
  4. Hi, pink just wondering how your coping with the mirtazapine, just been prescribed it myself.
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